Download Your FREE Mini Business Plan Now!

Download Your FREE Mini Business Plan Today!

Your High-Level Overview Of Your Roadmap To Freedom

(I Only Shared This With Private Clients... Until Now!)

Download Your FREE Mini Business Plan Now!

Contrary To Popular Belief, Traditional Business Plans Are Usually A Waste Of Your Precious Time and Money Unless You Are Looking For Outside Funding.

With The Freedom Business Model Mini Business Plan – We Take Out The

Busy Work and Focus On What Matters So You Can Make Money Quickly!

You'll Receive...

🏝A Simple Guide Breaking Down What ABSOLUTELY Needs To Be Done To Start Being Visible and Making Money In Your Online Freedom Business.

🏝Be Inspired To Stop Procrastinating & Focusing On The Wrong Things That Are Leaving You Struggling, Overwhelmed, and Broke.

🏝How To Make Your Competition Irrelevant, Stand Out In A Crowded Online Marketplace, & Stop Comparing Yourself To Others In Your Industry.

🏝Bust The Myths Of Some Of The Common Expensive and Time-Consuming “Must Haves” Of An Online Business.  You Don’t Necessarily Need… An Ideal Client Avatar, A Fancy Website, A Large Ad Budget, A Large List, A Large Team, Etc.  Spend Time and Money On Revenue-Generating Activities Instead!

🏝Set All Those Complicated Internet Marketing “Rules” ON FIRE!  (#Dracarys! 🔥🐉)

💎BONUSES!  An Exclusive Preview Of My Minimalist Digital Nomad Clearing and Completion Process! PLUS A Comprehensive Video Training “Your Path To Freedom And Luxury”!


I used to put together a similar yet customized Mini Business Plan for anyone who completed an Aloha Strategy Session with me.  I found over the past several years that everyone needed these basics to get up and running quickly and I am sharing them here with you today!

Download Your FREE Mini Business Plan Now!