[Ep 31] UnChaos Yourself with Tina Anderson

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Today you'll meet my amazing friend and client Tina Anderson!

Tina Anderson, the creator of the UnChaos Yourself Five-Step Process and Group Coaching Program, recently launched on June 16th, 2020.

She's combining over 35 years in traditional wellness with her last five years of private and group intuitive readings and spiritual coaching.

She created her five-step process to get away from tactics and to instead create a genuine transformation based on practical and spiritual strategies.

We discussed...

Tina's UnChaos Yourself Five-Step Process and Group Coaching Program

Who is this program for?

How are unmet needs connected to chaos?

What makes your transformation process different?

Connect with Tina Anderson:

Tina's Website - https://www.unchaosyourself.com

Tina's Facebook Group -  https://www.facebook.com/groups/unchaos

Tina's LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/tinaanderson/

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