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[Ep 12] Ep 12 New World Mastermind and LIVE Workshop | Erica Duran

Ep 12 New World Mastermind and LIVE Workshop | Erica Duran - Blog.png



After a week of reflecting in my business in the quiet of the Covid-19 quarantine, I came to the conclusion that anytime there has been a crisis in the world my business stayed alive and thrived due to these two things we'll be covering in today's episode.

Register Here for the LIVE Workshop:

If you are affected directly by the Covid-19 pandemic or not, the entire world and the online business world is forever changed.

Online marketing has...

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[Ep 11] Living Swell Through Tough Times with Peggy Hall

Ep 11 Living Swell Through Tough Times With Peggy Hall | The Erica Duran Show C.png


We're back with my friend, colleague, and client Peggy Hall!

Peggy Hall is synonymous with "positive encouragement for vibrant living!" As a wellness expert, speaker, teacher, author and national wellness expert for the ABC Radio Network and the Emmy-nominated national TV show, "America Now", Peggy shares her practical tips and tools for developing a positive mental outlook, so you can keep your head above the waves in the stormy seas of life and find smoother sailing and...

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[Ep 10]  Podcast Updates! Broadcasting While Self-Quarantining In My New "Dole Whip" Yellow Walled Celebration Home Office

Erica Duran Blog Image [Ep 10]  Podcast Updates!  Broadcasting While Self-Quarantining In My New Dole Whip Yellow Walled Celebration Home Office.png


I took a few months off traveling and the world has completely changed!

I am broadcasting from my new "dole whip" yellow walled home office in Celebration, Florida during the self-quarantine from the coronavirus that is sweeping across the world!

My Message Has Always Been To "Never Settle" - To Live A Freedom-Based Lifestyle and Not Depend On Your J-O-B Or Your Government.

Now, this is more true than ever.

In this update episode, I share what has been happening...

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[Ep 9] Facebook Ads Basics with Amy Crane

Ep 9 | Facebook Ad Basics with Amy Crane | Erica Duran Show | 560wC.jpg

Aloha!  E Komo Mai!

Today on the show I'm chatting with Amy Crane of Social Lab Marketing!

Amy is my personal Facebook Ads Expert and I love working with her team.

Now, you might be thinking "Erica, don't you own an SEO agency called Googlebait!  Why in the world are you also doing Facebook ads?"

You would be surprised!  Facebook ads and SEO work very well together.

Facebook ads get a steady stream of leads coming in while you are building your SEO strategy over the long-term....

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[Ep 8] 20 Easy Ways To Become More Minimalist In Your Life Today

Ep 8 | 20 Easy Ways To Become More Minimalist In Your Life Today | Erica Duran Show | 560wC.jpg

Aloha!  E Komo Mai!

Becoming a minimalist isn't just about getting rid of a bunch of your belongings.

Minimalism is really more of a mindset and overall lifestyle.

Minimalism seeps into your daily schedule, goals, budget, diet, fitness, emails, belongings, etc.

It is about having a simple and streamlined way of life so you can focus on creating the life you really want to live full of experiences, not things.

In this episode, I share 20 easy ways that you can start to implement in your...

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[Ep 7] 24 Common Productivity and Time Management Tips That Don’t Always Work

Ep 7 | 24 Common Productivity and Time Management Tips That Don’t Always Work | Erica Duran Show | 560wC.jpg


This week on the podcast I'm taking the 24 most common productivity tips and evaluating if they actually work.

These are tips you hear about over and over again on blogs, podcasts, YouTube, and even suggested in books.

All these tips work for some people in certain stages of your life and business.

But oftentimes they do not work.

There is no one perfect productivity or time management hack that will always work for you.

Different productivity strategies will work for you depending on...

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[Ep 6] Best-Kept Secret In Online Marketing - with Calvin Correli

Ep 6 | Best Kept Secret In Online Marketing | Erica Duran 560wC.jpg


You are about to hear about the best-kept secret in internet marketing today!

You aren't still on MySpace, are you?

Then WHY are you still on Wordpress/Wix/GoDaddy Website/Etc. in 2019???

Today you are going to meet Calvin Correli, creator and CEO of Simplero.

We chatted about...

  • Creating Simplero
  • A big lesson we can all learn from in creating and building a company from scratch
  • Finding your purpose
  • Being real online
  • Getting out of your own way and stop focusing your energy on "future...

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[Ep 5] What To Say Instead Of "I Can't Afford It"

Ep 5 | What To Say Instead Of I Can't Afford It | Erica Duran | 560wC.jpg


Today on the podcast, I share what you can say instead of "I can't afford it".

Saying "I can't afford it" keeps you stuck and stomps on your creativity.

Switch up your language around this and opportunities and money will flow to YOU!

Mentioned In This Episode...


VIP Day Intensive Experience

FREE Video Training called "Evolve - Book Up With Clients Without Hustling Hard, Setting Up Complicated Funnels, Or Lurking Around On Social Media All Day!"  You can...

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[Ep 4] Exactly How To Find Clients

Ep 4 | Exactly How To Find Clients | Erica Duran Show | 560wC.jpg


In this episode, we are going to be discussing the most frequently asked questions (and biggest misnomer) in a service-based business "How Can I FIND Clients?"

This is the number ONE question I'm asked...

"Erica, how do I find clients?"

"How do I find high-paying clients?"

"Where should I look for clients?"

Or, something to this nature.

Well, I've been in a service-based business for over 15 years and I've never "found" a client! Gasp!

Yes!  Never "found"...

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[Ep 3] Sales Funnel Basics

Ep 3 | Sales Funnel Basics | Erica Duran Show | 560wC.jpg


Today I'm sharing the basics of sales funnels so you can automate part of your sales process and have a consistent amount of leads coming in for years to come!

I find that once you get the lingo down in any topic you are learning, the rest of the learning process is a whole lot easier.

I covered common terms used in internet marketing and sales funnels.

I attempted to simplify and streamline what a sales funnel is and why you don't need fancy software to create a sales...

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