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The most important thing you can do right now is to create a career and life you love, and you have the power to do this yourself!

There is no time like the present to go for your dreams.

And here’s the truth: going after your BIG dream and what you really want is like an endurance sport. There are ups and downs , trials, and huge wins. 

I don’t share any of this to scare you. Going after that BID Dream is one of the best choices...

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Put Faith In Yourself and Your Work, Not Fear

Put Faith In Yourself and Your Work Not Fear.png

Aloha Friends,

I know this is a difficult time with the Coronavirus situation.


But I have to share how impressed (and proud) I am with my clients!

They got prepared before it got crazy in the stores or are simply ordering stuff online because that has always been a more productive choice when working at home.

I see them booking their coaching calls.

I see them logging into our membership site Oasis and downloading courses.

I see all their positive messages in my social media...

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Almost 20 FREE Trainings and Resources In My Oasis!

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Did you know I have a membership site called "Oasis" with almost 20 FREE Trainings and Resources?!?!

It is easy to join the FREE level, just subscribe to our main mailing list and you'll be sent your very own login details for the membership site!

Click the button below to subscribe...

And Should You Decide To Upgrade...

The Oasis Platform Is A Sanctuary For Entrepreneurs and Influencers To…

Get VIP All-Access...

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There Is An Easier Way.⠀

There Is An Easier Way - Erica Duran Image - 4.jpg

I’ve been taking my minimalist tendencies from my personal life and applying them to my business and helping my clients do the same.

I don’t know why it is so hard for us to let go of things that are not even working anymore, but the time is NOW!

I hear far too many entrepreneurs walking around and online saying things like…

Fill in the blank…

“I’m ______ “

Tired Of Working So Hard
Tired Of Hearing...

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TWO FREE Resources

Two Free Resources - Erica Duran Image - 5.jpg


I put these TWO free resources (a guidebook and video training) together to share the massive shifts that are going on in the online marketing world.

Traditional online marketing is DEAD.

What people are teaching you in their stale low-end courses is the “kindergarten” version - a cookie-cutter paint-by-numbers.

You need to stand out from the noise.

We need to EVOLVE.

Things are happening so fast that I didn't want you to be left behind.

Strategies that may have worked just three...

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Get Visible Online! Outsource The Hustle.

Get Visible Online - Erica Duran Image - 6.jpg


Outsource The Hustle, Leverage Google!

Being an entrepreneur can feel so overwhelming sometimes.

The hustle of starting a business can make you wonder if it's always going to be this way, where will the next (or first) client come from, can I really keep this up?

You may be feeling lost, stuck, and overwhelmed at the moment.

But, you don't have to stay there.

I felt exactly the same at the beginning of my business.

I had no idea where to find clients and it felt like I'd wake up every day...

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I Wish I Could Stop Doing _____ .

Stop Doing - Erica Duran Image - 15.jpg


What is ONE thing you wish you could stop doing in your business?

Do you think it is a waste of time?

Are you not seeing the results?

Just don't like doing it?

Wish you could delegate it?

Just doing it because someone you follow is doing it and you think you "should"?

What would you like to stop doing?

What would free up your day and your energy?

Sometimes the best results come from stopping something you dread doing.

Having a #FreedomBusiness means IT IS YOUR BUSINESS and you can DO...

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Do You Ever Crave Disconnecting Like It's 1998?


Do you ever crave disconnecting like it's 1998?

I love how we are connected in the online world, but I am also old enough to remember what it was like to not have a constant feed coming at me. :)

One thing that has really helped me streamline is aligning my current program/offering to my main piece of content and then having it all drip out from there.

Usually, once a month a change up the offer and what I'm focusing on sharing.

This takes so much guesswork out of everything and less...

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9 To 5 Is An Outdated Concept

9 To 5 Outdated Concept - Erica Duran Image - 22.jpg


One thing that is great about being in the Hawaii time zone is that I'm just starting my morning and workday behind everyone else on the mainland.

This means that my client calls and sales calls are concentrated earlier in the day than they normally would be and I have the bulk of the day free.

You can design your schedule each day any way you want!

Standard "working hours" from 9 to 5 is an outdated concept.

Maximize your time and arrange it so your schedule works for you and you are ...

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Don't Feel Guilty If You Wasted The Last Hour

Guilty About Wasting The Last Hour - Erica Duran Image - 23.jpg


Feeling guilty about that "dud" hour only means that you will carry over that lack of productivity and a bad mood into your next potentially productive hour.

Understand that you will have productive moments and less productive moments.

Recognize when you are in a good state, and take advantage of it to get as much done as possible. 

Accept the slower times and switch gears to still give yourself a benefit in some way or another.

Need support in setting up your systems and structures...

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