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Aloha and Welcome to the Paid For Your Presence podcast!

I’m your host Erica Duran, former Fortune 50 executive turned International freedom-based business and lifestyle mentor for entrepreneurs and influencers who are on the rise who are meant to impact millions, earn millions, and #NeverSettle!

Build your freedom business, design your luxury lifestyle, and get Paid For Your Presence™.


Aloha, I’m Erica Duran and I’m thrilled you are joining me for my new podcast and video shows.

I’m here at the Margaritaville Resort (https://www.enchantedtikitravel.com) in Florida.

I wanted to have an intro episode to share more about who I am and how I got this way.

Not in an ego way, but so that you could get to know me and decide if this show and my energy is right for you.

I don’t want anyone to waste any time or energy on something that doesn’t resonate with them.

If you don’t know me, I’m a former Fortune 50 executive turned international freedom-based business and lifestyle mentor.

Actually, three of the companies that I worked for in my corporate days were Fortune 50 or better.

I worked in corporate in hospitality, corporate housing, theme park management, and vacation ownership sales (otherwise known as timeshare) for quite a long time - about 15 years.

I did a lot of side-hustling while working full-time in corporate.

Then, I finally took the leap in 2004 and became a full-time minimalist digital nomad entrepreneur.

Long story short, I walked out of my executive job at lunch one day and never went back.

I was a national sales director at the time for Hawaii and the West Coast at a vacation ownership & hospitality company that shall not be named.

I sold everything I owned including my perfect suburban Orange County, California picket-fenced house in a gated community, and move to the beach to start several endeavors.

Some worked, some didn’t.

Actually, everything did work, but because I wasn’t in alignment with some of the businesses - those didn’t work.

I’ve helped thousands of people with their businesses and everything works with enough pivoting or tweaking - you have to want it to work no matter what.

Something you should also know about me is I am really aware that life is short and that is also why my sign-off everywhere is “Never Settle” or #neversettle.

Part of this is because I’ve been surrounded by so many deaths in my life of family, friends, and just so many pets.

So going through these losses just reaffirms the whole “life-is-so-short-do-it-now-keep-things-easy-and-simple-live-how-you-want-to-live-right-now-no-mater-what” attitude that you will see me have.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve been in network marketing - where a lot of entrepreneurs start actually.

I’ve been a financial planner and real estate agent.

I’ve sold securities, real estate, life insurance, mortgages, long-term care, reverse mortgages, annuities, and more

Then, I was a Certified Professional Organizer for a really long time and we even developed a mini-franchise system for that company.

I had always wanted to be a Professional Organizer but had this weird imposter syndrome that I couldn’t for some reason so I did a bunch of other things that I was less happy with and less qualified, to be honest until I got brave enough to be a Certified Professional Organizer.

Silly, looking back now at that fear.

Why do we do that to ourselves?

But I thrived as a Professional Organizers by learning all the ways to create online visibility without spending money on ads.

And I also did a fair share of in-person marketing back then.

As the years went by, other Professional Organizers from all over the world started reaching out and asking me how to market their business online.

At the same time, I was tired of being surrounded by other peoples' clutter all day so I started my location-independent coaching business very organically with the Professional Organizers that were reaching out to me for advice.

And that is what I’m still doing today but with all types of experts, thought leaders, service providers, professionals, and influencers - not just Professional Organizers anymore.

Over the past 18 months or so I sort of put all my experience from corporate and entrepreneurship and developed the Paid For Your Presence™ brand.

Paid For Your Presence™ is now a complete masterclass, a mentorship program, a podcast and video show, a short-form podcast, and soon a book, etc.

And I’m sure a lot more.

It takes elements from everything I’ve done and puts it in not just a system but a way of life.

So I’ve been podcasting for quite a while - hosting four different shows in the past.

We’ve recently archived about 10 years of content on my blog, all my social media channels, YouTube, and all the other podcast feeds.

So they are all fresh new feeds now that we have.

There were several reasons for this.

One, when I was newer to content I would share a lot of tactics.

And 10 years later, many of those tactics are not even relevant anymore.

I didn’t want people to get old information.

And two, I wanted to sort of focus the audience on new and fresh content without all the noise or feeling they had to go back and listen to every past podcast episode.  

(I have a lot of “recovering” perfectionists in my audience and they would feel compelled to complete every episode ;) that would be a complete waste of time for them.)

And three, I’m a minimalist, and things just are not meant to be hanging around or last forever.

So here we are - all new shows that are on video as well if you are interested.

I host this show - Paid For Your Presence™podcast and video show (https://paidforyourpresencewithericaduran.buzzsprout.com), which a longer-form weekly show - so about 20-30 minutes per episode.

I also host Paid For Your Presence™ Wiki (https://paidforyourpresencewikiwithericaduran.buzzsprout.com

“Wiki” means “quick” in Hawaiian so that show is daily and is only about two to five minutes per episode each and every day.

Then I also host a show for my travel agency - Enchanted Tiki Travel (https://enchantedtikitravelwithericaduran.buzzsprout.com)

On that show, I share travel content mostly for Hawaii, Margaritaville, Disney Vacations, and other destinations like cruises.

There I also share travel business tips if you are interested in growing your travel business, travel insider tips, coverage of events, and more if you are interested in those topics.

Well, this is just the intro episode, so I don’t want it to be too long.

But I wanted to share a little of my story and encourage you to reach out and share your story with me.

Reach out on social media, email, or through my website - https://www.ericaduran.co via the “Contact Us” link.

I really don’t want this podcast to be a lecture.

I want to use it as a way to really engage with whoever is watching or listening because that is all part of my Paid For Your Presence™ idea - to be fully present with everyone you come into contact with and not having those distractions and long to-do lists that keep you in that stressed “rush rush rush” state all the time.

Feel free to reach out on social media or the comments wherever you are watching or listening to this - and ask any question you like.

We may take your question and create an entire episode around it.

We’ll get into so many topics on this show and more about the Paid For Your Presence™ Method.

But for now, I’d like to invite you to my all-new masterclass.

It is completely free right now and I would normally charge $2,000 - $3,000 for a program of this level.

To register visit https://www.ericaduran.co/getpaid.

Mahalo for joining me!

Never Settle!



Mahalo for listening to The Paid For Your Presence™ Podcast.

Be sure to visit EricaDuran.co for this episode’s show notes, links, and resources.

And while you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe.

Never Settle!



One more thing before you go…

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Erica Duran is a former Fortune 50 Executive turned Freedom-Based Business and Lifestyle Mentor for entrepreneurs and influencers on the rise who are meant to impact millions, earn millions, and Never Settle!

She provides customized hands-on implementation-based coaching to help entrepreneurs dramatically simplify their business and life, yet still make extraordinary profits.

Erica is the creator of the Paid For Your Presence™ Method, Masterclass, and Mentorship.

She is the host of the two Paid For Your Presence™ Podcasts (long-form and short-form) and is a full-time digital nomad minimalist who "lives" at the resorts that sponsor her content.

Learn more at https://www.ericaduran.co/

🐌 S N A I L  M A I L⤵

Erica Duran

52 Riley Road 

Suite 317

Celebration, FL 34747



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