[Ep 16] 12 Plus Reasons Why You Need To Get Off Wordpress RIGHT NOW!

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If you didn't know, I'm not only a business coach and strategist but I also own an alternative SEO agency.

I really hate calling it and SEO agency because we do things so differently.

But out of the simplicity of communicating what we do, we have to default sometimes to using the terms that people are familiar with.

Anyways, in this episode, I share more than 12 reasons why you should get off Wordpress right now!

These reasons come from real-world case studies from clients coming to us to fix their Wordpress website after hacks, take-overs for ransom, and worse.

When something like this happens to your website, it doesn't just hurt your trust with Google, and you spiral down the search results.

This type of disruption also causes you to lose trust with your clients and future clients.. and it is the humans that are paying us at the end of the day, right?

So what is our solution?

I'm glad you asked!

I've partnered up with a complete online business platform and ecosystem.

You can get a free trial and test it for yourself by going to https://www.ericaduran.co/system.

Then, when you are ready to upgrade you can use coupon code "ERICA30" to get 30% off.

Most of my clients have moved to this platform to keep their website and reputation online safe... but the real benefit they are seeing is that their entire business is in one app, one bill, streamlined, and super intuitive to use.

When things are simple and streamlined we tend to work off momentum.

In my 27 years of experience in corporate and Entrepreneurial ventures - momentum means dollars in the bank!


Links and Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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New World Mastermind - https://www.ericaduran.co/tribe

Paid For Your Presence™ FREE Live 5-Day Online Workshop - https://www.ericaduran.co/paid


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