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Traditional Mastermind and Group Coaching Programs Are Flawed!

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More Action,

More Income,

Less Meaningless Chit-Chat.

Let’s get really honest here…

Many new and seasoned entrepreneurs join group programs and masterminds because they want to work with a PARTICULAR coach, but at a SMALLER investment from the coach’s one-to-one packages and offerings.


So why stuff all the extra fluff, modules, meetings, etc. into masterminds and group programs?


Just give the people what they want –

Direct access to their desired coach at a lower price!

My *NEW* mastermind program is built for the REAL world.


Why Are Traditional Mastermind and Group Coaching Programs Flawed?


Traditional Mastermind and Group Programs Are Flawed… Especially For Introverts.

1.  Traditional Mastermind and Group Programs Are Distracting and Usually Include A Lot Of  Busy Work

Many traditional group programs and mastermind groups assign a TON of busy work, distracting Facebook Groups, and theory exercises instead of taking real action.

You spend more time working in the mastermind than you do on revenue-generating activities and building your business.

The mastermind or group program starts to feel like a second job!

You don’t need more information.

You want curated advice and guidance tailored to your specific situation.

You want to know exactly what to do right now to move your business and lifestyle forward and put all the other “noise” aside.

2.  They Are A Breeding Ground For Competition and Comparison

Plus, mastermind forums and Facebook groups are a BREEDING GROUND for COMPETITION, COMPARISON, and BRIGHT SHINY OBJECTS.

Everyone is sharing what they are up to and so you feel you should be doing the same or that you are behind in some way.

Or, worse – traditional group programs and masterminds are also breeding grounds for copy cats and idea theft.

3.  More Seasoned Members Do The Most Work and It Isn’t Reciprocated

Many traditional mastermind groups have a mix of people at different levels in their business.

That fact is supposed to be the beauty of a mastermind group – so you have many different points of view, experience, and opinions.

However, what happens, in reality, is that the more seasoned members spend all their time helping the new entrepreneurs in the group and there isn’t much value for the veteran entrepreneur. 

Then what happens?

The seasoned entrepreneurs start seeing that this is a big waste of time and leave the group.

The quality and dynamics of the group die when you are left with a bunch of newbies.

4.  You Don’t Receive Direct Private Access To Your Desired Coach

Most masterminds and group programs have very little access (if any) to the coach you signed up to work with.

If you are an introvert, you probably don’t want to showcase your unfinished work or ask questions about your business in a public setting.

Digital self-study programs RARELY have any support or accountability.

Plus, your mastermind group assigned accountability buddy will let you off the hook too easily, won’t give you an honest opinion, isn’t skilled enough to help you, and is too wrapped up in what she is doing. 


Ready To Get Totally Inundated With… Nothing?

No Required Modules 

No Required Videos/Classes

No Busy Work 

No Checklists 

No Worksheets

No Scheduled Weekly or Daily Calls Cluttering Up Your Calendar

No Meetups

No Distracting Facebook Groups

No Guilt From The Feeling Of Not Participating In The Group Enough

No Boring Unproductive Meetings

No Group Energy Vampires or “Downers”

No Group Members To Give You The Wrong Advice or “Borrow” Your Ideas

No Competition or Comparison

No Bright Shiny Objects

No Retreats (Why Not Take Trips With Your Loved Ones Instead and RELAX?)

No Time Outside Of Your Normal Work Tasks (what we do in Real World Mastermind should already be on your calendar)

Real World Mastermind Is Super Lightweight and Super Economical.


It Fits Into Your Regular Work and Takes No Extra Time Out of  Your Week.


Plus, It Has NOTHING To Distract You From The Revenue-Generating Activities You Need To Focus On To Move Your Business Forward.

The Real World Mastermind Includes…

A Comprehensive Welcome and Preparation Packet (Optional)

As soon as you register for the Real World Mastermind, you’ll receive a comprehensive Welcome and Preparation Packet that will help you immediately get clear on your goals and next version of you.

Then immediately you can start to take the little actions that add up to big changes in your life and business.

This packet also includes exercises you can begin immediately to attract more wealth into your life.

Unlimited Support

How many times have you thought to yourself when you are stuck in a decision or mindset setback “If I could just ask an expert what to do about _______ in my business – this could be so much easier!”

Real World Mastermind includes unlimited access to Erica's Private Voxer Group so that you receive FAST answers to all of your questions about starting and scaling your business and support out of mindset spins before they get out of hand.

This is not like a time-wasting-Facebook-Group.

This optional group includes...

  • More Action
  • More Clarity
  • More Focus
  • More Referrals
  • More Collaboration
  • More Income
  • Less Meaningless Chit-Chat.  :)

Review Of All Marketing Pieces

There are subtle tweaks to layouts and wording on your marketing pieces (including your landing pages and website) that can greatly improve your sales conversions.

Your messaging needs to be CLEAR AND BOLD if you want to stand out from your competition.

Your messaging must be uniquely you and not “vanilla” or boring.

Your messaging will evolve with you, but let’s get started so you can stop staring at that blank page.

Proven Powerful Accountability & Feedback Loop Process

Each week, you’ll receive a simple email prompt from Erica Duran that will keep you focused and accountable to the specific goals you set for that week.

You shouldn’t spend more than 10 minutes or so on each email.

Get the vital things completed that will really move your business, sales, and life forward without the uncertainty of wondering what you should do next.

Plus, this is your chance to ask any and all questions that you have for Erica privately and directly.

You'll Also Receive VIP Access To The Paid For Your Presence Membership Site That Includes ALL Of Erica's Courses and Resources!

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*Cancel Any Time After Your First 90-Day Commitment.

*Clients often recoup their investment right away (and over and over again).

*Remember most coaching and mentorship programs are tax-deductible in most areas.

**Real World Mastermind is INCLUDED In Erica's Paid For Your Presence™ Mentorship!

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    “Any time I have invested in working with Erica and followed her suggestions, I have made the money back quickly and easily!”

    Personal Stylist, TheHappyWardrobe.com

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    “I quit my J-O-B after just a few weeks of enrolling in Erica’s coaching program!”

    CEO, John Doe Corp

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    TV Wellness Expert for “America Now News” and Founder of Yoga For Surfers

Weekly accountability check-ins are one of the cornerstones of my private coaching mentorships.

Now you can get the support, expert advice, feedback, and the accountability, as a stand-alone product, without the extra expense and commitment of a full coaching agreement.

The Real World Mastermind Works Because…

  • You are investing in yourself.  When you invest you are more likely to actually use the program and get results.
  • The weekly accountability feedback loop emails will help you clear the fog each week by doing a brain dump.
  • Measure what you’ve accomplished in the past week.
  • Help you to study the past to improve your future.
  • Plan and prioritize the next week.
  • Stay accountable to completing things, knowing that I will be waiting for your email each week.
  • You will have a permanent and immediately-accessible “captain’s log” of all the important metrics and decisions taken in your business.
  • You don’t have other people in the group inciting comparison, competition, and bright shiny object syndrome.
  • There are no “downers” or energy vampires in the group… in fact, there is NO group.
  • You don’t have other people in the group chiming in with the wrong advice causing you to second guess yourself.
  • You will feel safe asking any and all questions at all because your questions are private and asked directly, not posted in a group forum.

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Now, Only $497 Per Month

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*Cancel Any Time After Your First 90-Day Commitment.

*Clients often recoup their investment right away (and over and over again).

*Remember most coaching and mentorship programs are tax-deductible in most areas.

**Real World Mastermind is INCLUDED In Erica's Paid For Your Presence™ Mentorship!

Erica Duran is a former Fortune 50 Executive turned International Freedom-Based Business and Lifestyle Mentor, Minimalist Digital Nomad, and Podcast Host.

She launched her online empire in 2004 and quickly grew it to a six-figure business in just nine months.

She can help you build your freedom-based business, design your luxury lifestyle, and Get Paid For Your Presence™!

Most of her clients earn $5K to $20K+ per month while reclaiming massive amounts of free time.

Erica believes that the one thing this world doesn’t need is more burnt out, overwhelmed women entrepreneurs who are baffled by technology & stressed over their never-ending to-do lists.

She doesn’t believe in formulas or blueprints.

Instead, Erica works with each client to help them develop and share their unique message and brand essence with the world so that they stand out online from their competition and attract their ideal clients/customers to them with minimal ad spend (if any).

She is a down-to-earth, relatable, tell-it-like-it-is coach and businesswoman who creates massive results and regularly hits unrealistic goals (and helps her clients do the same) by leveraging a blend of inspired action and intuition with the most effective online marketing strategy.

Erica’s list of clients ranges from brand new business owners to 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs across the online spectrum from authors, speakers, coaches, professional organizers, attorneys, web designers, stylists, healers, creatives, and more.

Erica is a hard-core minimalist and travels full-time as a digital nomad. She sold absolutely everything except her laptop, iPhone, 2 long-haired mini dachshunds, a few suitcases, and her brand-new Jeep. She travels around to warm climates in the US and beyond and "lives" in resorts that sponsor her podcast and other content.

✨Results Speak For Themselves✨

“My mindset has totally shifted and I’m consistently hitting high 5-figure months!”  ~Lisa Woodruff, Professional Organizer, Organize365

“Any time I have invested in working with Erica and followed her suggestions, I have made the money back quickly and easily!”
~Erin Keam, Personal Stylist, TheHappyWardrobe.com

“My Business Has Been Designed And Built To Support A 3-Day Work Week!”
~Kathy Lawless, Lifestory Curator

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