The Freedom Model Mini Business Plan

The Freedom Model Mini Business Plan

Contrary To Popular Belief, Traditional Business Plans Are Usually A Waste Of Your Precious Time and Money Unless You Are Looking For Outside Funding.

With The Freedom Business Model Mini Business Plan – We Take Out The

Busy Work and Focus On What Matters So You Can Make Money Quickly!

You'll Receive...

🌺A Simple Guide Breaking Down What ABSOLUTELY Needs To Be Done To Start Being Visible and Making Money In Your Online Freedom Business.

🌺Be Inspired To Stop Procrastinating & Focusing On The Wrong Things That Are Leaving You Struggling, Overwhelmed, and Broke.

🌺How To Make Your Competition Irrelevant, Stand Out In A Crowded Online Marketplace, & Stop Comparing Yourself To Others In Your Industry.

🌺Bust The Myths Of Some Of The Common Expensive and Time-Consuming “Must Haves” Of An Online Business.  You Don’t Necessarily Need… An Ideal Client Avatar, A Fancy Website, A Large Ad Budget, A Large List, A Large Team, Etc.  Spend Time and Money On Revenue-Generating Activities Instead!

🌺Set All Those Complicated Internet Marketing “Rules” ON FIRE!  (#Dracarys! 🔥🐉)

💎BONUSES!  An Exclusive Preview Of My Minimalist Digital Nomad Clearing and Completion Process! PLUS A Comprehensive Video Training “Your Path To Freedom And Luxury”!


I used to put together a similar yet customized Mini Business Plan for anyone who completed an Aloha Strategy Session with me.  I found over the past several years that everyone needed these basics to get up and running quickly and I am sharing them here with you today!