What Are You Giving Up By Holding On To Your Fear?

What Are You Giving Up By Holding On To Your Fear? | Erica Duran


Today I’d like to ask yourself, “What are you giving up by holding on to your fears?”

Have you made feeling fear a habit?

A habit that keeps you stuck, overwhelmed, doing busy work, procrastinating, and not living the life you dreamed of?

It is hard to get "Paid For Your Presence" if you don't show up.

It is hard to show up if you are letting fear hold you back.

Come join me in my FREE Masterclass where I teach the entire "Paid For Your Presence Method”.

A big part of learning this method is coming into alignment and letting go of fear so that you can show up as the fullest most authentic version of yourself.

When you can do that there is no longer fear to stop you and you really do start getting "Paid For Your Presence!”

People buy your confidence and certainty in supporting them to achieve a result, relieve a pain point, or motivate them to something they deeply desire for themselves.

Letting go of fear helps you bring that confidence and certainty you need to bring to market to sell your offers.

The biggest freedom isn't really the high-level income like most think.

REAL freedom is the freedom of no longer living in fear and feeling stuck in your life.

So I have a free audio about how to overcome fear and that is at https://www.ericaduran.co/fears.

Never Settle!





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Erica is the creator of the Paid For Your Presence™ Method, Masterclass, and Mentorship.

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What Are You Giving Up By Holding On To Your Fear? | 28 | Paid For Your Presence Podcast | Erica Duran


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