"Aloha" Means Hello and Goodbye After All

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Someone just asked me why I call my opening session the "Aloha Strategy Session".

"Why don't I name it like everyone else's clarity calls or discovery calls?"

Well, other than having a life-long obsession with Hawaii, I said it is because Aloha means "hello" and "goodbye" and "I love you".

So, with LOVE, we are going to see if I can help you or not.

I am not attached to the outcome and I often refer people to a more appropriate match.

But, if it is a fit "Aloha" (hello) welcome to your...

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[AUDIO] It's A Jungle Out There, Charge Appropriately

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A friendly reminder today... "It's A Jungle Out There, Charge Appropriately!".

So many of us entrepreneurs (especially ones new to this game) don't value or charge enough for their great work.

What you find easy to do or understand, someone else finds difficult and stressful.

YOU can help them through this with ease and take care of yourself in the process.

Want more tips on how to charge your worth?

You can listen to this vintage podcast episode from a few years ago.

[ARCHIVE Ep 13]...

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Being An Entrepreneur Can Be A Little Scary At Times

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Being an entrepreneur can be a little scary at times. 

What frightening things are you pushing through the fear today? Hit reply and let me know!

Need some guidance?

Join my 10-day challenge! "10 Days To Snagging Your First High-paying Clients"



Never Settle!


Erica Duran, Java, and Vienna

Erica Duran
International Business Coach & Lifestyle Mentor
 Erica Duran International |  Enchanted Tiki Travel |  Googlebait
 52 Riley...

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I Wish I Could Stop Doing _____ .

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What is ONE thing you wish you could stop doing in your business?

Do you think it is a waste of time?

Are you not seeing the results?

Just don't like doing it?

Wish you could delegate it?

Just doing it because someone you follow is doing it and you think you "should"?

What would you like to stop doing?

What would free up your day and your energy?

Sometimes the best results come from stopping something you dread doing.

Having a #FreedomBusiness means IT IS YOUR BUSINESS and you can DO...

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Free Guide and Video Training About Marketing Online

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The online marketing world is changing so fast!

The other day I mentioned I was updating a FREE resource.

And now it is all done! :)

Want to be the first to take a peek?

Download the Shift Guide and Evolve Video Training!

Have Your Sales Come To A Screeching Halt?

Have You Been Working Lots Of Hours But Still No Clients?

It Is Time To SHIFT and Evolve Your Business… In This Exclusive Special Report, I Share...

How The Online World Is Changing FAST!


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Who Gave Her Permission?


If you’ve ever wondered who gave permission for that entrepreneur you've been watching from afar to…

Charge a lot more than others in her industry
Show up on social media like she owns the platform 
Dare to call herself an expert

I have the answer…


I used to be the one watching and listening to other entrepreneurs instead of being the one taking action. 

Now... I know giving myself permission (and stop waiting for someone else to do it!) was the...

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Do You Ever Crave Disconnecting Like It's 1998?


Do you ever crave disconnecting like it's 1998?

I love how we are connected in the online world, but I am also old enough to remember what it was like to not have a constant feed coming at me. :)

One thing that has really helped me streamline is aligning my current program/offering to my main piece of content and then having it all drip out from there.

Usually, once a month a change up the offer and what I'm focusing on sharing.

This takes so much guesswork out of everything and less...

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When I Work With A New Client, The First Three To Four Weeks Are Pretty "Messy"

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When I work with a new client, the first three to four weeks are pretty "messy".

Many of them have been stressed, overwhelmed, and overworked and have forgotten how to dream.

They have forgotten how to have FUN.

They don't allow any joy in their life out of fear that everything will fall apart if they take their foot off the gas.

They fill every second of their day with busy work.

They don't know even what they want because it has been so long since they took the time to think about what...

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[AUDIO] So Money Radio


It has been over a year since my So Money Podcast with Farnoosh Torabi Episode 651 aired!

On this episode, we chatted on many topics but one was a story about when I was a child and my mom would take me to hotels and I realized I only needed what was in my suitcase to have even MORE fun than if we were at home with all of our stuff.

I also realized what beautiful meant to me - spaces and hotels were ultra clean and uncluttered (and usually in Hawaii) :)

It is funny that over 30 years...

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Everything Evolves.⠀

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Everything evolves.

Even the way we connect and market.

Have You Been Working Lots Of Hours But Still No Clients?

Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Tired Of Hustling? Confused? Stuck?

Now You Can Book Up With Clients Without Hustling Hard, Setting Up Complicated Funnels, or Lurking Around On Social Media All Day!

Learn What Marketing Strategies Are Not Working Anymore (So You Can Take Them Off Your To-Do List)

Discover An Easy Streamlined 3-Part Client Attraction System That Puts You Back In...

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