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Almost 20 FREE Trainings and Resources In My Oasis!

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Did you know I have a membership site called "Oasis" with almost 20 FREE Trainings and Resources?!?!

It is easy to join the FREE level, just subscribe to our main mailing list and you'll be sent your very own login details for the membership site!

Click the button below to subscribe...

And Should You Decide To Upgrade...

The Oasis Platform Is A Sanctuary For Entrepreneurs and Influencers To…

Get VIP All-Access...

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New Online Visibility and SEO Video Training Up!

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We Have A New Online Visibility Video Training Up!

When ideal clients and customers are serious about investing money to solve their problem they go to Google.

Here is a preview...

I want you to be there for your topic/category/location when they search.

From my experience, people stumble upon you and learn about you on Facebook and other social media platforms, but they are not on those platforms to be sold too.

They are on those platforms to catch up with friends and avoid what they...

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TWO FREE Resources

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I put these TWO free resources (a guidebook and video training) together to share the massive shifts that are going on in the online marketing world.

Traditional online marketing is DEAD.

What people are teaching you in their stale low-end courses is the “kindergarten” version - a cookie-cutter paint-by-numbers.

You need to stand out from the noise.

We need to EVOLVE.

Things are happening so fast that I didn't want you to be left behind.

Strategies that may have worked just three...

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Get Visible Online! Outsource The Hustle.

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Outsource The Hustle, Leverage Google!

Being an entrepreneur can feel so overwhelming sometimes.

The hustle of starting a business can make you wonder if it's always going to be this way, where will the next (or first) client come from, can I really keep this up?

You may be feeling lost, stuck, and overwhelmed at the moment.

But, you don't have to stay there.

I felt exactly the same at the beginning of my business.

I had no idea where to find clients and it felt like I'd wake up every day...

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VIP Days Are Not Just For Coaches!

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So I've been getting a lot of questions about my VIP Day Intensives.

Other ladies would like to know how I set mine up and facilitate them so they can add this type of service to their own business.

VIP Days are not just for coaches!

I've helped all types of businesses add VIP Days like Professional Organizers, Web Designers, Health & Wellness Experts, etc.

Clients get BIG results because it is a big chunk of focused time, it gets them out of their "normal" routine and perspective,...

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What If You Knew The EXACT Next Steps To Take

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Do you keep getting caught up in busy work but still aren't seeing the results you really want in your business?

There are so many marketing fads and mixed advice out there, I understand how overwhelming it can be.

What if you knew the EXACT next steps to take for the rest of the year so you didn’t need to download another free resource or attend another webinar?

What if you knew the schedule to implement today and how to leverage your time?

What if you could LEVERAGE the power of...

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Free Guide and Video Training About Marketing Online

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The online marketing world is changing so fast!

The other day I mentioned I was updating a FREE resource.

And now it is all done! :)

Want to be the first to take a peek?

Download the Shift Guide and Evolve Video Training!

Have Your Sales Come To A Screeching Halt?

Have You Been Working Lots Of Hours But Still No Clients?

It Is Time To SHIFT and Evolve Your Business… In This Exclusive Special Report, I Share...

How The Online World Is Changing FAST!


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[Ep 9] Facebook Ads Basics with Amy Crane

Ep 9 | Facebook Ad Basics with Amy Crane | Erica Duran Show | 560wC.jpg

Aloha!  E Komo Mai!

Today on the show I'm chatting with Amy Crane of Social Lab Marketing!

Amy is my personal Facebook Ads Expert and I love working with her team.

Now, you might be thinking "Erica, don't you own an SEO agency called Googlebait!  Why in the world are you also doing Facebook ads?"

You would be surprised!  Facebook ads and SEO work very well together.

Facebook ads get a steady stream of leads coming in while you are building your SEO strategy over the long-term....

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An Anticlimactic Answer To Your "I Need More Clients" Problem

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I’ve noticed a common theme with the ladies I’ve been speaking to about my all-new private mentorship programs that I think you might relate to…

Feeling like you have all the puzzle pieces for a truly successful business but for some reason, everything just hasn’t clicked yet.

This is one of the most common concerns I hear…

You’ve taken courses, trainings, webinars.

Maybe you even start to gain momentum in your business, sell a package or two, or...

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Wouldn't It Be Great If A Million People Per Month Saw Your Site On Google's FREE Organic Search?

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It is possible with Googlebait SEO!

To start Googlebait teaches you how to do keyword research properly and with your competition in mind.

Then we support you in writing focused SEO pages that showcase the keyword/keyword phrases.

You can write multiple SEO pages to make sure all aspects of any keyword/keyword phrase are covered.

We then help you set up a schedule to release pages about every three days so Google sees these pages as fresh content and we don't overwhelm the search.


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