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Will This Work For My Business?


Today I’m sharing the number one question I receive about the Paid For Your Presence Method.

It is…

"Will this work for my business?”

My answer - for over 22 years now I've seen it work in every business from real estate, to coaching, to professional organizing, to clothing lines, network marketing, pest control, authors, speakers, healers, chiropractors, attorneys, to selling olive oil.

I didn't have the complete method together or formalized until recently when I connected al…

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I Am My Niche.


Today I’m sharing a mindset shift where you can save months of time off of starting your business -and that’s being your own niche.

Instead of "niching down till it hurts”, as some gurus say, and putting some complicated strategy together, why not just be your own niche?

In being your own niche there is no guessing (or second-guessing).

This is a much easier way to work.

I see far too many entrepreneurs delaying their success for months trying to make up a fictional ideal clien…

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Clearing and Completion


Today I wanted to share the concept of "Clearing and Completion".

A big part of success as an entrepreneur is learning and implementing new things.

However, what usually happens when we start a new program or go to a seminar and learn a bunch of new things is that we then have to implement them, yet we don’t because our schedules are already packed.

There is no room for the new to come in.

There is no room to integrate.

Rather than stuffing a bunch of NEW information into your…

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It Is Time For You To Get Paid For Your Presence™

Aloha!  Welcome back.

We are broadcasting from the Margaritaville Resort in Florida.

In this episode, I wanted to start introducing some concepts around my Paid For Your Presence™ Method.

A big one is, how to position yourself as a thought leader, not just another internet marketer.

I work with thought leaders, influencers, healers, experts in their topic, authors, and speakers, etc.

They come to me for help and coaching because they feel they aren’t getting their message out in a big…

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The Most Effective and Result-Based Morning Routine


Welcome back!

Today I wanted to cover the most result-based morning routine that I’ve uncovered.

We see so much advice about morning routines in books, on YouTube, on podcasts, etc.

Entrepreneurs have realized that they only have 24-hours in a day and they want to make the most of it.

They want to be productive and healthy.

And most entrepreneurs are just naturally high achievers, right?

So-called experts give us long lists of what a perfect morning routine should include.


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You’re Invited To The Paid For Your Presence Masterclass (It’s FREE!)


Today I wanted to take a minute to invite you to my all-new Paid For Your Presence™ Masterclass.

This is an all-new and updated version of the workshop I was running every single month last year live.

Each day we’ll do a deep dive into one of the pillars of Getting Paid For Your Presence like…

  • How to position yourself as a thought leader, not just an internet marketer
  • How to ABOLISH busywork! Reclaim massive amounts of free time back into your calendar
  • How to remove tech ove…

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Get Paid For Your Presence Wiki (Quick)

Aloha and Welcome to the Paid For Your Presence Wiki Podcast!

I’m your host Erica Duran - former Fortune 50 Executive turned International Freedom-Based Business and Lifestyle Mentor.

“Wiki” means quick in Hawaiian, so this podcast is just 2-5 minutes or so each and every day.  

This is a no-frills, fun-sized podcast with tips and strategies on building your own freedom-based business, designing your luxury lifestyle, and getting Paid For Your Presence™.

We’ll be doing short-form…

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