[Ep 11] Living Swell Through Tough Times with Peggy Hall

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We're back with my friend, colleague, and client Peggy Hall!

Peggy Hall is synonymous with "positive encouragement for vibrant living!" As a wellness expert, speaker, teacher, author and national wellness expert for the ABC Radio Network and the Emmy-nominated national TV show, "America Now", Peggy shares her practical tips and tools for developing a positive mental outlook, so you can keep your head above the waves in the stormy seas of life and find smoother sailing and brighter days ahead!

Peggy was one of the first guests on my archived podcast YEARS ago!

Here is the link to that show if you are interested https://www.ericaduran.co/blog/36966-ep-23-breathe-relax-focus-and-enjoy

We shifted my scheduled programming to bring you this episode with hopes it could help you through the anxiety and fear that is going on in the world due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) these days.


In this new episode, we'll uncover...

  • How to handle intense emotions
  • How to manage energy leaks
  • How to stop poking holes in your ship (self-sabotage)
  • How to look for the hidden gifts in stormy seas

Peggy has TWO free gifts for you!

Her FREE Captain's Log so you can chart your course and set sail for a more fulfilling day. You can grab your copy at https://www.PeggyHall.com/hello

And, with these intense times, Peggy also gave us her Yoga For Surfers Video for FREE! (Psst... you don't have to be a surfer to benefit from this yoga flow). You can find this video at https://www.yogaforsurfers.com/

I also offered my self-quarantined time to anyone who would like to strategize or just chat about how you can navigate your life and business in this unprecedented time.

You can book a FREE Aloha Strategy Session here: https://www.ericaduran.co/aloha
Or, if you just want an informal chat, go here: https://ericaduran.as.me/virtualcoffee

Never Settle!


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