A La Carte Courses

Live On Brand

Uncover Your Unique Brand Essence So You Can Stand Out Online, Make Your Competition Irrelevant, & Make Every Decision In Your Business & Lifestyle Easier.


Premium Package Basics

Create Your Own High-End Premium Packages and Unchain Yourself From The Dollars-For-Hours Madness!


Webinars With Aloha

Host Webinars (and other events) In Your Business To Market and Sell For You.  Stop Overcomplicating The Technology and Over-Paying For Expensive Webinar Systems.


Alignment With Aloha

A Path To Complete Clarity & Confidence So That You Stop Second-Guessing Yourself & Start Receiving Big!


Selling With Aloha

Easily Take Control Of The Sales Process and Sales Conversations So You Can Convert Your Prospects Into Clients Without Feeling Pushy Or Salesy.


Lead Magnets With Aloha

Easily Create Value-Packed Lead Magnets That Give Your Prospects A Quick Win Or Paradigm Shift So That They Buy Your Next Level Programs/Products.


Launching With Aloha

A Simple Launch Formula For Getting Out Of Your Own Way and Creating Fast Cash!


Hustling With Aloha

Create A Steady Flow Of New Leads Without Burning Out Or Wasting Money On Paid Ads.


Funnels, Traffic, and Tripwires

Create Consistent Leads, Build Your List, Create Cash On Demand, and Even Get Your Facebook Ads For Free (or stop paying for them forever!)


10 Days To Snagging High-Paying Clients Challenge

What if you knew the exact 10 steps to start receiving high-paying clients and could shut out all the noise?


Oasis Membership (Every Course Included!)

Get VIP All-Access Pass to EVERY Course and Resource Erica Duran has created for one very low monthly membership subscription.

Not just ALL the courses, but DIRECT Access To Erica For your questions that come up during courses and feedback on what you create from the courses.