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[Ep 37] Dream Life Formula With Veronika Winski

Ep 37 Dream Life Formula With Veronika Winski.png



Today you'll meet Veronika Winski of The Dream Life Formula!

Here is a little about Veronika...

After 8 years in the corporate world, Veronika decided that her talents and real calling were beyond the 9-5 rat-race lifestyle.

In 3 years she left her job and started to fulfill her own calling - which was helping women to reinvent themselves and live a life of growth fulfillment and joy.

You will find Veronika speaking on virtual and live stages globally and showing her clients...

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[Ep 36] Sales Action Incubator with Cat Stancik

[Ep 36] Sales Action Incubator with Cat Stancik.png


Today you'll meet Cat Stancik!

Cat Stancik, The Lead Boss, is the Founder of Action Incubator, Bestselling author of "7 Principles for a More Productive and Fulfilling Life" and creator of the Lead Boss System.

Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Consultants turn to her when they’re ready to say NO to time-consuming, overly automated, bro-marketing, shake you down strategies, that leave everyone feeling less-than.

And ready to add at least $100k to their annual...

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[Ep 35] Adversity Is An Adventure with Divya Parekh

[Ep 35] Adversity Is An Adventure with Divya Parekh.png


Today you'll meet Divya Parekh!

Divya Parekh has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and leaders from a wide array of industries, who are ready to play full out, experience the joy of impacting others, and expand their reach, business, and revenue. 

Together, they work to achieve success through coaching, authorship, consulting, authority positioning, media exposure, course building, speaking, and strategic marketing. 

Also, she...

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[Ep 34] Game-Changer! Add Implementation Weeks To Your Life, Business, and Programs

[Ep 34] Game-Changer! Add Implementation Weeks To Your Life, Business, and Programs.png


This is the end of the hustle and grind!

Today I'm sharing the BEST strategy that I've found to not feel like you are in a grind or "rush, rush, rush" all the time is having one week per month with nothing scheduled. No calls, no meetings, no interviews, etc. (of course this isn't perfect and sometimes things slip in )

There are so many BIG important projects that you can never get to if you are in a "grind" each week. They just stay on the back burner and the years fly...

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[Ep 33] Timeless LinkedIn Strategies with Karen Yankovich

[Ep 33] Timeless LinkedIn Strategies with Karen Yankovich.png


Today you'll meet Karen Yankovich!

Karen Yankovich is CEO of Uplevel Media, a LinkedIn marketing firm delivering profitable cutting-edge LinkedIn strategies, and host of the popular podcast “Good Girls Get Rich”.

Karen is an internationally recognized LinkedIn Expert and Consultant who is a genius at helping businesses use LinkedIn profitably.

A popular trainer and international speaker, Karen’s social media advice and expertise can be found in guest...

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[Ep 32] Write Your Way To Wealthy Master Class

Ep 32 Write Your Way To Wealthy Master Class | The Erica Duran Show.png


Join me for a master class that I did as a live stream in my private Facebook Group - New World Mastermind (

In this session I shared...

5 Simple Journaling Prompts To Stop Fear, Stress, and Feeling Broke So You Can Create More Focus, More Freedom, and More Cash In Your Life Now!

Get Inspired To Stop Procrastinating & Focusing On The Wrong Things That Are Leaving You Struggling, Overwhelmed, and Broke.

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[Ep 31] UnChaos Yourself with Tina Anderson

Erica Duran Show Tina Anderson UnChaos Yourself.png



Today you'll meet my amazing friend and client Tina Anderson!

Tina Anderson, the creator of the UnChaos Yourself Five-Step Process and Group Coaching Program, recently launched on June 16th, 2020.

She's combining over 35 years in traditional wellness with her last five years of private and group intuitive readings and spiritual coaching.

She created her five-step process to get away from tactics and to instead create a genuine transformation based on practical and spiritual...

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[Ep 29] Alignment With Aloha

Ep 29 Alignment with Aloha | Erica Duran Show.png


Today I'm sharing the details about my Alignment With Aloha program because it is the perfect foundation for using my Paid For Your Presence Method™ that I'm teaching this week completely for FREE in my FREE Facebook Group called New World Mastermind.

You don't have to purchase the Alignment With Aloha program, now you can get the entire program for free if you join the New World Mastermind.

Hope to see you in the group! 




Links and...

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[Ep 28] Turn Competition, Comparison, and Intimidation Into Your Success MOTIVATION


In today’s episode, I am sharing with you both mindset shifts and behavior shifts you need to make so you can stop being intimidated with others' success and start getting motivated!

Stop wasting time following people and reverse-engineering what they are doing.

You will NEVER see everything your competition or who you admire is doing - you are not getting the full picture.

So if you model what you see, you will most likely be missing about 90% of what you really need to be...

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[Ep 27] Visibility vs. Social Selling and Revenue Generating Activities

Visibility vs. Social Selling and Revenue Generating Activities  | Erica Duran Show.png


So do you want to be "internet famous" or make money?

Those making more money don't always have the biggest vanity numbers or following.

Being Visible vs. Being Strategic and SELLING what you offer.

I see online entrepreneurs posting several times a day, creating blogs, podcasts, videos, Insta stories, going on other people's shows, etc.

And no money is coming in ... maybe even for YEARS!

This is exhausting and utterly demotivating to keep going.

So then your consistency goes down.


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