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[Ep 28] Turn Competition, Comparison, and Intimidation Into Your Success MOTIVATION


In today’s episode, I am sharing with you both mindset shifts and behavior shifts you need to make so you can stop being intimidated with others' success and start getting motivated!

Stop wasting time following people and reverse-engineering what they are doing.

You will NEVER see everything your competition or who you admire is doing - you are not getting the full picture.

So if you model what you see, you will most likely be missing about 90% of what you really need to be...

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[Ep 27] Visibility vs. Social Selling and Revenue Generating Activities

Visibility vs. Social Selling and Revenue Generating Activities  | Erica Duran Show.png


So do you want to be "internet famous" or make money?

Those making more money don't always have the biggest vanity numbers or following.

Being Visible vs. Being Strategic and SELLING what you offer.

I see online entrepreneurs posting several times a day, creating blogs, podcasts, videos, Insta stories, going on other people's shows, etc.

And no money is coming in ... maybe even for YEARS!

This is exhausting and utterly demotivating to keep going.

So then your consistency goes down.


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[Ep 18] How To Skyrocket Your Facebook Group Growth and Build Community On A Shoestring Budget with Toccara Karizma

Podcast Blog Covers - Ep 18 How To Skyrocket Your Facebook Group Growth and Build Community On A Shoestring Budget with Toccara Karizma .png





Today on the show you'll meet my colleague and friend Toccara Karizma!

Toccara Karizma is an online business growth strategist and the owner of Karizma Marketing, a digital marketing agency dedicated to growing 7 figure plus eCommerce brands online through various marketing platforms.

She has been in the digital space since 2007 and now helps her clients serve over 30 million customers through strategic digital marketing campaigns.

Social Savvy, her digital course...

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[Ep 17] How Did I Get Here with Erica Duran and Kathy Lawless

[Ep 17]  How Did I Get Here with Erica Duran and Kathy Lawless.png


Join the Life Story Curator Kathy Lawless as she interviews International Business Strategist and Coach Erica Duran for the career story reflections.

A journey of transition and evolution — transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship to coaching while continually evolving her areas expertise.

After fifteen years of moving up the corporate ranks in the hospitality industry, she finds herself feeling stuck.
Determined and self-reliant she gets licensed in...

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[Ep 16] 12 Plus Reasons Why You Need To Get Off Wordpress RIGHT NOW!

Ep 16 12 Plus Reasons Why You Need To Get Off Wordpress RIGHT NOW | Erica Duran Show.png


If you didn't know, I'm not only a business coach and strategist but I also own an alternative SEO agency.

I really hate calling it and SEO agency because we do things so differently.

But out of the simplicity of communicating what we do, we have to default sometimes to using the terms that people are familiar with.

Anyways, in this episode, I share more than 12 reasons why you should get off Wordpress right now!

These reasons come from real-world case studies from clients...

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The Unstoppable Woman Master Class Featuring Erica Duran - How To Be Confidently You

The Unstoppable Woman Free Online Masterclass Featuring Erica Duran.png


The most important thing you can do right now is to create a career and life you love, and you have the power to do this yourself!

There is no time like the present to go for your dreams.

And here’s the truth: going after your BIG dream and what you really want is like an endurance sport.

There are ups and downs , trials, and huge wins.

I don’t share any of this to scare you.

Going after that BID Dream is one of the best choices I’ve...

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[Ep 14] I Was Interviewed By The Naked Podcaster! (Bonus Episode)

Podcast Blog Ep 14 Erica Duran On The Naked Podcaster Show.png


I had so much fun catching up with Jenn Taylor (The Naked Podcaster).

Jenn is a long-time client, colleague, and friend of mine.

This coaching series in her show is unique because it is a real coaching session where she is the client and getting live coaching on the spot.


WELCOME TO THE COACHING SERIES: When I wrote my book I did “Bear it all” - emotionally I was raw, vulnerable and the story was difficult to share but it was...

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🎟5-Day Live Online Workshop Invite - "Paid For Your Presence"

Free 5-Day Live Online Workshop Paid For Your Presence | Erica Duran Business Strategist.png
I hope you are doing well in this crazy time on earth.
I am actually recovering from Covid-19.  I thought I had the "normal" flu, but it turns out I contracted the virus and it was traced it back to Disney World's Animal Kingdom way back on February 11th!
I hope you and your family are doing well.
If you are affected directly by the Covid-19 pandemic or not, the entire world and the online business world is forever changed.

Online marketing has been...

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Almost 20 FREE Trainings and Resources In My Oasis!

20 FREE Trainings and Resources - Erica Duran - C.jpg

Did you know I have a membership site called "Oasis" with almost 20 FREE Trainings and Resources?!?!

It is easy to join the FREE level, just subscribe to our main mailing list and you'll be sent your very own login details for the membership site!

Click the button below to subscribe...

And Should You Decide To Upgrade...

The Oasis Platform Is A Sanctuary For Entrepreneurs and Influencers To…

Get VIP All-Access...

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New Online Visibility and SEO Video Training Up!

New Online Visibility and SEO Training Up | Erica Duran.jpg


We Have A New Online Visibility Video Training Up!

When ideal clients and customers are serious about investing money to solve their problem they go to Google.

Here is a preview...

I want you to be there for your topic/category/location when they search.

From my experience, people stumble upon you and learn about you on Facebook and other social media platforms, but they are not on those platforms to be sold too.

They are on those platforms to catch up with friends and avoid what they...

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