Adopt A Minimalist Approach To Your Business and Get Paid For Your Presence!

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Paid For Your Presence™ One-To-One Private Mentorship

You Don’t Need More Information. 

You don’t need more busywork, PDF's, masterminds, or modules.

You need curated advice and guidance tailored to your specific situation.

You need to know exactly what to do right now to move your business and lifestyle forward and put all the other “noise” aside. 

You know you were meant to impact millions with your unique message and earn millions for being of service.

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VIP Coaching Intensive Luxury Experience

This Private or Small Group Intensive is designed for Entrepreneurs and Influencers who want a shortcut to their next level and will not tolerate waiting around for it to happen!

An entire day, away from all distractions and "real life".

We'll meet in a luxury destination or virtually through Zoom to fully focus and strategize on your business and the exact next steps to take to achieve your life and income goals.

(Bring your biz bestie(s) and split the investment!)

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The Minimalist Business Model - Hybrid Group Program & Mastermind

Book Up With Clients Without Hustling Hard, Setting Up Complicated Funnels Or Launches, Creating Massive Amounts Of Free Content, Or Stalking People On Social Media All Day!

Adopt a Minimalist Business Model™ and Get Paid For Your Presence™!

Receive UNLIMITED Individual Support Housed In A Group/Mastermind Setting!

More Action,

More Income,

Less Meaningless Chit-Chat.

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Private Mini-Intensive

Want The Support But Not Ready For A Long-Term Commitment Yet?  No Problem!

Ready To Stop Settling?

Ready to abolish busywork and have large waves of ideal clients reaching out to work with you?

Ready to be positioned as a true thought leader and not just another internet marketer?

Let's map out and implement my entire Minimalist Business Model™ and Paid For Your Presence™ Method quickly!

We will even customize the Paid For Your Presence™ Method for your industry, marketing style, and brand.

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