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🌺Aloha from Margaritaville, Florida 🏝

I've been off social media since around Halloween in 2020!

Actually, I deleted ALL my old accounts and over 10 YEARS of content and decided to start fresh with all new fresh accounts.

Why did I do this?  Several reasons...

1.  I planned to do a little re-brand and taking a break from social media was good timing to switch things out.

2.  The 2020 election was heating up on social media and the reach for non-political posts wasn't good (along with wanting to just block the negativity in general)

3.  Over the past six years of podcasting and creating videos - a lot of the strategies and tips I shared were outdated or ones that I don't believe in anymore.

4.  I know my viewers, listeners and followers are like me and when you find a creator you like you want to go back to the beginning of all their content and watch everything - I didn't want my followers to go back and see outdated information and waste their time with that.

5.  Things are not meant to be posted and last forever -  my minimalist mindset coming through here. 😊

But since October 2020, I would be going through my day and want to share something that I thought could really help people and I didn't have my platforms up to do just that.

It was really interesting catching myself how often I'd want to share something throughout the day.

I captured all these ideas and now today May 13th, 2021 I'm officially launching what I've been working on.

Completly new social media accounts - there is a list of them on my "Concierge/Contact Us Page here:

I will start by posting to the main 8 social media channels and then branch out to all the new ones that seem to be appearing every day now.

I did go to each new platform and save my handle as @ericaduranintl, even if I won't be posting right away.

I highly recommend that my clients do the same - save their handle on all social media platforms just in case someday you may want to post and have the same handle across all platforms.  😉

Plus, I also have an all-new YouTube Channel and THREE podcast/video shows!

EricaDuranIntl on YouTube: 

Besides showing video versions of the podcasts, I'll be doing a ton of content on Youtube like tutorials of my favorite online business tools and resources and more lifestyle videos like travel tours,

Paid For Your Presence™ Podcast (long-form):

Paid For Your Presence™ Wiki Podcast (short-form):


Enchanted Tiki Travel Podcast:

During this long break from social media, my business didn't suffer, in fact, it thrived!

I often ask my clients, "Do you want to be internet famous, or do you want to make money?"

Although I love connecting on social media, there are so many things you can do besides social media to get visibility on your business and attract clients.

One way that I help my clients increase their income without being platform-dependent or feeling like they have to be all over social media is through my Paid For Your Presence™ Method.

I've just created an all-new Masterclass that teaches this method for FREE!

I hope you can join us!

To register for the Paid For Your Presence™ Masterclass click here:

Or, text "getpaid" to 877-379-5369.


Mahalo. 🌺

(Updated May 13, 2021)




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Erica Duran is a former Fortune 50 Executive turned Freedom-Based Business and Lifestyle Mentor for entrepreneurs and influencers on the rise who are meant to impact millions, earn millions, and Never Settle!

She provides customized hands-on implementation-based coaching to help entrepreneurs dramatically simplify their business and life, yet still make extraordinary profits.

Erica is the creator of the Paid For Your Presence™ Method, Masterclass, and Mentorship.

She is the host of the two Paid For Your Presence™ Podcasts (long-form and short-form) and is a full-time digital nomad minimalist who "lives" at the resorts that sponsor her content.

Learn more at

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Erica Duran

52 Riley Road 

Suite 317

Celebration, FL 34747


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