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Clearing and Completion


Today I wanted to share the concept of "Clearing and Completion".

A big part of success as an entrepreneur is learning and implementing new things.

However, what usually happens when we start a new program or go to a seminar and learn a bunch of new things is that we then have to implement them, yet we don’t because our schedules are already packed.

There is no room for the new to come in.

There is no room to integrate.

Rather than stuffing a bunch of NEW information into your…

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Who Should You Be Following Online (and Offline)


Today’s episode is to inspire you to do a big audit on who you are following and spending your precious time with.

Those you follow on social media, subscribe to on email, watch on YouTube, and even subscribed to via snail mail - audit everything.

I challenge you to start following real leaders, people with a different take on things, real journalism, people taking action, and putting real positive thoughts and change in the world.

Follow REAL leaders, not celebrities or peo…

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Reach For This The Next Time You Are Killing Time To Be More Productive


Today I wanted to share a strategy that will make you more productive and /or healthy while you are killing time.

When it comes to waiting in line at a store, waiting at a doctor's office or auto repair place, or waiting for water to boil in your kitchen, what do you reach for?

Do you grab your phone and hop on social media?

Maybe you tell yourself you are just going to check one thing but then you end up mindlessly scrolling on for 30 minutes? 

There are a few ways I’ve made k…

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Feel Like You Are Overcomplicating Things? Here Is A Quick Fix!


Are you overcomplicating things in your life or business?

The quickest fix I’ve found that also allows you to see patterns and ways to streamline what you are doing is to teach it to someone else.

You will see how much you’ve overcomplicated the process or solution to the challenge in your business or life.

You will hear exactly how ridiculous you sound and how much you’ve overcomplicated something.

But what if you don’t have anyone available to listen?

That is no problem at all.

Record yo…

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Attention Entrepreneurs! Stop Hoarding Tactics!


Are you chasing bright shiny tactics?

I see far too many entrepreneurs come to me completely overwhelmed and have a hard drive full of dusty PDFs full of online marketing tactics.

They spend a lot of time every day clicking on Facebook Ads to attend the next free webinar or download the free template that will change everything in their business.

Or, they spend all their time on a particular social media platform using all the latest tactics only to find that months later that p…

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The Most Effective and Result-Based Morning Routine


Welcome back!

Today I wanted to cover the most result-based morning routine that I’ve uncovered.

We see so much advice about morning routines in books, on YouTube, on podcasts, etc.

Entrepreneurs have realized that they only have 24-hours in a day and they want to make the most of it.

They want to be productive and healthy.

And most entrepreneurs are just naturally high achievers, right?

So-called experts give us long lists of what a perfect morning routine should include.


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The Most Aligned and Quickest Way To Fund Your Business and Dreams

Aloha! Welcome back to the Paid For Your Presence™ Wiki Podcast!

Today I want to give you a simple way to come up with some fast cash to fund your business, getting support, or fund a big dream that you may have.

For years I’ve been helping my clients and myself fund their business and dreams quickly.

One of the quickest ways is to sell your clutter.

This is exactly how I funded my first business.

I made an entire business out of this concept back in 2006.

I was a Certified Professio…

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Welcome and Aloha From Margaritaville!

[Paid For Your Presence Podcast Launch]

Aloha and Welcome to the Paid For Your Presence podcast!

I’m your host Erica Duran, former Fortune 50 executive turned International freedom-based business and lifestyle mentor for entrepreneurs and influencers who are on the rise who are meant to impact millions, earn millions, and #NeverSettle!

Build your freedom business, design your luxury lifestyle, and get Paid For Your Presence™.


Aloha, I’m Erica Duran and I’m thrilled you are j…

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