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"Get Paid For Your Presence™"

✨How to position yourself as a thought leader, not just an internet marketer

✨How to ABOLISH busywork! Reclaim massive amounts of free time back into your calendar

✨Remove tech overwhelm and excuses

✨Be of service without being insensitive to world events

✨Create large waves of ideal clients reaching out to you!


You'll Also Receive These Amazing Bonuses!

🍍Create Your Dream Schedule and Reality Calendar

🍍Your 6-Day Work Month™ Blueprint

🍍Add Implementation Weeks To Your Business

🍍How to Overcome the Most Common Objections

🍍How to Manage Your Self-Care and Energy During Your Event/Experience

🍍Live support and Q&A sessions

🍍An extensive workbook so you can map out your own Paid For Your Presence™ Strategy

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Yes, I'm Ready To Be Paid For My Presence!

Meet Your Host, Erica Duran...

Erica Duran is a former Fortune 50 Executive turned Freedom-Based Business and Lifestyle Mentor for entrepreneurs and influencers on the rise who are meant to impact millions, earn millions, and #NeverSettle!

She provides customized hands-on implementation-based coaching to help entrepreneurs dramatically simplify their business and life, yet still make extraordinary profits.

Erica is the creator of the Paid For Your Presence™ Method, Masterclass, and Mentorship.

She is the host of the two Paid For Your Presence™ Podcasts (long-form and short-form) and is a full-time digital nomad minimalist who "lives" at the resorts that sponsor her content.

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Yes, I'm Ready To Be Paid For My Presence!