Selling With Aloha

Easily Take Control Of The Sales Process and Sales Conversations So You Can Convert Your Prospects Into Clients Without Feeling Pushy Or Salesy


Aloha and welcome to my course on big scary sales conversations. :)

So, first things first…. you’ve got to STOP thinking that they are big scary sales conversations!

Take the pressure off – they are just conversations.

Show up to your conversation ready to connect with someone you’ve never met before.

Be present.


Don’t clutter up your mind with what slick thing you should say next.

Act normal. :)

You are not on an audition.

You have nothing to prove.

You can’t force or convince someone to do something they don’t want to do.

You can’t be attached to the outcome of the conversation because you don’t know if this person is the right client for you… yet.

This is exactly what this conversation is for.

To see if you should work together, or to see if your product will work for them.

Nothing more.

Although we can’t control the outcome of a sales conversation, we can put several pieces in place that will build your confidence so you can relax and have fun connecting with your prospect, position you as the expert you are, and close the sale without all the mindset, self-worth, and money story drama.

In my many corporate jobs, I had put together multi-million dollar real estate deals and was the national sales director for a major hotel chain.

But when it came time to sell my first $7 e-Book, so many fears, doubts, and mindset struggles came up.

It is PERSONAL now.

It is all YOU now!

There is no company to hide behind or someone to train you.

You created this product or service.

Your ideas, your services, your art, your expertise is on display and for sale.

You’ve put a lot into setting up your business this far, so it is understandable how personal this is to you.

How would it feel to not be nervous on a sales call ever again?

How would it feel to know that you were only spending time on the phone with qualified prospects ready to buy?

How would it feel to not trip over your words but to know exactly what to say, so there is no awkward silence?

How would it feel to know exactly how to handle the most common objections like, “I don’t have time”, “I can’t afford it”, or “I have to talk to my spouse”?

How would it feel to no longer have that awkward part of the sales conversation where it turns from a nice discovery conversation to a salesy pitch?

How would it feel to never have someone vanish after a great call leaving you wondering when that payment was coming in?

How would it feel to know how to follow up without feeling like a creepy stalker?

These are just a FEW of the areas we cover in Selling With Aloha!

Ready To Take Control Of Your Sales Conversations And 10X Your Income?

Now, I’m Sharing The Exact Steps With You In My New Program…

Selling With Aloha

Easily Take Control Of The Sales Process and Sales Conversations.  Convert Your Prospects Into Clients Without Feeling Pushy Or Salesy


What’s Included In Selling with Aloha?

This Course Is Delivered via Guidebooks (over 175 detailed pages!), Audios (over 4 hours of audio content!), and Direct Access Support For Your Questions.

Never Settle! CLAIM Your Ideal Client!

  • How to only attract dream ideal clients and stop wasting your time with “problem” clients
  • QUICKLY figure out who your target market is so you can focus and not be scattered
  • Stop leaving money on the table by over-niching
  • Avoid the ONE thing most entrepreneurs blow off that keeps them broke and struggling

Set Yourself Up For Success BEFORE The Sales Conversation

  • The mindset of good sales practices, how selling is actually a form of serving
  • How to lean back and sell with the “Hang Loose Method™”
  • Know exactly how many sales conversations you need to hit your income goals
  • How to make sure you never waste time on the phone with an unqualified prospect again

Sales Conversations That Close

  • Learn the sales conversation structure and outline – my ENTIRE script that you can take and make your own
  • How to position yourself as the expert within the first five minutes of the call
  • What you should always have prepared so there isn’t any “dead”/awkward silence on the call
  • 8 pro tips to help you get extremely comfortable with sales conversations

Overcoming The Most Common Objections & How To Facilitate The Sale

  • How to facilitate the sale so it actually closes and stays closed… and you get paid
  • How to authentically overcome objections and support the client in making a decision that is best for them
  • My exact wording for overcoming the most common objections like “I don’t have the money”, “I don’t have time”, “I need to talk to my significant other first”, etc.
  • How to help your clients find the money if it is a clear “Yes” for them
  • Why you may not want to overcome objections anymore in your business

How To Follow Up After A Sales Conversation So You Don't Feel Like A Creepy Stalker

  • How To Follow-up With Those Potential Clients That Vanished or Had To “Sleep On It” and Not Feel Like A Stalker
  • A simple method for following up and keeping a verbal closed sale into an actual paid closed sale
  • A 15-word email that can reopen the conversation with those prospects that seem to disappear and save the sale.

Next Level Sales! Waitlists, Testimonials, and Referrals

  • How to make your big income months your “new normal” and what to expect
  • How to handle a waitlist of ideal clients that are waiting to work with you
  • Structures for your exit sessions so you can re-sign a client (spiral marketing), receive referrals, and receive testimonials
  • Leveraging all you’ve done into bigger ticket programs, groups, or passive income opportunities

Plus!  You'll Receive These Bonuses!

Freedom Budget Guidebook

Million Dollar Online Business Resource Guide

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About Erica Duran

Erica is an International Business Strategist, Podcast Host, and Freedom-Based Lifestyle Mentor at

She launched her online empire in 2004 and quickly grew it to a six-figure business in just 9 months.

She helps her clients to simplify, strategize, sell and scale online through her Paid For Your Presence Method™ and The Evolved Entrepreneur™ - her flagship lead exchange, networking, coaching, and mastermind program.

Most of her clients earn $5K to $20K+ per month while reclaiming massive amounts of free time.

Erica believes that the one thing this world doesn’t need is more burnt out, overwhelmed women entrepreneurs who are baffled by technology & stressed over their never-ending to-do lists.

She doesn’t believe in formulas or blueprints and instead works with each client to help them develop and share their unique message and brand essence with the world so that they stand out online from their competition and attract their ideal clients/customer to them with minimal ad spend (if any).

She’s a down to earth, relatable, tell-it-like-it-is coach and businesswoman who creates massive results and regularly hits unrealistic goals (and helps her clients do the same) by leveraging a blend of inspired action and intuition with the most effective online marketing strategy.

Erica’s list of clients ranges from brand new business owners to 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs across the online spectrum from authors, speakers, coaches, professional organizers, attorneys, web designers, stylists, healers, creatives, and more.

Erica is a hard-core minimalist and travels full-time as a digital nomad.  She sold absolutely everything except her laptop, iPhone, 2 mini long-haired dachshunds, and 3 suitcases, and her brand-new Jeep. She traveled around to warm climates in the US and beyond and "lived" in resorts that sponsored her podcasts and videos.  Currently, she planning her next adventure - living full-time in a luxury RV!

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Selling With Aloha - Full Pay $97 Or, Join The Evolved Entrepreneur Program - All Of Erica's Courses & Resources Included!