[Ep 30] Big Announcement! (Personal) + A Little Pep Talk

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Aloha 🌺


The past few months have been life-changing due to hosting my Paid For Your Presence Method™ events on a regular basis, resting from those events, water damage issues (both A/C and fish tank 🐟), and getting my NEW team trained/onboarded.

BUT... I have a fun announcement!

I've been getting really restless and anxious lately.

I'm not usually in a place for longer than 6 months and I just hit the 6-month mark here in Celebration, FL.

I thought I wanted to stop traveling and be a part of a real community, but I guess I really don't.

I was just tired of traveling non-stop for 3 months (not staying anywhere for over a week) and needed a break.

Well having the coronavirus gave me a longer travel break than I guess I wanted 😁

Soooooo I've decided to purchase a luxury RV!!!

I've NEVER wanted one before... EVER!

Even though my mom had RV'ed full time for over 10 years!

This message just came to me last Monday out of nowhere!

My Reasons?

1.  Travel by air will not be easy at all for the next year and beyond.

2. I came out to FL to look at purchasing a beach house, but I've been here 6 months and can't bring myself to get out and go look at them even now that we are not quarantined.

3. The entire RV and everything else is a complete tax write-off as long as I network, meet with clients, and speak in the places I go.

4. I've wanted to write a book called Urban Escape but it didn't really make sense the way I was traveling before (flying/hotels/etc.)

5. There are TOO many people here and Disney tourists are not even in town right now.

6. If an area has bad weather or there is any kind of unrest I can leave easily.  Or, if I just want a new view.

7. And... I'm sure there is more. 😁

I went shopping for the first time four days after having this idea and learned a TON.

Why am I sharing this?

I want you to know that you are never stuck.

You never have to stick with the plan or decision you made 6 months ago.

That you can't make a wrong decision because everything will point you back to the track you are supposed to be on.

That you should find a way to do what you want to do now because life is short.

That you can make the same mistake several times but still pivot. etc.

That you can start taking action to what you want NOW and learn along the way.

So is there anything making you anxious or depressed?

Is there anything you are really wanting to do but you are holding yourself back?

Are you doing something just because you think you are "supposed" to have that lifestyle/possession or keep up with your peers or "the norm"?


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Elva Fonseca Jun 19, 2020 08:36am

Congratulations on your new adventure ahead!!!! 

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Thank you so much Elva!  It will be like having a tour bus!  LOL!

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