[Interview Series Ep 182] Erica Duran on the Team Building 101 Summit

[Interview Series Ep 182] Erica Duran on the Team Building 101 Summit Image.jpg

Do This To Scale Your Business!

Have you been SEARCHING for reliable and honest help for your business, but keep coming up empty-handed?

Have you ever... *Been frustrated by the revolving door of virtual assistants?

  • Felt burnt out from wearing all the hats in your business?
  • Lost sight of what your passion was in the first place?
  • Been burned by a former assistant?
  • Been ghosted by someone you hired?
  • Been told by someone that they have experience in something and then come to find out they DON'T?

I totally get it and so do my friends and colleagues April Herndon and Jennifer Beckett with My VA Place!


I'm insanely proud to tell you that I was a guest expert for this course alongside April, Jennifer, and other business Masters.

This is not like other online courses.

April and Jennifer have strategically put these courses together so that you can take the information you’ll learn and apply it RIGHT NOW in order to build your dream team or find your unicorn VA.




Never Settle!

Mahalo, Erica Duran


P.S. Want to chat personally? Book your FREE Aloha Strategy Session now! https://www.ericaduran.co/aloha



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