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Client Results and Case Studies

Explore all the amazing results clients have received by working with Erica Duran over the past 20 years!

Tanya Brown


You have NO clue what a lifesaver you are. God is blessing me!
Erica and her programs are AMAZING!
WELL worth investment.
Thank you, Erica.
HUGE Hugs!

Tanya Brown
Author and Life Coach

Erin Keam

“Any time I have invested in working with Erica and followed her suggestions, I have made the money back quickly and easily!”

One of the most important things I learned from Erica was that people buy your energy, not your programs. 

I’ve also become a lot more self-assured and confident about my business since working with her.

I remember calling one time because I was worried about my customers’ expectations and whether I would be able to meet their requirements and she said to me “..all I had to do was leave them better off than when I found them.”

It relieved so much pressure, I was able to enjoy my work without feeling undue stress and I ended up with wonderful client testimonials and referrals.

My life has also become much more streamlined since I started working with Erica. 

Thanks to her I have stopped doing so much of the busywork that used to take up my mental bandwidth. 

I have more time to lie in my hammock stare at my stunning view of Lake Sammamish instead of wasting hours trying to remain up-to-date on multiple platforms of social media and chasing fruitless leads. 

She helped me increase my visibility but without extra advertising expense as well. 

I do what she suggests, which is to align on a daily basis – I do this through journaling positive affirmations about the life that I want, all of which seemed to mysteriously come true! I also followed her advice and share daily, sell daily, know where I stand financially, and like her, I take exercise very seriously, which my dog appreciates greatly!

I’m working less but I’m making more.

What I found the most valuable about working with Erica was mindset training. 

She helped me overcome my impostor syndrome, let go of draining relationships and really step into the spotlight with my brand. 

She also took me from almost nothing – an outdated website, no packages no social media, no email newsletters, no systems to a fully functioning business. 

Any time I have invested in working with Erica and followed her suggestions, I have made the money back quickly and easily thanks to the prosperity mentality that she encourages as well as her helping me to increase the pricing of my packages. 

I was underearning before I made Erica and now I charge what I’m worth, with room to grow. It was scary at times, being a solopreneur, but she was always there for me.

I also very much enjoy our conversations. Her relaxed attitude is a wonderful change from high-pressure coaches I’ve had in the past who were more focused on KPI’s than the quality of life and she’s helped me define my own success. 

Plus she’s helped me to declutter without even meaning to through her own example. She’s helped me let go of the past (and a whole lot of unnecessary paper and things).

Erin Keam
Personal Stylist

Peggy Hall

“Our Business Is On Track to Double Last Year’s Revenue”

Hi Erica!  I just wanted to take the (well-planned out!) time to let you know what an impact you’ve had on my business — and my life!

As a classic multi-tasker with tons of project ideas, I was barely running my business — it was running me! I would wake up with the intention of tackling my major projects but I would get sidetracked with endless email, online “research” down the rabbit hole, guilt over working on one project while another was languishing, and overall paralysis of just having too darn much to do and feeling like I was playing constant catch-up.

Add to that my prior notion that “being busy = being productive”.

Boy, how wrong I was! 

You taught me how to gather all my various “to-do’s” from big to small, all my “un-dones” from making that overdue dentist appointment to overhauling my online store — and get them in one manageable place, instead of on all the little scraps of paper I’d been drowning in!

My biggest “ah-ha” may have been no-brainers for others, but you showed me the difference between “projects” and “tasks”.


Instead of staring at a huge item on my to-do list like “promote yoga teacher training program” — I learned to break it down into step-by-step tasks (1: gather testimonials; 2: choose a day for preview call; 3. write email draft; etc…) and then to plug in those tasks on certain days and times.

Voila! No more guilt overdoing “A” while ignoring “B” – because “B” has its own time slot for getting done!

In the year since we first worked together, I have also hired 3 part-time assistants and have turned over other parts of my work to contract professionals so I can focus my time and energy on doing those tasks that only I can do.

The result?

Our business is on track to double last year’s revenue — and we have had major breakthroughs with potential partners to sky-rocket from there!

Most of all, you have given me the tools to find peace of mind in my everyday working environment.

No more panic, no more anxiety, no more overwhelm — just confidence and mastery, knowing I have the time, talent, and tools to accomplish what is mine to do.

“Thank you” seems hardly enough!

With deep gratitude and best wishes for continued success!

Peggy Hall
"America's Trusted Source for "fad-free" healthy living from America's Favorite Wellness Expert",
TV Wellness Expert for "America Now News", and Creator of Yoga For Surfers
Peggy Hall -  Erica-Duran-Productivity-Business-Coaching-Professional-Organizing-240w-240h

Ferah Ozbek 

“Creating and Building My Freedom Business With Erica Was Absolutely Magical!”

I began working with Erica to figure out a way to design my work around my life.

Through working with Erica, I decided to start a law practice from my home. We worked together to design my work around my life. And it has been magical. While the journey has not been easy, I am learning so much every day and enjoying every moment while I now have the freedom to steer my own ship in the direction I want to go! That’s what Erica teaches–creating a Freedom Based Business!!!

Erica is extremely talented and knows every aspect of starting a business. She’s got the answer to every question that arises. There is not a thing she has not experienced or tried so she can tell you what works and what doesn’t work. She helped me create my website and knew exactly what I wanted and where I wanted it. She created a professional website that is me! Erica is a technical genius!

What I like most about Erica is her patience, her intuition, and her willingness to go above and beyond to help her clients to make sure they are on the right path and have what they need.

Thank you, Erica, for my lifeline!

Ferah Ozbek, Esq, PLLC
Legal Defense

Holly Southerland

“I Am No Longer Worried About Money Every Single Day and I Earn A Full-Time Income Doing What I Love!”

For about 6 months before I connected with Erica, I went through a series of no less than 3 rock bottoms, and I had about a dozen free consultations with various business coaches across the country.

I was growing increasingly weary but deep down I did have some hope that I would find someone who really “got” what I was going through and didn’t think I was crazy!

What attracted me to Erica was that she had been a professional organizer so she understood my industry, and she also travels as a lifestyle, which is something I did and wanted to do even more.

When we talked, I knew she was the right person for me.

In order to hire Erica, I sold things, did some extra family photoshoots, connected with close friends who knew my story for some financial support, and did what it took to make this happen.

Once I made the commitment to be all in, I never looked back.

Erica listened to me and my struggles with getting my business off the ground.

She helped me with basic skills of marketing and networking that would change the way I approached growing my business.

She has this kind and yet no-nonsense way about listening to you and making you feel normal even when you feel crazy, and yet also propelling you forward to the greater steps ahead.

Honestly, in just a couple of months things started drastically changing.

I got over fears of being visible and I started connecting with people.

With Erica’s guidance, I actually moved to the opposite end of the country and relaunched my business, and was more successful than ever.

There’s no way I could have done it without Erica’s wisdom.

A year later I am now growing a team and moving more into the entrepreneur role rather than the do-it-all role.

I am no longer worried about money every single day.

I’m daily implementing things I learned one-on-one with Erica and in her group coaching program.

Erica and I accomplished in 3 months what I could not accomplish alone in 3 years.

I talk about Erica all the time as the linchpin that changed everything for me.

And honestly, I knew it would.

She’s not a magic pill but she has a unique way of laid-back coaching that can rock your world if you let it.

She’s just who I needed and I recommend her in a heartbeat.

Holly Southerland
Professional Organizer

Kathy Lawless

“My Business Has Been Designed And Built To Support A 3-Day Work Week!”

While I have a business degree and have been in corporate leadership positions for 20+ years, I didn’t have experience launching my own business. I didn’t know how to get started, how to prioritize my efforts, or how I should price my services. I was second-guessing myself and not really making progress.

I was so energized after my Aloha session with Erica because I knew I was going to have the guidance of someone who had done this before tapping into her expertise and recommendations. Right away I was making decisions that I had been wrestling with for months. It felt so good to have a plan and to be working on my plan. My confidence was growing every week.

When I look back 90 days later, I am soooo pleased with what I’ve accomplished and wouldn’t be where I am today without Erica’s coaching & guidance!

I have a name and logo for my business, a website, testimonials, premium packaging, marketing & social media plans, guidance for sales conversations, online scheduler/calendar, invoicing and client/lead management tool, & client agreement — all designed and built to support a 3-day work week!

I’m excited about the growing number of leads in my pipeline and the client proposals that are pending. Now is the fun part, I have my infrastructure in place so I can focus my time on doing the work I love and being present with my potential clients.

My confidence continues to grow with each new lead conversation. I would highly recommend Erica to anyone launching a new business or wanting to optimize the amount of time spent on their business.

Her methods work, she customizes to your needs, and she makes the entire experience fun and enjoyable!

Kathy Lawless
Life Curator & Storyteller

Elva Fonseca

“I Am Closing With My Most Profitable Month At $7,000!  And This Is Just The Beginning!  Next Month Is On Track For $11,000!”

Before I worked with Erica I felt lost and don’t know how to run my business or be visible.

I felt like I needed to be someone else to get clients.

I was stuck in a poverty mentality.

I am so grateful for Erica.

I learned that it’s actually by being myself that I attract the right people to me.

She walked with me through baby steps to put my business together in the right order and put myself into my business.

She was very supportive and encouraging through times of frustration.

She told me one time that the biggest breakthroughs occur shortly after those frustrating moments.

She was 100% right!

The biggest results that I have encountered are in my mindset.

I feel good meeting people for consultations with the mentality that I am serving them and listening to their struggles and not selling!

On that note, this month I am closing with my most profitable month at $7000.

That’s more than I made my first year in business!

It’s is amazing how simple little tweaks can make such a huge impact on your business!

Having guidance from someone that has gone ahead and can show you the way was worth the investment.

Elva Fonseca
Professional Organizer

Stacy Erickson

 “I Quit My J-O-B After Just a Few Weeks of Enrolling In Erica’s Coaching Program!”

I have worked with Erica for just the past couple of months and my life has already become infinitely better.

With the coaching she has done with me to start my own Professional Organizer business, I gained the courage to quit my “day job”!

I am now dedicated my work to my business, and with the advice and expertise that Erica has given me, I know I cannot fail!

She was exactly what I have been looking for in a coach:  supportive, non-judgmental, and incredibly knowledgeable.

My friends and family are all incredibly impressed with the progress I’ve made in an incredibly short amount of time and I couldn’t be happier!

Stacy Erickson
Professional Organizer and Child Development Specialist

Teri Lynn Wilkins

“The One Hour Phone Call That Changed My Life!”

It is nearly impossible for me to put into words what one, single-hour phone call with Erica has done for me.

I went from near hopelessness and giving up, to believing that I can turn my entire business around with a few simple actions.

Aside from the business strategy, she is so adept at providing, what I got from Erica was belief.

I needed someone to believe in me when I was unable to believe in myself. She has been where I have been and she knows I can get where she is now at.

Aside from showing me how just knowing someone can hold my hand through the process was worth more to me than Gold.

Teri Lynn Wilkins
Coach, Changing the Discussion About Infidelity & Cheating

Tina Anderson

"Erica Immediately Taps Into Exactly What Is Going Wrong In Your Business and Gives You A Customized Non-Cookie-Cutter Simple Solution!"

Tina Anderson

Spiritual Intuitive and Thought Leader

Tina Anderson Recommends Business Coach Erica Duran

Susan Alakas

I'm so excited About my events using Erica's Simple "Paid For Your Presence Method™!

Suzan Alakas
Founder of Gozango


Yolanda Gutierrez-Lilly

“I Already Have A Waiting List of Clients That Want to Work With Me!”

I wanted to thank you for all your coaching when I started my own Professional Organizing business!

I can’t believe all the clients that were right under my nose.  My niche is PERFECT for my personality – I never have a “problem client”!

Pretty much every pitfall you warned me about I was able to avoid.

It is so funny how you would teach me something in a session and then it would come true in real life!

You have saved me literally thousands of dollars and weeks of time in setting up my business in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

You advised me EXACTLY what I should not be wasting my money on and what was the best use for the money that I was investing into my business!

The cost of your program is nothing compared to what I’ve saved!

Also, the time management and productivity coaching have been invaluable in starting a business and having a “full plate” with my family.

Yolanda Lilly
Professional Organizer, Modern Image Organizing


Jill Joyer 

“I Am Getting More Done By Actually Doing Less”

For the past few months, I’ve been working with Productivity Expert Erica Duran, CPO® on a one-to-one basis.

I can’t believe that by just making little shifts and changes to how I work throughout the week I am actually getting more done now by doing less.

I feel calmer and centered and know exactly which priorities to work on to move forward in my health, personal life, and business.

I have also ‘plugged’ a lot of my energy ‘leaks’ and know exactly where all my time is going.

I am no longer a slave to my email or other electronic leashes.

I am getting better at saying “no” to obligations that don’t fit my personal and business goals without feeling guilty.

But, the most important thing is that I am able to consistently create the time for my meditations and exercises that support my health so I can do everything else that I want to in my life.

Jill Joyer
Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor & Life Coach


Stacey Breamer 

“Working with Erica Duran is an Absolute Pleasure!”

Her expertise in organization, social media, networking, and all things entrepreneur, are second to none.  

I am so thankful for all of the guidance and clarity Erica has given me on how to effortlessly manage the various social media avenues that are available.

I absolutely love the new Platinum program!

The organization tools that Erica provides have really helped me get focused and organized with my tasks – both personally and professionally.  

It is wonderful to not feel so overwhelmed and also know that I am accomplishing steps each week to reach my goals.  

She is great at coaching you through the tasks you really need and out of all the useless clutter and busy work!

Thank you, Erica, for your wisdom and help!

Stacey Braemer
Certified Health Coach


Stacy Garland-Riccio

“I Have No Doubt That With Erica’s Help My Client List Will Be Full!”

I just signed up for my first month with Erica and she has already helped me so much!

We’ve already covered perfecting my marketing plan, website design and SEO strategies, and streamlined my client process.

I am confident that with her help, my client list will be full!

Erica has creative and innovative ideas to manage your time wisely and to promote your business.

I’ve learned a lot from her and much of it was before I even hired her – can’t wait to see what the “investment” version of her programs has in store for me!

She genuinely wants to help people and she will get you results.

Stacy Riccio
Life Coach

Pearl Rothman

“Erica Duran Is The No B.S. Coach I Was Looking For!”

Erica is that rare individual who can cut through the “BS” and gently and enthusiastically push you in the right direction to make the critical changes in your business (or person) so you see results are WAY more productive and can truly have a balance in your life!

Pearl Rothman

Victoria McDonald

“I Received the Inspiration and Motivation to Be Completely Organized!”

I highly recommend Erica for her enthusiasm, knowledge, and great tips she publishes every week in her newsletter!

Everyone can benefit from her organizational skills and motivation!

Victoria McDonald
Discount Wills & Living Trusts Agent, Paralegal/LDA

Winnona Gaviglio

"Erica EXUDES Great Patience and Calm"

Erica helped me organize my business better.

She exuded great patience with me when I tried to explain away my faulty scheduling system.

I am happy that she is taking her calm demeanor with her as she is coaching business owners to propel their businesses.

Winnona Gaviglio
Advertising Consultant


William Boren

“I Traded Long Work Hours and Traffic for a Virtual Business and Diving Around the World”

I used to drive from customer to customer all day long in the treacherous California traffic.  

Erica helped me to simplify and de-clutter my entire life so I could do what I’ve always wanted – scuba diving around the world.

I set up my business to be completely virtual and now have many systems that save me at least 4 hours of busy work per day!

Before working with Erica I felt stuck and like my life was passing me by.  Now, I still work hard for my customers but not before my morning ocean dive!

William Boren
Business Consultant For 40 Years

Suzanne Montgomery 

“I Got 4 Hours Back In My Week After Just My First Session with Erica!”

I felt so overwhelmed before signing up for Erica’s weekly coaching program!

I felt like I had to split my time between my business and my family and I always felt guilty if I was focusing on one or the other.

I was determined to finally get some CLARITY on how to manage my time and this course paid off with what I learned in the first call.

Thank you!

Suzanne Montgomery
Marketing Executive

Susan Reese

“I Had  Been Struggling for Years Trying to Balance a New Business, a Job, and My Family.”

Erica Duran’s course gave me simple ways to shift how I look at my time that changed everything! 

I am getting things completed that are important to me…finally! 

I know EXACTLY where my time is going.

Not to mention, I get a lot more sleep! :)

 Susan Reese
Jewelry Sales Representative

Shelby Kramer

“I Know Exactly What Part of My Business I can Delegate and What Part to NEVER Delegate!”

I’ve been struggling to “let things go” to admins and VAs but now I know exactly what MY time is worth and what I can let go of and make even more money while actually doing less “busy work”.

I can see my whole year and those big “pay-days” at a glance!

Shelby Kramer
Speaker & Life Coach

Shannon Miller

First $5K Month, No Website Needed”

Meet Shannon!

Shannon was selling one-off Professional Organizing sessions for $50!

I don’t know about you, but I won’t even get into my car for a $50 session!

We transformed her beliefs about money and positioned her expertise.

Then we set up some simple structures in her business.

She has just reported to me (actually, it was a text message in ALL CAPS), that she has sold her first $5K home organizing package!

To top it off, this lady doesn’t even have a website yet!

Ho’omaika’i ‘Ana (congrats) Shannon!

Shannon Miller
Professional Organizer

Rachel Terracino

“Erica Duran Completely Changed My Life!  In One Word ~ Simplified!”

Erica Duran completely changed my outlook on what it means to be organized and to live a simplified and clutter-free life.

She goes well beyond the usual and basic day-to-day organizing tips and completely transformed the way I think and how I live my life so that organization, efficiency, and clarity have happened in every area of my life.

Erica teaches you ways to be more efficient with your time and schedule, as opposed to fighting the clock and to re-evaluate your tasks and schedules so you can live a more balanced life in the midst of the “busy-ness” we create in our lives.

Erica’s E-books and planning tools have truly been my saving grace in both my personal life and within my business!

I am more efficient, more focused and my life is significantly more balanced when I use the techniques that I have learned from Erica!

Rachel Terracino
Blogger & Wellness Coach

Paula Saardchit

“You Will Never Look at Your Calendar the Same Way Again!”

I’ve been following Erica Duran’s work for over two years now and I’ve learned so much about being organized and managing my time.

I even attended a few of her live workshops and events (all organized flawlessly of course :)!

The concepts she teaches can be adapted to paper or electronic devices – it is her unique concepts and insights on managing your life that make all the difference.

Her weekly newsletter, “Focus” is an extremely motivating, yet gentle reminder that shows up every week in my inbox to maintain the systems I have set up and stay of all the moving pieces in my life.

Paula Saardchit
Franchise Owner

Nora Sweeny

“I Never Thought I Would Be Using A Paper Planner System Again, But I Am So Happy I Switched!”

I am super tech-savvy and the thought of buying and using a paper planner system honestly, at first, baffled me.

But, the more I learned in the course, the more I can see how important it is to unplug from everything once in a while.

I now say “no” a lot more and I am better at DECIDING what I want my life to look like with no regrets or wasted hours.

I feel like I am fully “awake” now in my life.

Nora Sweeny
Insurance Sales Representative

Myrna DiVerde

“I Feel Completely Organized and Focused Like Never Before!”

I’m so thankful to have met you and to have taken your workshops on Time management and organizing!

I’ve been applying your teachings into my everyday life and just can’t believe the number of things I’m getting done within a couple of hours just by keeping all the things I always think I want to get done, then forgetting sometimes a little too late, on my planner!

Now, not only I’m accomplishing more “by the book”, I’m batching activities, every time I have to do something I keep it all in one spot!

No more paper monsters in the house!

I also got rid of a lot of junk and gave away so much to charity.

I have the extra time to spend with my family, even to cook full meals almost every day!

I’m more than glad to recommend your services and I’ve been passing around your name with confidence.

I just couldn’t thank you enough!

Myrna M. DiVerde
Owner, Dedicated Cleaners

Morgan Brown

“I’m Never Flying Coach Again!”

Erica is so RIGHT!

I used to fly coach all the time to save money but it ended up costing me money in the lack of productivity for the course of the entire flight!

Now I get to my destination and meetings feeling like I stepped out of a high-end spa!

I have a gracious and calm demeanor now – truly stepped into a better version of myself!

But, the BEST part of the program is that I am now able to get to sleep earlier and not even feel guilty about it! I wake up refreshed and focused every day.

Morgan Brown
Certified Financial Planner

Mary Etta McCurdy

“Erica Duran Has Simplified My Technological World!”

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Erica’s business evolve over the past three years from just professional organizing services to full-service productivity for busy entrepreneurs empire!

She has helped me connect the dots and lessen the overwhelm in dealing with my website, blog, social media, newsletter, etc.  She and her team have been able to respond quickly to help with technical issues and questions and even wrote some marketing blurbs in a pinch for my website.

What I value most is her authenticity and the fact that she is not afraid to give her opinion if I am going to make changes in my business that may hurt my visibility online or clutter my marketing message.

Mary Etta McCurdy
Interior Designer and Window Covering Specialist, Mary Etta Designs

Margaret K.

“I Am In Total Control Of My Time with Fewer Distractions”

I met Erica Duran just last month and I immediately applied some of the time management concepts to my active family life and business.

Erica’s unique concepts are simple to apply and provide results.

In just a few weeks, I was able to have a more enjoyable workday and feel more in control of my time with fewer distractions.

I am also enjoying the fresh business and organizing tips every week in her newsletter.

Margaret K.

Lucy Mendoza

 “I Increased My Sales By 47% the First Week!”

I can’t believe the impact these few little tips have had on my business and my life.

My work is FLOWING now, prospects I have been after for years are now calling ME to have a home party.

My husband thinks I have a “real” business now and not just an expensive hobby!

Lucy Mendoza
Cosmetics & Skin Care Specialist Sales Representative

Lisa Woodruff

“My mindset has totally shifted and I’m consistently hitting high 5-figure months!”

Lisa Woodruff

Professional Organizer

Lisa Turner

 “Free Trip to Miami Beach? Yes, Please!”

Lisa wanted to add a little more fun and excitement to her health coaching business.

She had a dream of hosting VIP Day Intensives in hot spots like Miami Beach.

After about 30 days of aligning her model, message, and market to HER desires and how she wanted to work, Lisa sold her first VIP Day Premium Package and was flying south this winter!

Lisa said the best part was being able to work in such an amazing environment AND having a little extra shopping money while she was there!

Ho’omaika’i ‘Ana (congrats) Lisa!

Lisa Turner
Health Coach

Lisa Jennisen

“I Am Charging Double What I Used To!”

I am a Professional Organizer myself – so I LOVE this topic!  

Erica’s coaching was easy to implement and maintain!

I could never make everything I read in books and magazines apply to real life and business.

I am using the techniques I learned from Erica my clients and now I am charging double what I used to and getting a ton of referrals!

Lisa Jennisen
Professional Organizer

Laura Aiello

“It Took Less Than 30 Minutes to Completely “Virtualize” My Business Idea So I Could Live With Freedom”

In just one short conversation with Erica, not only did she offer some solid insights into my business plan but sparked a whole new business idea!
Being able to read what you want to do AND read between the lines to what you could do is a really unique and valuable gift.

Laura Aiello
Life & Wellness Coach, Ultimate Upcycle

Kerrie Carter

“From Miserable 9-to-5 To $5K In 5 Weeks!”

Meet Kerrie!

Kerrie booked her Aloha Strategy Session with Erica Duran after hearing my interview on the Relaunch Podcast.

She was MISERABLE in her job and wanted to set her own hours.

Instead of taking months to build an online presence, we got to work on the “right things” right away!

She just hit her first $5K in 5 weeks of telling me she wanted out of her j-o-b “no matter what!”

Ho’omaika’i ‘Ana (congrats) Kerrie!

Kerrie Carter

Judy Tyler

“Everything In My Life is More Simplified, Yet I’m More Productive Than Ever!”

Erica is wonderful at helping to create better focus, clarity, and how to use time more efficiently.

It gave me a sense of simplicity, and yet, I became more productive… yes!

Judy Tyler

Helen Thompson 

“I Never Realized How Much Time and Energy I Was Wasting On Meaningless Busywork!”

I had the pleasure of attending Erica’s workshop and it was such an eye-opener!

I never realized how much time and energy I was wasting on meaningless busy work and how my cluttered desk was causing me to be both distracted and unproductive.

Thanks to the tools Erica provided in the workshop, not only do I spend more time on tasks that matter, but I also feel more relaxed and in control.

In addition, I’ve got at least 2 hours back a week, to spend on further developing my business and photography.

Helén Thompson

Christy Burns

“I’m Getting More Time Off & More Done At The Same Time”

I was always under the impression that to “make it” as an entrepreneur I must work on my business as much as possible.

I would often feel guilty when spending time with my children that I should be working and then when I was working – I thought I should be with my children.

In this course, I learned simple ways to balance both work and my personal life. As an added bonus,

As an added bonus, Erica’s system has my office paper-free (except for the planner, of course)! So simple, but so transformational!

So simple, but so transformational!

Christy Burns
Virtual Assistant

Barbara Michel

“You Will Not Be Disappointed!”

I have had the pleasure of working with Erica over the last month or so, and the work she does is refreshing.

In one session she opened my eyes to a much broader perspective about my new business than I could have ever have thought of myself.

Her written materials and podcasts have helped me to gain insight into my own mindset, and she has motivated me to do better by pursuing my goals and business strategies, and tactics with confidence and positivity.

She is responsive and diligent.

I highly recommend Erica as a coach for your business development.

You will not be disappointed!

Barbara Michael
Professional Organizer

Ann Meyers

“Erica Has Been Very Helpful, Supportive and Is Definitely an Expert on Organization, Time Management, and Productivity!”

I have known for some time that I struggle with being busy vs being productive but I could not seem to break out of my patterns on my own. When I saw Erica’s course entitled “Time Management and Productivity” I knew the time to get some expert insight had arrived!

The course has so many helpful ideas! 

One of the things I have found helpful is batching tasks, meetings, and appointments together rather than doing them at random times.

This has helped me to build in more time to work on tasks that require my focus without so many interruptions. 

I have realized that multitasking is not helping me to be productive at all and it actually robs me of valuable time. 

So now, I am getting better at completing one task before I start on another one and I am able to finish a task more completely and in less time.

I have also started practicing saying “I’m sorry I am not available at this time” to requests that don’t fit my schedule. In the past I have felt that I needed to provide a complete reason for why I could not accommodate a request for my help, would feel guilty about saying “no”, or I would agree to do something that ended up creating a lot of stress and did not fit my schedule in a way that really worked for me, my business or my family. 

It is actually very empowering to take control of my time in this way. This practice has reduced stress and allowed me to protect and value my time in a way that is more positive and productive.

I have always been a list maker and am a pretty organized person however I have noticed in the last couple of years that my lists don’t seem to end up in a central location and I end up wasting time trying to find lists or other information that I created or jotted down and left in a different room or place.

A few months ago I tried using my Blackberry to schedule appointments and create lists but started to feel frustrated at the amount of time it was taking to schedule an appointment using my phone compared to just flipping open my week at a glance calendar.

This was particularly annoying when I was on the phone with a client and trying to access my phone calendar at the same time.

When Erica talked about her paper planning system she has been using very successfully for years, I was really excited about going back to a paper planner, relieved to hear that this is a system that really worked well and it was OK to ditch technology for this purpose. 

I was actually excited to get my planner and start using it!

I had a one on one meeting with Erica to become more familiar with everything I can do with my planner and how to work with it in the best way. 

This was extremely helpful. 

I love that now I have ONE central location to keep my appointments, my task lists, my to-do lists, my goals, and other information that I need to easily locate. 

Just knowing that I won’t have to waste time running around trying to find loose papers makes me feel more productive and in control of my time and energy.

Erica has been very helpful and supportive and is definitely an expert on organization, time management, and productivity! 

I would recommend her to anyone who wants to become a better organized and productive individual.

Thanks, Erica!

Ann Meyers
Fitness Coach & Trainer

Amy Jones

“It Felt Like I Was Reuniting With An Old Friend, But Better”

I thought that the most productive way to manage my life was to embrace technology…I was wrong.

Technology is good for some things but not all and one of those things it isn’t good for is planning.

The moment I received the planner in the mail I could feel my stress melt away.

I now feel like I have a handle on everything…literally.  

This system for getting things done isn’t the typical “stuffy” rigid system that you might have tried in the past.

Amy Jones

Alyona Koolhaas

“Prior to Working With Erica Duran, I Was a Slave to Email and Social Media!”

My name is Alyona Koolhaas and I am a Manager and Certified Trainer with Send Out Cards.

I have participated in one of the programs about Social Media offered by Erica Duran with Erica Duran International.

Prior to meeting Erica, I used to be a slave to email and social media.

I didn’t quite know how to grow my business by using social media.

I knew that I needed to increase a web presence for my name and my product; get more leads and increase sales but didn’t know how to do it.

I have been building a successful network marketing organization through word-of-mouth, meeting one-on-one with a prospect or a client.

In order for me to get to the next level in my business, I had to do something different and think outside of the box.

Erica was able to show me a simple, efficient, and productive way how to stay in touch with my customers, clients, and prospects.

I can now spend 1-2 instead of 10-12 hours a week making a presence for me and my business and not feel like I miss out on the web content.

She was also able to help me with my LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, and Facebook accounts and use them more strategically to grow my business.

I would highly recommend Erica and all the programs she offers. Thank you, Erica!

Alyona Koolhaas
Manager and Certified Trainer for Send Out Cards

Commercial Consulting Network

“Erica Helped Us Take Our Revenues From Zero to over $6 Million In Just Under 8 Months!”

Erica’s organizational skills and productivity coaching transformed our sales team and administrative staff and helped us create the systems we needed to keep up with our massive growth!

The events she helped us plan were flawless and memorable to our clients and prospects.

Her unique perspective and “out-of-the-box” thinking are just what we needed.  

A “fresh set of eyes” to see where our blind spots were and then the innovative ideas and systems to make our business run effortlessly so I could follow my true passion of travel and SCUBA and not work 18 hours a day at the office!

Commercial Consulting Network

24/7 Taxi

“Erica Duran’s Marketing Expertise Finally Got Our Taxi’s On the Map… Top of the Google Map!”

From totally re-designing and then optimizing the SEO on our many websites to massive social media campaigns Erica Duran was able to get our cab companies to the top of Google’s organic searches crushing our competition!

Erica is also joint venturing with us on a nationwide taxi app called QuickCab!

Kostas Roditus
CEO of 24/7 Taxi

Write your

Denise Webster

“Erica Has Helped My ENTIRE Team Leap To Be More Productive and Boy Is It Paying Off!”

I am so thrilled to write this success story about my dear friend Erica Duran. 

Her insight into business management, time effectiveness, and overall productivity is nothing short of phenomenal!

Since she has worked with members of my team I have seen an increase in the positive attitude, happier representatives, better use of time, and a stronger sense of purpose and determination. 

Her tools, tips, and guidance are so appreciated and it works.

Thank you, Erica, for your assistance and I look forward to furthering seminars, training, and tips for success.

Denise Webster
L.E.A.N. Certified Health Coach Juice Plus Virtual Franchise Owner and Sears Family Pediatric Wellness Educator



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