Old-School Traditional Coaching Programs Are Dead To Me!


Welcome to the Margaritaville Resort in Florida.

The last two episodes we’ve been looking at how each 90-day sprint in your business could look and the income level at each sprint.

And many of you are reaching out and stuck on the “Find an offer that sells itself” piece that we talked about in past episode.

That is the piece that changes everything for you.

That is the piece that gets you known in the industry for one thing or one method or approach.

That is the piece that shifts you from doing outreach and hustling to having ideal clients reach out to you.

That is the piece that totally streamlines your offer, conversion mechanism, messaging, products, programs, content.

That is the piece that will put your Paid For Your Presence™ events on “improve and repeat’.

That is the piece that will give you a 6-day work month.

The topic that will sell itself and be URGENT!

That is what we are looking for.

And I’ve found the best way to figure this out is to be a consumer in your industry.

If you are not a consumer in your own industry good luck!

So I would say start researching.

Where is the void in your industry?

What can you disrupt?

How do you serve better than anyone else?

What were you disappointed with when you were a consumer in your space?

Brainstorm on this.

Now, I’ll use myself as an example when I did this exercise...

There are a lot of celebrity online coaching programs out there - the really big ones - the household names.

I read somewhere 80% of the people don't even finish the program.  

There is no personalized or customized support, accountability, or hand-holding from the celebrity coach.  

There is too much automation, prerecording, cookie-cutter advice.  

And you never get to talk to the actual coach - they never look at your business or your marketing pieces or anything.  

I actually joined years ago a super big well-known (and expensive) coaching program and I NEVER worked with the actual coach selling the program.

I worked with a so-called “Accountability Advisor” that had never been an entrepreneur themself.

They called themselves “intrapreneurs”, but come on - they were getting a regular paycheck and couldn’t relate to me.

And a lot of the materials on their membership site were totally outdated because things move that fast these days!

The other thing that I saw in this program first-hand was that EVERYONE on the group calls were overwhelmed and had no idea what to do when.

I felt for these people.  

These people were paying a lot of money to be in this program and most of them were paralyzed with overwhelm and not getting any answers from the “Accountability Advisors” who had never been an online entrepreneur themselves.

I was lucky.

I already knew all the online marketing techniques, sales funnels, and tech pieces.

So that part wasn’t really overwhelming to me in the program.

I didn’t join to learn online marketing.

I joined (I thought) for the networking opportunity.

But many of these other members that were on the group call with me in this program ended up reaching out on social media to book a strategy call with me so that they could get the actual work done.

Another thing I noticed in my industry when I did this exercise myself is -  I’d say 90% of the Business Coaches running around Instagram DO NOT HAVE ANY REAL BUSINESS experience!  

Many of them are right out of college.  

They thought a business coach they found online looked cool.

They joined that coach's coaching program where they learned to have a these lavish photo shoots to attract people and then they learned how to close on the phone.  

No real business or corporate experience at all.  

That is why if you ever bought one of these programs it may not have worked for you in the past.  

It is a house of cards.  

There is no real strategy or learning how to sell your offer in these programs.

The next thing I saw that was missing in my industry was massive accessibility and "rolling up sleeves" and putting your entire business and lifestyle ecosystem together.

That is what my clients are looking for - someone who will build the entire thing with them start to finish in a relatively short amount of time.

So now, with all this information and intel - I offer clients UNLIMITED Zoom calls and Voxer access (Voxer is a walkie-talkie app if you didn’t know) - you never have to stall your progress because you have to wait for your session.  

Just hop on Voxer and ask for help. 

Then, we have unlimited zoom calls for longer discussions, brainstorming, screen-sharing, mindset work, etc.

Actually building your website - stuff like that.

I also make quick videos showing people how exactly how I would do something so they can get unstuck and move on.

We have an entire behind-the-scenes section of my mentorship program that you can use for yourself or even use to train your team.

Lastly, I just tell my clients what to do - they just want the answers and speed.   

And I see a lot of coaches have the philosophy of coaching the answers out of the clients and guiding them to make decisions.  

And I do that to an extent.

I'm not afraid to tell them "That won't work in this market, you are going to waste your time and money on that.” 

Or I’ll say something like…

“Let’s test this later when you have cash flow, not now."   

Stuff like that.

So here are even more reasons why old-school traditional coaching programs are dead to me…

You don’t want a coach on a “virtual” pedestal - you want a real person, real support - someone you can relate to - someone that isn’t too far ahead of you - where they are totally unrelatable.

You don’t want to wait for your formal “session” with your coach - you need answers NOW to stop mindset spinning, second-guessing yourself, and keep the momentum up. 

You want up-levels and breakthroughs daily, not when you are scheduled to have a session.

You don’t want your calendar filled up with sessions - that isn’t freedom - get the help instantly.

You don’t want to spend months working on outdated modules and worksheets of busy work - why don’t we just work on your business and money-making activities together?

You want to STOP buying cheap courses and downloading free resources and PDF’s

You want unlimited access and have the coach’s eyes and hands all over your business.

You want help with the scary tech piece - maybe even have it done for you.

You want to keep ALL your ideas (not niched down so far) and you want to know how to implement them all fast and start creating money from your gifts.

With all these points in mind, I crated my Paid For Your Presence™ Mentorship to have full-access UNLIMITED support.

I took everything that I disagreed with in my industry and flipped it on its head.

I took all the programs and coaching I’ve invested in and identified what I didn’t like about them or why they didn’t work.

I observed my current clients and saw who was thriving and why and who was floundering and why.

So what is missing in your industry?

Where is the VOID?

What EXACTLY does your buyer want to accomplish and...

Maybe even more important, for your event or other conversion mechanisms to be profitable, is “Why is it URGENT for them RIGHT NOW?”

That is the homework for today.

Find the VOID in your industry.

Figure out exactly what your buyer wants to accomplish and why is it urgent.

This is what your main conversion event will be about that you can rinse and repeat.

Once the first one is done, you can tweak and repeat it to new leads

If you liked today’s episode, you will enjoy my Paid For Your Presence Masterclass.

Right now it is completely free and today’s topic was straight out of the masterclass.

To register go to https://www.ericaduran.co/getpaid or text “getpaid” all one word to 877-379-5369.

I hope to see you there.

Never Settle!



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Erica is the creator of the Paid For Your Presence™ Method, Masterclass, and Mentorship.

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