[Ep 14] I Was Interviewed By The Naked Podcaster! (Bonus Episode)

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I had so much fun catching up with Jenn Taylor (The Naked Podcaster).

Jenn is a long-time client, colleague, and friend of mine.

This coaching series in her show is unique because it is a real coaching session where she is the client and getting live coaching on the spot.


WELCOME TO THE COACHING SERIES: When I wrote my book I did “Bear it all” - emotionally I was raw, vulnerable and the story was difficult to share but it was important for me to do it. 

I realized that I am only one story and that everyone has an equally amazing story to share. 

The podcast was born and for me, it was a way for my guests to “write a book in an hour” - to share their story in a condensed amount of time while being extremely raw, vulnerable, and genuine. 

It was an opportunity for the audience to feel less alone and build tools to cope with their own struggles. 
The coaching calls were a result of a suggestion from one of my guests. 

Not only am I physically The Naked Podcaster, but it’s my turn again to be emotionally naked so the listeners could know what it would be like to work with my guests.

Erica was one of my launch podcast episodes on May 2, 2017. 

She was also the only coach I"ve hired in the last 5 years since launching my business. 

It's been a couple of years since we've really caught up and things have changed in her business a little - mostly adding some great features and programs, PLUS I got coaching on what I should do moving forward!


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