[Ep 20] Part 2 Vital Things That Never Made It To Online Entrepreneurland From Mainstream Business

[Ep 20] Part 2 Vital Things That Never Made It To Online Entrepreneurland From Mainstream Business | Erica Duran Show.png


In today's episode, I'll be expanding my growing list of things that never made it over to Entrepreneurland from mainstream/traditional business.

Here is what I'll be discussing...

Creating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for tasks so that there is a standard on how you do things and training your team is easier.

Using math to make decisions instead of emotion.


Investments vs. Expense Mentality - Look at the ROI (Return On Investment) over the years to come, not what it is costing you out-of-pocket now.

Building a real team vs. a duct-taped team of freelancers.

Let's start closing the gap between "real" business and Entrepreneurland!




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