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It Is Time For Your To Get Paid For Your Presence | | Paid For Your Presence Podcast | 2 | Erica Duran

Aloha!  Welcome back.

We are broadcasting from the Margaritaville Resort in Florida.

In this episode, I wanted to start introducing some concepts around my Paid For Your Presence™ Method.

A big one is, how to position yourself as a thought leader, not just another internet marketer.

I work with thought leaders, influencers, healers, experts in their topic, authors, and speakers, etc.

They come to me for help and coaching because they feel they aren’t getting their message out in a big way and they want to impact more people and create more wealth for themselves in the process.

They are trapped by complex technology.

They are trapped by all the “shoulds” and internet marketing “rules” out there.

They spread themselves too thin on all the platforms, downloading all the free PDFs, and trying to implement every tactic they hear on a webinar.

You don’t need more information, you have everything you need right now - especially if you are in the coach, author, influencer, thought leader, speaker, healer, expert type of space.

You don’t need more information, you need curated advice and simplification… and some of you need monetization… to be honest. 😁

What I believed happened over the last 10 years or so was that expert and influencer types wanted to get their messages out to the world in a big way.

They saw the power and reach of social media and online marketing.

But then they fell into the internet marketing trap.  

Things like…

Complicated funnels

Needing a large email list

Thinking they needed a big team

Overspending on Facebook ads

Thinking they need to go through 20 modules of stuff that was recorded years ago

Thinking they needed to be on every single platform

And the latest thing - thinking they needed to dance on TicTok or spend 5 hours a day on Clubhouse.

So bizarre to me!

Things are changing so fast now!  

Especially since the pandemic and political changes in the world.

Thought leaders got their message out in big ways before social media and internet marketing.

Those methods are still available to you and they are simple.

Now, social media and internet marketing will amplify any traditional method you are using in a great way.

I love connecting on social media.

But let’s not forget the simple traditional ways either.

Now, Paid For Your Presence™ - What does that actually mean?

Yes, it is a cute name that makes people stop scrolling on social media.

It isn’t what you might be thinking.

It isn’t about your “ego” or about being a “diva’ really.

It is all about- ENERGY! 

This is the biggest thing I've learned and realized as I've been a consumer in the industry myself - I’ve realized it now that people are coming to me.

People are simply buying your energy.

People follow you and buy your stuff because of your ENERGY. 

Your confidence, magnetism, clarity, and the certainty that you can help them get a result with your product or program.

Your energy is what they are buying and tune in for on your content.

People don’t really care about the literal features or benefits of your product, program, service,  content, whatever. 

But if they feel an alignment with your energy, you’re in!

Have you ever stumbled upon someone online, and you weren’t even interested in their topic but you kept watching?

I catch myself watching this beauty guru on YouTube sometimes.

I don’t wear make-up or do any complicated or time-consuming hairstyles on myself - but there I am watching her and buying and trying the coffee she says she likes.

I’m not interested in her topic per se - it is her energy.

So now your job each day is to get into the energy of what your ideal client wants to feel because all purchases are based on an emotion or feeling, not logic.

Now, purchases are validated by logic, but that is not what drives the sales.

And embodying the energy that your ideal client wants to feel isn’t deceptive.

Just naturally your clients usually want the energy that you want to have too.

For me, it is being calm, being productive, not getting overwhelmed by tech, being able to take risks, being unique from others in my space.

My clients and potential clients want to live in their favorite place, they want to control the time in their day, and they want to be able to get paid for just being themselves.

And my clients don’t want to waste time, they don’t want to sit at a computer all day, and yet they want lots of income so that they can enjoy their life.

I want all this too, and usually, my clients are attracted because they want those same things and I am usually just a few steps ahead of them and relatable.

So if it is all about energy, what exactly does Paid For Your Presence™ mean?

It means being well prepared which leads to confidence.

It means being ahead of the game and not procrastinating.

It means having everything in its place so that your energy isn’t diluted.

Every physical thing has energy and can zap yours.

It means that you are present with your clients, in your relationships, with your prospects, and your audience.  

So when you are talking or writing to them you are not worried that the laundry isn’t done or you are behind on your blog.  

You are fully present with everyone and therefore have better relationships with everyone and can even make more sales.

It means you focus on what matters, and brings results, and abolishes all busywork.

It means you complete things, yet you give yourself permission to not complete things when your alignment is truly off.

It means you take risks and go after what you want - which gives you self-reliance and confidence which then attracts people to you.

It means you are present when prospecting when you are on sales calls, or when helping possible clients to overcome objections.

It means that you are fully present with your clients and customers - focused on them.  

You are not worried about getting new clients while you are supporting a current client in a session because being present with your current ones created unlimited referrals.

I hope you are starting to see what this whole Paid For Your Presence™ Method means and how it can reply up-level your life.

There are so many nuances and ways that being present in your life and getting into alignment and the right energy

From prospecting, streamlining your content, how you conduct a sales consultation and overcome objections, to even something like how you prepare a meal.

This is just the second episode of this show, so we’ll be diving more and more into this concept.

But for now, I’d like to invite you to my all-new masterclass -  The Get Paid For Your Presence™ Masterclass.

It is completely free, right now but normally has about a $3,000 price tag on it.

Once you register, you’ll have access for 30 days.

I teach the entire Paid For Your Presence Method plus there are 5 days of deep-dive bonus videos.

You can register at or text “getpaid” all one word to 877-379-5369.




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She provides customized hands-on implementation-based coaching to help entrepreneurs dramatically simplify their business and life, yet still make extraordinary profits.

Erica is the creator of the Paid For Your Presence™ Method, Masterclass, and Mentorship.

She is the host of the two Paid For Your Presence™ Podcasts (long-form and short-form) and is a full-time digital nomad minimalist who "lives" at the resorts that sponsor her content.

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It Is Time For You To Get Paid For Your Presence | 2 | Paid For Your Presence Podcast | Erica Duran


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