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What Are You Giving Up By Holding On To Your Fear?


Today I’d like to ask yourself, “What are you giving up by holding on to your fears?”

Have you made feeling fear a habit?

A habit that keeps you stuck, overwhelmed, doing busy work, procrastinating, and not living the life you dreamed of?

It is hard to get "Paid For Your Presence" if you don't show up.

It is hard to show up if you are letting fear hold you back.

Come join me in my FREE Masterclass where I teach the entire "Paid For Your Presence Method”.

A big part of learnin…

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Old-School Traditional Coaching Programs Are Dead To Me!


Welcome to the Margaritaville Resort in Florida.

The last two episodes we’ve been looking at how each 90-day sprint in your business could look and the income level at each sprint.

And many of you are reaching out and stuck on the “Find an offer that sells itself” piece that we talked about in past episode.

That is the piece that changes everything for you.

That is the piece that gets you known in the industry for one thing or one method or approach.

That is the piece that shi…

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Keep Telling Yourself That You Are The Best Investment

Keep Telling Yourself That You Are The Best Investment | Erica Duran


Today I’d like to remind you that you are always your best investment.

Always look at what the return on your investments will be over your ENTIRE life - not just the initial expense that you’ll pay right now.

Believe in yourself.

You are a better investment than any stock, real estate opportunity, bitcoin, anything like that.

By investing in yourself through coaching, training, and learning new skills you can make a return on that investment for your entire life!

Investing in…

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Separate Your Results From Your Performance

Separate Your Results From Your Performance | Erica Duran


Today I’d like to remind you to separate your results from your performance.

If you are new to business, online business, or entrepreneurship in general you might find yourself letting your emotions take you out of the game.

If you constantly let your emotions take over, you'll never keep the momentum or consistency up long enough to make that breakthrough and get out of that feast or famine cycle once and for all!

The secret here is getting into alignment.

But not just getting…

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Uncertainty Isn't A New Thing

Uncertainty Isn't A New Thing | Erica Duran


Today is sort of a public service announcement or mindset shift I’d like you to make.

And that is uncertainty isn’t a new thing.

We are never guaranteed tomorrow.

The control you think you have in your life is an illusion.

So get comfortable with fear and change and you'll grow your income and business faster than you can imagine!

Most people that want to become entrepreneurs want the unlimited income that they think will lead them to freedom.

Actually, it is the LACK of fear…

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Grab My FREE "Clear Your Fears” Audio

Grab My FREE "Clear Your Fears” Audio | Erica Duran


Today I wanted to share how you can get an audio I recorded recently around clearing your fears and it is completely free!

I've supported thousands of clients over the years and FEAR is the NUMBER ONE block when it comes to getting visible and going after your dream lifestyle.

After all, it is said that public speaking (and I'm going to lump live-streaming, podcasting, YouTube, Instagram Stories, all those things, into this one) is feared more than death by some!


But if yo…

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Your Mess Is Not Your Message


Today I wanted to let you know that your mess is not your message!

I CRINGE when I hear influencers and entrepreneurs say that their mess is their message!

In an attempt to be relatable and authentic to their audience they overshare.

You looking like you are out of control and a "mess" in your life doesn't' attract your ideal clients to you.

It attracts "messy" clients that can't afford you.

I want to help you develop your unique brand essence and messaging.

I want to help yo…

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Content Detox Plan


Today I’m sharing a content detox plan.

I invite you to create more than you consume.

When we are just starting out we tend to look to others that have done what we desire to do for guidance and inspiration.

Once you get in that "I have to learn everything on the internet before I start creating-doing-taking action mode" it is hard to get out.

It is completely addicting because you feel like you are learning so much and getting so much done - but really you are just downloading…

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Am I Ready For High-Level Coaching? - What Your First (Or Next) 9 Months As A Profitable Entrepreneur Look Like


Welcome back to the Paid For Your Presence™ Podcast!

I’m here at the Margaritaville Resort in Florida.

I hear this all day long in my coaching practice… Questions like…“But what if I'm new to business?  Am I ready for this?  Am I ready for high-level coaching?”

I believe that if you are a new entrepreneur, it is VITAL that you get the support, expert guidance, and accountability so that your business can avoid all the mistakes, wasted time, and that nasty "feast-or-famine" cash …

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You Got Your Business Off The Ground… Now What?


Today I’m sharing a trend I’m seeing with my potential clients on my free strategy calls and some of my current clients.

A different class of women entrepreneurs is reaching out to me these days for coaching.

And they have all the basics of their business set up.

They worked really hard.

They have clients, customers, and money coming in.

But something is missing.

And what I hear repeatedly on the phone from these brilliant women is... "Now What?”

Don’t get me wrong, they a…

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