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Where Should We Send Your Checks?

Where Should We Send Your Checks? | Erica Duran


Today I’m sharing our newly updated affiliate program where you can earn up to $2,000 or even more just for referring our free and paid programs.

So where can I send your checks?

Now our referral and affiliate opportunity is "official" with fancy marketing affiliate links and all.

You might be asking, What is this all about?”

Well, if you remember, I mention often that you can receive about $500 - $2,000 (or more) for referring "good fit” people to our free masterclasses, cour…

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Position Yourself As A True Thought Leader, Not Just Another Internet Marketer

Position Yourself As A True Thought Leader, Not Just Another Internet Marketer | Business Mentor Erica Duran

"Position yourself as a true thought leader, not just another internet marketer." ~Erica Duran

I work with thought leaders, influencers, healers, experts in their topic, authors, speakers.

They come to me for help and coaching because they aren’t getting their message out in a big way!

They are trapped by complex technology, all the “shoulds”.

They spread themselves too thin on all the platforms, downloading all the free PDFs.

You don’t need more information, you need curated advice and sim…

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New Blog Who's This

New Blog Who's This | Business Coach Erica Duran


I've been on a social media break since about Halloween in 2020!

Actually, I deleted all my old accounts and over 10 years of content and decided to start fresh with all new fresh accounts.

We also have THREE all-new podcast/video shows!

Paid For Your Presence™ Podcast (long-form)

Paid For Your Presence™ Wiki Podcast (short-form)


Enchanted Tiki Travel Podcast

During this long vacation, my business didn't suffer, in fact, it thrived!

I often ask my clients, "Do you …

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