[Ep 17] How Did I Get Here with Erica Duran and Kathy Lawless

[Ep 17]  How Did I Get Here with Erica Duran and Kathy Lawless.png


Join the Life Story Curator Kathy Lawless as she interviews International Business Strategist and Coach Erica Duran for the career story reflections.

A journey of transition and evolution — transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship to coaching while continually evolving her areas expertise.

After fifteen years of moving up the corporate ranks in the hospitality industry, she finds herself feeling stuck.
Determined and self-reliant she gets licensed in not just one new area but three!

Real estate, securities, and life insurance — where once again she’s successful until the market crashes in 2008. Leveraging her natural OCD tendencies, she becomes a Certified Professional Organizer.

With her success in this area, other organizers seek her counsel, launching her into the coaching space and on a path of continuous evolution and growth for herself and her clients.

As you’ll hear in the interview, Erica helped Kathy launch her business in 2016 in just about 90 days!

Kathy could not have done it without Erica!

Kathy highly recommends Erica as a coach!

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