Put Faith In Yourself and Your Work, Not Fear

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Aloha Friends,

I know this is a difficult time with the Coronavirus situation.


But I have to share how impressed (and proud) I am with my clients!

They got prepared before it got crazy in the stores or are simply ordering stuff online because that has always been a more productive choice when working at home.

I see them booking their coaching calls.

I see them logging into our membership site Oasis and downloading courses.

I see all their positive messages in my social media feeds.

I see them offering to go to the store for their neighbors on NextDoor.com

I see them pre-recording podcast episodes and videos to publish now or when "this gets better".

I see them calling tech support to get their websites back up online after a tech glitch.

I see them getting their "day job" cut short and they are not upset - they are excited to FINALLY have big chunks of time to devote to their FREEDOM business, side hustle, or finally start writing that book.

I see them cutting out excess and B.S. time-wasting stuff in their businesses from their new perspectives on what is important.

I see their messages and content getting more and more powerful and refined.

I see them not giving into hype and staying focused on what they can control.

They are staying focused on the work that they are meant to do.

The work they have a calling for.

And I see this as a ripple effect with THEIR clients and audiences.

Their clients/audiences need to hear their messages and expertise now more than ever.

This coronavirus situation will pass.

What do you want your business and lifestyle to look like when this is over?

Have you been feeling like you need to make a big change?

Do you have a big message or expertise to share but something has been blocking you?

Do you see yourself as a thought leader, but your audience just isn't big enough and you feel like a fraud?

Have you been meaning to create a business around your passion and work on your own schedule?

Do you desire to stop those long daily commutes?

Are you starting to see that you want to become more in control and self-reliant - to not depend on the government or your j-o-b anymore?

Everything in our busy lives now seems to be coming to a halting slower pace for these next two (at least) weeks.

This could be the time you've been waiting for to FINALLY get started.

To get your gifts out into the world.

To do something that you truly love in this life.

I know you are naturally good at something that completely baffles another person.

I know we need more inspiring visionaries, thought leaders, and influencers to stop second-guessing if their stuff is good enough and get it out there.

If you need support with this or just want to chat (about anything) I'm leaving my lines open, click here to schedule a strategy session or just a virtual coffee date.


Never Settle!


Erica Duran, Java, and Vienna

Erica Duran
International Business Coach & Lifestyle Mentor
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If you are looking for a way to jumpstart your mindset into alignment, get motivated towards your goals again, and be massively productive so you can do the things you were meant to do in a big and powerful way, I invite you to check out my Alignment With Aloha program.  For the next two weeks while the world is a little bit slower, receive 50% off with coupon code "ALOHA50".  Never Settle!  Mahalo.





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