If You Are Self-Employed, An Entrepreneur, or a Small Business Owner You Can Still Qualify The Comprehensive No-Cost and Permanent Benefits the Police, Firemen, and Union Members Have!

No-Cost and Permanent Benefits For Self-Employed | Erica Duran Agent
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📣Great News!

My agency just extended the hard-to-get benefits that the police departments, firemen, and union members receive to entrepreneurs and small business owners like you!


In this new package, we offer several no-cost benefits like…

- A $2,000 AD&D Certificate

- An AIL Discount Card (saving you 10% to 85% on all types of medical services and prescriptions)

- A No-cost Will and Testament Kit (saving you $500-$1,000 in legal fees!)

- A Family Information Guide - So you can get all your important information to the top 5 people in your circle in case of an emergency.

- A Child Safe ID Kit (Hopefully, you’ll never need this, but it includes everything you need to send the police to issue an Amber Alert should your child ever go missing!)


☂️PLUS! We’ll see if you and your employees can qualify for any of the exclusive and PERMANENT benefits that our union members enjoy.☂️

🏆The best part is that you’ll look like a hero to your team by offering these benefits but at no cost to you!

Us the link below to schedule your free consultation and receive all the no-cost benefits listed above!

I'm looking forward to speaking with you!

Book Your FREE Consultation NOW and Receive FIVE No-Cost Benefits!
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