Why Should I Join Another Facebook Group?

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"Why Should I Join Another Facebook Group?"

You were probably thinking something along these lines when you clicked on this page.

Am I right?

Me too.

When I was thinking about creating a new Facebook Group I had similar thoughts running through my mind...

"Why create another Facebook Group - they are so much work!"  

"What is going to make this group different?"


"Is anyone still even on Facebook outside of Facebook Marketplace?"

Here is what I came up with...

✨ I'm Cultivating An Elegant Space That Feels More Like An Enchanting Dinner Party (Instead of a "Drive by Promo" Facebook Group) with Enlivening and Inspiring Conversation.  My hope is that it is an incubator where entrepreneurs can support each other in taking steps that are uncomfortable to get their message out there, test things without attachment, and be visible to the market... but then come back into a safe space to workshop how to improve it next time.

💙 REAL Collaboration Opportunities and Referrals (like those networking groups we used to go to in person - without the driving all over town and the bad food).

🎓 High-Value FREE Trainings on Creating Your Freedom Business, Traveling The World, and Getting Paid For Your Presence™ (some concepts and strategies I could easily charge for... and have charged for in the past are now taught in this group).  This is also the space where people in my paid self-study courses come for LIVE support.

🛳️ Exclusive Travel Discounts, Deals, and Perks! (I also own a full-service travel and event planning agency and will be sharing the inside scoop on travel hacking and passing on SECRET agency perks to YOU!)

You can love Facebook or hate it, but it is still an amazing place to meet and collaborate with like-minded people around the world. 

So Let's Give It A Go!

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