Update Your Strategy

Expand Your Influence

Increase Your Income


Have Your Sales Come To A Screeching Halt?

Don't Know How To Market With The Recent World Events?

Have You Been Working Lots Of Hours But Still No Clients?

Don't Know How To Properly Launch Your Business or Where To Start?

Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Tired? Confused?


Marketing Your Business Online Will Never Be The Same Again!

It Is Time To Evolve Your Business and Marketing To The Modern Age!


My Message Has Always Been To "Never Settle" - To Live A Freedom-Based Lifestyle and Not Depend On Your J-O-B

Or Your Government.

It Is Time To Evolve Your Marketing and Messaging.

You Will Stand Out Online As A Thought Leader, Not A Marketer.

You Will Be Of Service Without Being Insensitive To Current World Events.

You’re In The Right Place If Any Of The Following Situations Sound Like You...

1. You already have a business and things were going pretty well, but all of a sudden your sales pipeline just dried up! It has been a while since someone reached out to work with you... or it seems like the only ones reaching out are not ideal clients.


2. You started a business a while ago but never seemed to get any traction. You spend a big chunk of your time researching online marketing and being an entrepreneur but nothing is working. You are so tired of all the hustle and busywork.


3. You are brand new to the online world and want the latest marketing strategies so you don't repel potential clients with your marketing messaging and get "virtual" eye-rolls on your social media posts.  You are looking to make money asap!


4.  Your business was going GREAT!  But then the world was struck by the coronavirus and now you have no idea how to continue marketing or your current clients have vanished!  You don't feel right about marketing right now, but you KNOW people need your work... especially now!


Does At Least One Of The Above Statements Sound Like You?

Here's The Scoop...

MASSIVE shifts are happening in the online marketing world.

Things are happening so fast that I didn't want you to be left behind.

Strategies that may have worked just three months ago may have stopped producing and converting for you.

Social media marketing might not be creating the kind of traffic to your website as it once did.

Traditional pay per click advertising is becoming more and more expensive with less conversion.

As the online space becomes more saturated and crowded, people are tuning out the "noise" and will become numb to your message if you are not proactive with your strategy.

Know That You Haven't Failed!

You just maybe need to make some small shifts and evolve your messaging, marketing, and offerings.

If you are willing to shift and evolve with the times, you can take advantage of these changes, spend less time at your computer, and earn even more money!

Doesn't that sound like a breath of fresh air?

Don't worry, you probably are already doing many of the right things in your business.

We are not talking about big website redos or full company remodels here.

Just small 2 millimeter shifts that are fairly quick to implement.

If you didn’t already know, my traditional mentorship programs are usually six months to a year.


But you don’t need that much time to make these small shifts and start earning!


Which Is Exactly Why I Developed An All-New Program Called Evolve!


I LOVE results and to see people up and running (and earning) quickly.

🌺 Aloha, I'm Erica Duran.

My Focus is to help women, like you, create true freedom…

Access to the time, income, and clear, joyous mind to enjoy both.

But, I’m noticing a trend of women in the online world either having success and then burning out and having to start all over when the world shifts around them.

Or, they are feeling like they never get the traction they need to create consistent income and an offer that people are willing to pay them for.

And I see some that were doing really well and were fully booked up but it all came to a screeching halt recently with world events.

Not anymore! Let's Evolve.

I've been in the online marketing work for over 15+ years, I see the MASSIVE shifts that are happening and I can help you evolve your marketing to the modern age

I'm also a hard-core minimalist and obsessed with productivity and take those practices into the business world.

We cut out a ton of busywork in your business so you can focus on money-making activities and your LIFE outside of your business

The online world changes FAST!

Strategies you were taught just 3 months ago are now becoming extinct.

You must rethink your strategy if your business is going to survive.

Gone are the days when you just had to become an expert in your field.

Now you must become an entrepreneur of INFLUENCE.

Increase your income without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Use minimalist mindset tactics to streamline your life and business and develop systems that earn so you have time to LIVE!


Old School Traditional Coaching Programs Are Dead To Me!

You don’t want a coach on a “virtual” pedestal - you want a real person/support - someone you can relate to - someone that isn’t too far ahead of you.


You don’t want to wait for your formal “session” with your coach - you need answers NOW to stop mindset spinning, second-guessing yourself, and to keep the momentum up.  You want up levels and breakthroughs daily, not when you are scheduled to have a session.


You don’t want your calendar filled up with sessions - that isn’t freedom - get the help instantly.


You don’t want to spend months working on modules and worksheets of busy work - why don’t we just work on your business and money-making activities?


You want to STOP buying cheap courses and downloading free resources/PDFs.


You want unlimited access and her eyes and hands all over your business.


You want help with the scary tech piece - maybe even have it done for you.


You want to keep ALL your ideas and you want to know how implementing them all fast and start creating money from your gifts.

Here's What You Get When You Decide To Evolve...

Only The Essentials You Need, No Busy Work or Fluff.

Paid For Your Presence Method

You've been to Erica's free workshop on the "Paid For Your Presence Method" but desire 1:1 support, guidance, and accountability when it comes to launching your own program.

You want someone oversee your entire implementation of this method.

Together we'll do a deep dive on this dramatically simple, yet life-changing method of marketing for your business online... no matter what state the world is in.

We'll customize a visibility plan and create a signature program that practically sells itself so that this method will work for you to grow your profits and scale.

Then, you can then "tweak-rinse-and-repeat" this plan over and over again in your business for years to come keeping the guesswork and complexity out of your business forever!


STRUCTURED Support For 12 Months!

You’ll receive personalized strategy, coaching, and the LATEST online marketing techniques.

We'll connect formally  3 times per month during this mentorship to troubleshoot what hasn't been working for you and you'll leave each call with the exact next action steps.

We'll also be talking a lot about what you can STOP doing because these tasks are either unnecessary, no longer relevant, and they are stealing your precious time and focus.

(Normally a $20,000 value)

Unlimited Support

Get your questions answered between formal calls, get motivated, and stay on track.

It is like you have me on virtual speed dial to support you during this process.

You don't have to figure this out alone or second-guess yourself any longer.

PLUS Tech Support!  Don't let technology keep you stuck any longer!

(Normally a $10,000 value)

Every Course and Resource

All the online courses and resources I've ever created

You'll get access to the ENTIRE Membership SIte!

Including my best-selling programs such as "Alignment with Aloha", "Selling With Aloha", and "Funnels, Traffic, & Tripwires".

(Don't get overwhelmed by all this information - treat it as a buffet, only use the resources that call to you).

PLUS!  Anything I create in the next 90 Days is yours!

(Normally a $7,000 value!)

Swipe File - Steal All My Templates!

Don't waste time recreating the wheel!

Use my tested templates for slides, emails, social media posts, landing pages, etc.

Just change the wording to match your voice and the images and hit save.

That's it!

(Normally a $8,000 value)

Proven Powerful Accountability & Feedback Loop Process

Each week, you’ll receive a simple email prompt from Erica Duran that will keep you focused and accountable to the specific goals you set for that week.

You shouldn’t spend more than 10 minutes or so on each email.

Get the vital things completed that will move your business, sales, and life forward without the uncertainty of wondering what you should do next.

Plus, this is yet another chance to ask any questions that you have for me privately and directly.

(Normally $497 per month)

A Comprehensive Sales, Marketing, and Funnel Strategy (Create or Audit)

My team and I will audit what you are already doing so we can make the subtle shifts to evolve your marketing and offerings for the modern age.

We can look at your social media presence, marketing messaging/copy, and website (or help you get up and running online in minutes if you aren't there already).

Remember, you are probably already doing a lot of the right things - let's just some small shifts that make a HUGE difference in your conversions and income!

(Normally a $3,000 value)

Online Leads System

A customized lead system that is unique to you.

Stand out from your competition and online "noise".

Connect directly with ideal clients ready to buy.

Tailor your content for the voice needed in the world today now that the marketing landscape has shifted due to world events.

(Normally $6,000++)

LinkedIn Mastery

Know exactly how to connect and approach ideal clients on LinkedIn without being annoying, insensitive, or "salesy".

Optimize your profile so that you get found by your ideal clients so they can reach out to you.

Create a client care funnel inside LinkedIn.

(Normally $5,000)

Real World Mastermind

More action

More income

Less meaningless chit-chat.

Join this virtual group of like-minded women that share real information, ideas, Paying REFERRALS, and authentic reviews of your work (example iTunes reviews for your podcast).

(Normally $157 Per Month)

Ready To Evolve Your Business For The New Marketing Landscape?

Hurry Take Advantage Of Our Founding Membership Pricing Now!


Yes, I'm Ready To Evolve - Full Pay Founder's Rate $11,000 Yes, I'm Ready To Evolve - Payment Plan Founder's Rate $997/Month

Or, Get 6 Months Interest Free Financing Through Paypal Credit!

Learn more about Paypal Credit Here: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/paypal-credit/

Value Of Evolve Includes OVER $50,000 of Coaching and Programs, But You'll Only Pay $11,000 With Our Limited Introductory Offer!

PLUS! You'll Also Receive These Game-Changing Bonuses!

2-Hour Mini Intensive

A great way to get focused, set intentions, anchor in, and kick-off your mentorship.

(Normally an $800 value)


Real World Mastermind

The Real World Mastermind gives you all the expert guidance, support, and accountability to start and scale your business without the busy work or time-sucking modules, calls, Facebook Groups, etc.

More Focus, More Cash, More FREEDOM!

(Normally $197 per month!)



Build Your Unique and Custom Online Leads System.

Increase your online visibility.

Get found online by ideal clients who are ready to buy.

You'll receive our entire Googlebait Online Visibility/SEO Leads System.

Leverage your time and increase your sales and influence by implementing this into your business.

(Normally a $6,000 value)

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Evolve Your Business and Up-Level Your Lifestyle Now!

Hurry Take Advantage Of Our Founding Membership Pricing Now!


Yes, I'm Ready To Evolve - Full Pay Founder's Rate $11,000 Yes, I'm Ready To Evolve - Payment Plan Founder's Rate $997/Month

Or, Get 6 Months Interest Free Financing Through Paypal Credit!

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Learn more about Paypal Credit Here: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/paypal-credit/

Value Of Evolve Includes OVER $50,000 of Coaching and Programs, But You'll Only Pay $11,000 With Our Limited Introductory Offer!

About Erica Duran

Erica is an International Business Coach and Lifestyle Mentor at EricaDuran.co.

She launched her online empire in 2004 and quickly grew it to a 6-figure business in just 9 months.

She helps women start, grow and systematize their business in 90 days.

Most of her clients earn $5K to $20K+ per month while enjoying a 3-day workweek.

Erica believes that the one thing this world doesn’t need is more burnt out, overwhelmed women entrepreneurs who are baffled by technology & stressed over their never-ending to-do lists.

She doesn’t believe in formulas or blueprints and instead works with each client to help them develop and share their unique message and brand essence with the world so that they stand out online from their competition and attract their ideal clients/customer TO them with minimal ad spend (if any).

She saw that her clients were resisting sales and marketing tasks so she created Googlebait to take the scary parts of marketing out of their hands and let Google and other online platforms do the work for them.

She’s a down to earth, relatable, tell-it-like-it-is coach and businesswoman who creates massive results and regularly hits unrealistic goals (and helps her clients do the same) by leveraging a blend of inspired action and intuition with the most effective online marketing strategy.

Erica’s list of clients ranges from brand new business owners to 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs across the online spectrum from authors, speakers, coaches, professional organizers, attorneys, web designers, network marketers, healers, creatives and more.

With a degree in hospitality management, after 15 years as a theme park and hotel executive, she opened Enchanted Tiki Travel so that she could help her clients plan and book retreats, events, and workshops in inspirational luxury locations.

Erica is a hard-core minimalist and traveled full-time as a digital nomad for 16 years.  She sold absolutely everything except her laptop, iPhone, dogs, and 3 suitcases, and a brand-new Jeep staying in AirBnBs and resorts that sponsored her podcasts and videos.

She now lives in Celebration, Florida (former Disney-owned neighborhood).

Book your FREE Aloha Strategy Session with Erica today!

Never Settle!