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Where Should We Send Your Checks?

Where Should We Send Your Checks? | Erica Duran


Today I’m sharing our newly updated affiliate program where you can earn up to $2,000 or even more just for referring our free and paid programs.

So where can I send your checks?

Now our referral and affiliate opportunity is "official" with fancy marketing affiliate links and all.

You might be asking, What is this all about?”

Well, if you remember, I mention often that you can receive about $500 - $2,000 (or more) for referring "good fit” people to our free masterclasses, cour…

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I Am My Niche.

I Am My Niche. | Erica Duran


Today I’m sharing a mindset shift where you can save months of time off of starting your business -and that’s being your own niche.

Instead of "niching down till it hurts”, as some gurus say, and putting some complicated strategy together, why not just be your own niche?

In being your own niche there is no guessing (or second-guessing).

This is a much easier way to work.

I see far too many entrepreneurs delaying their success for months trying to make up a fictional ideal clien…

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Clearing and Completion

Clearing and Completion | Erica Duran


Today I wanted to share the concept of "Clearing and Completion".

A big part of success as an entrepreneur is learning and implementing new things.

However, what usually happens when we start a new program or go to a seminar and learn a bunch of new things is that we then have to implement them, yet we don’t because our schedules are already packed.

There is no room for the new to come in.

There is no room to integrate.

Rather than stuffing a bunch of NEW information into your…

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Unlimited Freedom In Three Months Or Less

Unlimited Freedom In Three Months Or Less | Erica Duran


Today I wanted to share how to get unlimited freedom in three months or less.

I see a lot of coaching encouraging people to take it easy, work in flow, don’t push yourself too much.

Now, I’m all about working in alignment, but noticed I said “work”.

The reason so many entrepreneurs fail these days is because they want to live in unlimited freedom with little discipline or focus.

They want to live their best life right now without setting anything up.

They get distracted with b…

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Get Even More Visibility On Your Content Without More Work

Wiki 14 Get Even More Visibility On Your Content Without More Work | Erica Duran | Thumbnail


Today I’m sharing two ways that you can cross-post and get more visibility on your content without getting penalized by Google and other search engines for duplicate content.

Also, these methods reaffirm that your platform, for example, your blog, is the authority and the origin of the information.

The first way is to crosspost to Medium.com (Erica Duran on Medium - https://medium.com/@ericaduranintl).

For most content creators, Medium is going to have more subscribers than your…

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What To Say When People Ask You Why You Are Not Speaking About A Certain/Controversial Topic

Wiki 13 What To Say When People Ask You Why You Are Not Speaking About A Certain:Controversial Topic | Erica Duran | Thumbnail


I recently had a client who asked me what to do when people are asking her opinion or to cover certain topics on her podcast that she wasn’t comfortable with sharing.

Some of our beliefs are private and we want to be authentic, but we don’t want to cause friction in our audience when there is no reason to.

This situation can even happen at a family gathering or within a friend group - and some topics are not worth losing real people over in your life.

The advice I gave to her wa…

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Upgraded Lifestyle Reality Check & How To Build A Business That Generates $18K-$20K+ Consistently

PFYP 3 Upgraded Lifestyle Reality Check | Erica Duran | Thumbnail


Welcome back to the Paid For Your Presence™ Podcast!

We are here at the Margaritaville Resort in Florida.

Today we are going to go over what an upgraded lifestyle actually costs.

Sometimes entrepreneurs have a big launch or receive a bunch of clients and still feel like they are broke.

They call me and say things like, “I’ve just made $15K at my last event, how come no one is over here fanning me and feeding me grapes yet?”

One reason for this is that they are way too focuse…

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Platform-Neutral Growth Strategy

Wiki 12 Platform Neutral Growth Strategy | Ereica Duran | Thumbnail


When I start working with a new client, one of the first things we set up is a platform-neutral growth strategy.

I don’t want any of my clients to be dependent on one social media platform or tactic.

And I don’t want them spreading themselves too thin trying to be on every platform without a team or automation in place.

Especially now when there seems to be a new platform each and every day.

One of the ways that we protect their content and their energy is to make sure that all…

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Mindset Shift Behind Getting More Online Visibility With Your Content

Wiki 8 Mindset Shift Behind Getting More Online Visibility With Your Content | Erica Duran | Thumbnail


Welcome Back!

Today I wanted to suggest that you shift your mindset around online visibility when it comes to your content.

There is one thing I’ve observed recently around getting more eyes on my content and more traffic to my website and offerings.

It is the idea that content drives the distribution.

Distribution does not drive content.

So take your time.

Write the best piece of content you can with one platform in mind.

Good content brings people to the platform of your c…

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Attention Entrepreneurs! Stop Hoarding Tactics!

Wiki 7 | Attention Entrepreneurs!  Stop Hoarding Tactics! | Business Mentor Erica Duran | Thumbnail


Are you chasing bright shiny tactics?

I see far too many entrepreneurs come to me completely overwhelmed and have a hard drive full of dusty PDFs full of online marketing tactics.

They spend a lot of time every day clicking on Facebook Ads to attend the next free webinar or download the free template that will change everything in their business.

Or, they spend all their time on a particular social media platform using all the latest tactics only to find that months later that p…

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