Mindset Shift Behind Getting More Online Visibility With Your Content

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Welcome Back!

Today I wanted to suggest that you shift your mindset around online visibility when it comes to your content.

There is one thing I’ve observed recently around getting more eyes on my content and more traffic to my website and offerings.

It is the idea that content drives the distribution.

Distribution does not drive content.

So take your time.

Write the best piece of content you can with one platform in mind.

Good content brings people to the platform of your choice to consume it.

Bad content, no matter how big the platform is that you are on - just doesn't go viral.

So you can worry less about where your content is and more about the quality.

Here is how I’m doing my content now.

I’m writing, filming, or recording well-thought-out pieces of content with only my blog on my website in mind.

Now, these can be text, videos, or audios - but they all go to my blog first no matter how big or small the piece of content is.

I’m no longer posting things for the sake of posting each day on each social media account.

I’m not worrying that there are more people on other platforms (like Medium or YouTube) while I’m creating it.

I’m blocking out that noise.

Then, someone on my team takes that content and gets it to over 20+ platforms and also reformats it to fit the vibe of each platform.

Simply, my blog is the “mothership” of all content big or small - which also drives more traffic to my services and products.

When I’m creating content I’m no longer distracted or overwhelmed about all the distribution.

When I’m creating content I’m no longer diluting my voice so that it will “fit in” with all the different platforms.

Now, when I log on to a platform I can fully engage with my audience because I’m no longer worried about all the time it will take to upload, resize, re-word,  add hashtags, etc. - I’m only focused on connecting.




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Mindset Shift Behind Getting More Online Visibility With Your Content | 8 | Paid For Your Presence Podcast | Erica Duran


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