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When I Started My Entrepreneurial Journey In 2004, I Helped People Release Fear and Sell Their Unused Belongings To Fund Their Dreams!

1.  I was a Certified Financial Planner who helped people become debt-free and financially independent.

2.  I am a Certified Professional Organizer and Productivity Expert who helped people release their clutter and sell it to fund their dreams all while creating massive pockets of freed up time.

3.  I am Currently An International Business Coach and Lifestyle Mentor That Helps People Create A Highly Profitable and Efficient Business Out Of Their Passions.


Now, My Purpose and Career Have Come Full Circle.


I've Created So Many "How-To" Programs Before, But This One Is Truly LIFE CHANGING!

It Isn't All About The "Stuff"...  And Yet It Kind Of Is...

I'm not here to tell you to throw out all your belongings.

But EVERY SINGLE THING has an ENERGY and all those "things" could be draining your energy.

Minimalism is more than just about stuff - it is a mindset, a lifestyle.

I want you to have EVERYTHING that YOU desire and I want those things to be of highest QUALITY.

But I don't want you to be clear that it is YOUR desire and not one implanted in you by marketing or scrolling around on Instagram.

Minimalism Is...

Different people have different opinions about what minimalism is all about.


I believe that we don't actually own anything.


How could we?


Our time on this earth is short.


We are only the stewards of these items while we are here.


If they are not serving us, what is the point?

I Believe Minimalism Is...

Freeing yourself from "shoulds" and "have to's".

Freeing yourself from things that are not adding value to your life.

Clearing your schedule as much as possible.

Creating structures that support your lifestyle and financial goals.

Clearing up/letting go of relationships that are draining.

Outsourcing, automating, and leveraging tools and your team.

Letting your desires come from within you and not from outside influences like marketing or social media.

Marketing your business (if you have one) in a way that you enjoy and makes sense to your personality and skills.

Taking the guesswork, stress, and boredom out of  work and life tasks - creating routines and rituals.

Not sacrificing your desires for a relationship.

Being free from debt... all kinds of debt.

Having a clean diet free from chemicals and processed food.

Having the time and energy to move your body daily.

Uncovering and obliterating fears that are holding you back from what you really desire.

Creating wealth from your passions, not exhaustion.

Preempting or having a contingency strategy for undesirable situations that may happen.

Dropping the fear and resistance that is keeping you from doing what you want to do in this life.


Basically, Having All Your Sh*t Together So You Can Have A Clear and Joyous Mind (and Space), Impact Millions Through Your Message, and Make Millions!

Want To End That Nagging "Rush, Rush, Rush" Feeling In Your Life?

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Full Pay ($1,500 - Save $150!) Payment Plan (3 Payments of $550)

What Is Included In Minimalist Luxury Mentorship?

You don't need a bunch of modules and tons of worksheets to bulk up this program, you need support with unlimited access to your coach so you focus on actions that will get you exactly what you desire!

Welcome Packet

To Streamline and Save Time (for both of us).  Kick-Off The Program With Complete Clarity and Focus!

Formal Sessions

9 30-Minute Formal Sessions To Stay On Track, Uncover & Release Blocks, Stay Motivated, Integrate What Is Learned, and Reflect On Progress, Anchor In Each Week, and CELEBRATE Your Wins!

Unlimited Support In Between Sessions

You Are Never Alone In This Process To Second-Guess Yourself,  Backslide Into Old Habits, or Succumb To Overwhelm.

Implement It All!

The Minimalist Luxury Mentorship Let's You End That Nagging "Rush, Rush, Rush" Feeling.  Have A Luxurious Amount Of Time To Implement All Your Goals With 3 Implementation Weeks!

"Erica, What Are Some Things We Could Work On In All This Time Together?"

I'm glad you asked so that you are completely clear!

This program is private and customizable to YOU!

Here are some examples of how I've supported clients in the past...

Streamline your schedule/calendar with strategies that fit your personality.  (After all, if you don't get your time management under control, there isn't much time to pursue any other goals or dreams.)

Create a home and workspace that induces focus and productivity.

Uncovering YOUR true passions and desires without influence from any external factors  or anyone else.

Support you in releasing belongings that are no longer serving you.

Support in optimizing your space and organizing what you do decide to keep.

Building good habits, structures, and routines to achieve what you set out to achieve.

Building rituals to elevate the mundane parts of life and help you stay present.

Consulting on where to sell and the best way to sell your unwanted belongings for the maximum value.

Support on copywriting your ads to sell unwanted items for the highest dollar.

Creating a highly profitable business out of something you are passionate about.

Creating a plan to be free from debt once and for all!

Support and strategy for clearing or improving relationships that are draining and unbalanced.

Finally get your email, mail, and other communication platforms under control.

Consulting on the best ways to convert your physical and older media to space-saving digital formats.

Support in releasing guilt and building self-confidence.

Uncover and strengthen your true values and beliefs.

Gain freedom from that nagging feeling that you are always forgetting something.

Detoxing your home, diet, skincare, etc.

Create your marketing and/or business plan so you can increase your sales and/or leave your 9-to-5 job.

Design a project plan/timeline to achieve your highest goals.

Unmask the real you, authentically show up in your relationships.  (There is SO much freedom in this!)

Sculpt your body so that you feel healthy in your skin without feeling deprived.

Streamline your wardrobe - saving you time and money).  What if you LOVED wearing every single item of clothing and every accessory.  They reflect and project to the world who you really are.

Cultivate your mindset to make all this happen without feeling overwhelmed, deprived, or backsliding into old habits.

Your mindset, getting yourself into alignment, and how you frame/perceive things is everything in this process.

Let's put the framework in place so that these BIG shifts are effortless!

Remember, this program is completely customizable to you and what you'd like to accomplish.

Life Is Short.  It Is Time To Stop Settling!

Which Plan Is Right For You?

Full Pay ($1,500 - Save $150!) Payment Plan (3 Payments of $550)

More Action, Less Meaningless Chit-Chat!


When you join the Minimalist Luxury Program today you’ll receive an all-access pass to Erica’s Real World Mastermind!

(normally $497 per month!)


A Path To Complete Clarity & Confidence So That You Stop Second-Guessing Yourself & Start Receiving Big!


When you join the Minimalist Luxury Program today you’ll receive an all-access pass to Erica’s Alignment With Aloha Program!

(normally $197)

A Year From Now, You Are Going To Wish You Started Today!

Which Plan Is Right For You?

Full Pay ($1,500 - Save $150!) Payment Plan (3 Payments of $550)

About Erica Duran

Erica is an International Business Coach and Lifestyle Mentor at

She launched her online empire in 2004 and quickly grew it to a 6-figure business in just 9 months.

She helps women start, grow and systematize their business in 90 days.

Most of her clients earn $5K to $20K+ per month while enjoying a 3-day workweek.

Erica believes that the one thing this world doesn’t need is more burnt out, overwhelmed women entrepreneurs who are baffled by technology & stressed over their never-ending to-do lists.

She doesn’t believe in formulas or blueprints and instead works with each client to help them develop and share their unique message and brand essence with the world so that they stand out online from their competition and attract their ideal clients/customer TO them with minimal ad spend (if any).

She saw that her clients were resisting sales and marketing tasks so she created to take the scary parts of marketing out of their hands and let Google do the work for them.

She’s a down to earth, relatable, tell-it-like-it-is coach and businesswoman who creates massive results and regularly hits unrealistic goals (and helps her clients do the same) by leveraging a blend of inspired action and intuition with the most effective online marketing strategy.

Erica’s list of clients ranges from brand new business owners to 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs across the online spectrum from authors, speakers, coaches, professional organizers, attorneys, web designers, network marketers, healers, creatives and more.

With a degree in hospitality management, after 15 years as a theme park and hotel executive, she opened so that she could help plan and book her clients vacations and events (retreats, workshops, VIP Days, weddings) at Disney Resorts and Hawaii.

Erica is a hard-core minimalist and traveled full-time as a digital nomad for 16 years.  She sold absolutely everything except her laptop, iPhone, dogs, and 3 suitcases, and a brand-new Jeep staying in AirBnBs and resorts that sponsored her podcasts and videos.

She now lives in Celebration, Florida (former Disney-owned neighborhood).

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Full Pay ($1,500 - Save $150!) Payment Plan (3 Payments of $550)