VIP Days Are Not Just For Coaches!

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So I've been getting a lot of questions about my VIP Day Intensives.

Other ladies would like to know how I set mine up and facilitate them so they can add this type of service to their own business.

VIP Days are not just for coaches!

I've helped all types of businesses add VIP Days like Professional Organizers, Web Designers, Health & Wellness Experts, etc.

Clients get BIG results because it is a big chunk of focused time, it gets them out of their "normal" routine and perspective, and it is usually in a really high-vibe environment (did you know I've just added a 2-night stay in a luxury resort as a bonus to my VIP Days? :)

As the host, you get paid pretty well for your time and expertise and because the clients get such big results and breakthroughs you will get amazing testimonials!

And here is a really fun part…

YOU GET PAID to travel! :)

I might be writing some articles or even putting together a how-to market, prep and run your own VIP Day Intensives!

If you have any questions, can you post them in the comments for me so I can see what types of topics people are interested in learning when it comes to hosting your own VIP Days?

These are some of the questions I’ve been getting:

🏝What types of entrepreneurs/businesses can host VIP Days?

🏝How should I price a VIP Day?

🏝How should I prepare for hosting the VIP Day?

🏝How to market and sell VIP Days?

🏝What should I include in a VIP Day?

🏝What is a good VIP Day itinerary?

🏝What questions do you have?


Here is a link to my VIP Day page so that you have an example...



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