Our Favorite Resources and Tools to Make The Paid For Your Presence Method™ Even Easier!

Paid For Your Presence Method

Simplero - Complete Online Business System

Simplero is a super simple to use complete online business system!

Here are the all the functions/features...

Complete Website

Unlimited Membership Sites and/or Sub Domain Sites

Email Marketing and Newsletters

CRM - Customer Relationship Management System

Sales Funnels & Automation

Media Library - A Place To Store All Your Audio, Video, PDF, etc. Assets

Unlimited Landing Pages

Payment System/Shopping Cart (works with Paypal, Stripe, and more)

Online Store

Affiliate Marketing - Pay A Percentage To Promote Your Offerings

Customer Service - Customer Support Ticketing System

Design and Funnel Templates

Coupon Codes - Offer Discounts and Coupons

Worksheets and Form Builder

Enclosed Website Ecosystem - your website will almost never go down or get hacked!

And More!

Don't want to do any tech yourself?  That is OK! Let Simplero's Concierge Team set everything up for you and/or move your website from Wordpress or another platform!

Start your 14-day FREE trial today by clicking here!

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Next-Generation Social Network

Leave the censorship and curated newsfeeds behind!

Tired of you newsfeeds being manipulated?

Join me on MeWe!

Create a MeWe Business Page where there are no interfering advertisements, no newsfeed manipulation or algorithms, and no need to pay to boost content to reach your followers.

MeWe - No Ads, No Spyware, No B.S.



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Business Page = EricaDuranInternational

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Lume Cube

Amazingly compact, amazing bright lighting for video conferencing meetings (Zoom), vlogging, live streaming, or video presentations.

USB LED light that attaches to your laptop or desktop computer for HD quality lighted videos.

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Freshbooks Cloud Accounting


Spend less time on accounting and more time on work you love!

Freshbooks was created with entrepreneurs, small business owners,  and freelancers in mind.

Get paid faster, keep your expenses for taxes, send invoices, etc.

Check Out Freshbooks today!

Untitled design

Acuity Scheduling

Never ask "What time is good for you?" again!

With Acuity Scheduling you set up your availability and then create links for various meeting types.

Send a simple link to your contact and let them schedule themselves.

Bonus!  Works well with Simplero Complete Online Business System!

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Streamyard allows you to live stream in multiple online platforms at one time.

You can invite guests, share your screen, or share slides on your life streams and see all the comments from multiple platforms in one place.

With one click you can display a viewers comment or question on your screen for all to see.

There is also a "green room" so you and your guest can get ready and test things before you go live.

You can add your branding (logos, colors, etc.) and call to actions to the lower third of your screen.

You can schedule your live streams ahead of time and Streamyard with write a promotional "Going Live at ___ o'clock.  Do you want to be reminded?" post/button into your group.

Streamyard also lets you record only to a mp4 file (no live stream) and you can share your screen or slides using this feature as well.

I've been live streaming for about a year now and Facebook would always kick me off the live stream. Streamyard has never ended my life stream while in progress.

Erica Duran Recommends Streamyard For Live Streaming and Video Presentations

Group Leads

If you are still on Facebook...

Before Group Leads we would have to take a screen shot of the Facebook entry questions that prospects fill out in order to join your group.

Then we would have to manually approve each member to the group.

Then we would have to manually add every lead to a spreadsheet.

Then we would have to manually add every lead to our mailing list and sales funnel.

Then we would have to manually tag them in a welcome post/video and send them a direct message.

Sounds like a lot of busywork, am I right? 🙃

Now, we simply let Group Leads do all this work!

Bonus!  Works great with Simplero Complete Online Business System!

Erica Duran Recommends Group Leads To Capture Facebook Group Entry Questions