[Ep 27] Visibility vs. Social Selling and Revenue Generating Activities

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So do you want to be "internet famous" or make money?

Those making more money don't always have the biggest vanity numbers or following.⁠

Being Visible vs. Being Strategic and SELLING what you offer.

I see online entrepreneurs posting several times a day, creating blogs, podcasts, videos, Insta stories, going on other people's shows, etc.

And no money is coming in ... maybe even for YEARS!

This is exhausting and utterly demotivating to keep going.

So then your consistency goes down.

Then your sales go down.

Don't let your business be run by emotion or if you "feel like it". 

It is EXHAUSTING to be everywhere online and emailing and guesting on shows, and running a Facebook group and all the things - and nothing is coming back in return.

Today we are going over the five most common mistakes I see clients making when it comes to either being visible online versus social selling and revenue-generating activities.




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