Favorite Business and Lifestyle Resources

Confession... I am obsessed with online business tools and software that save me time, money, and frustration.

In living a hard-core minimalist luxury lifestyle, I want fewer things in my space... but those things need to be the BEST quality!

Check out my favorites below, and return often because I'm always upgrading this list.

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~ Business Resources ~

My ENTIRE business runs only just a FEW select tools.

Let's keep things as streamlined, economical, and simple as possible.

Work efficiently and keep more dollars going to YOU not tools!
Erica Duran Recommends Simplero All In One Online Business Platform

Easy Pay Direct

DO NOT let Stripe or Paypal hold your money or shut down your ability to take payments online!

Easy Pay Direct is the Fast, SAFE Way to Accept Payments Online!


Optimize the way you accept payments with a single point of contact, multiple back end banks, and cutting-edge technology.


Apply To Easy Pay Direct NOW!

Business Coach and Lifestyle Mentor Erica Duran Recommends Easy Pay Direct For Payment Processing | Affiliate Logos  200 x 200


Metricool is a one-stop shop for social media management... even ads!  From planning, posting, replying, measuring results, creating reports, researching hashtags, and create ads all from one simplified dashboard.

Create Your Free Metricool Account Today To Get Started!

Erica Duran | Business Coach and Lifestyle Entrepreneur Recommends Metricool | Complete Social Media and Ads Management


Riverside is your all-in-one online podcast and video studio.  Create and edit podcasts, online course content, long-form videos, interviews, screen recording videos, webinars, marketing videos, livestream to popular social platforms, live shows, clips for social media, corporate or small business training videos, and more!

Automate your show notes, teleprompter, chapter markers, transcripts, and more!

Start Your FREE Account Today!

Business Coach and Lifestyle Mentor Erica Duran Recommends Riverside.FM

Group Leads

Get leads from Facebook!  Convert Facebook Group members into leads and paying customers.  Group Leads saves me HOURS per week from tedious admin work!

Grab Your FREE 7-Day Trial Now!

Erica Duran | Business Coach and Lifestyle Entrepreneur Recommends Group Leads | Get Leads From Facebook

Erica's Full-Service Travel Agency & Group Travel Consulting

Travel at little to no cost by leveraging your followers, clients, audience, and brand partners.

Host VIP Days, Client Retreats, Masterminds, and Events At Luxury Resorts Or At Sea On Majestic Cruise Ships!

Add Visual Splendor and Interest To Your Social Media, Programs, Courses, and Content.

It Is Easier Than You Think!

Explore Erica's Full-Service Travel Agency and Group Travel Consulting

Erica Duran's Full-Service Travel Agency and Group Travel Consulting | Affiliate Logos  200 x 200

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