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Outsource The Hustle, Leverage Google!⠀

Being an entrepreneur can feel so overwhelming sometimes.⠀

The hustle of starting a business can make you wonder if it's always going to be this way, where will the next (or first) client come from, can I really keep this up?⠀

You may be feeling lost, stuck, and overwhelmed at the moment.⠀

But, you don't have to stay there.⠀

I felt exactly the same at the beginning of my business.⠀

I had no idea where to find clients and it felt like I'd wake up every day wondering, “How can I make money today?".

Developing a different kind of marketing plan from everyone else out there + creating Googlebait over the past 8 years transformed my business, my income, and the level of peace and joy I felt in my life.⠀

I was no longer afraid.⠀

I knew the next steps to take to make me magnetic to my audience, to build and nurture strong relationships, and to authentically position my offering or package as the solution to their problem.⠀

Because here's the secret, I have never FOUND a client, my clients to find me.⠀

This takes all the stress and fear out of the entire process.⠀

I feel excited and joyful about attracting clients instead of worried.⠀

I no longer have to create endless amounts of posts, podcasts, video, etc. "just because".⠀

Now when I create content it is because it is something I really want to share.⠀

Not a “have to” or "should" to find clients.

I've tested Facebook Ads and Google Ads but never had to pay for them as an on-going expense.


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Never Settle!


Erica Duran, Java, and Vienna

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