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Paid For Your Presence Membership Site | Erica Duran | Course Catalog Images 700 x 380

Join Our Paid For Your Presence Membership & Receive Them ALL The Courses and Resources!

Join The Paid For Your Presence Membership and Receive All The Courses and Resources

Paid For Your Presence Membership Site | Erica Duran | Course Catalog Images 700 x 380

Self-Study Courses with LIVE Support

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Living On Brand

Uncover Your Unique Brand Essence So You Can Stand Out Online, Make Your Competition Irrelevant, & Make Every Decision In Your Business & Lifestyle Easier!

Sales Conversations That Close

Easily Take Control Of The Sales Process and Sales Conversations So You Can Convert Your Prospects Into Clients Without Feeling Pushy Or Salesy!

Minimalist Luxury

Focus and Streamline Everything In Your Life So That You Receive EXACTLY What You Desire.

List Building With Lead Magnets

Easily Create Value-Packed Lead Magnets That Give Your Prospects A Quick Win Or Paradigm Shift So That They Buy Your Next Level Program/Service

Automated Evergreen SLO Funnel

Create Consistent Leads, Build Your List, Create Cash On Demand, and Get Your Ads For Free!

Podcast Profit Plan

Create and Monetize Your Podcast, Blog, Or YouTube Channel and Turn Your Expensive Podcasting Hobby Into Cash Now!

Productivity Cure

Abolish Procrastination, Toss Your To-Do List, Create Systems, and Live More!

Launch Theory

Create Cash On Demand By Going From Idea To Launch Quickly, Uncomplicate Your Launch Sequence, and Not Second-Guessing Every Step You Take!

Social Selling Lead Flow

Create A Steady Flow Of New Leads Without Burning Out Or Wasting Monty On Paid Ads!

Create & Sell Your Premium Packages

Create Your Own High-End Premium Packages and Unleash Yourself From The "Dollars-For-Hours" Madness

Funnels, Traffic, and Tripwires

Create Consistent Leads, Build Your List, and Create Cash On Demand!

Explore Erica's High-Level Private and Group Coaching Opportunities

You'll Receive ALL The Courses Listed Above and the Membership Site When You Join A Coaching Program Below!

Paid For Your Presence Mentorship

In Erica's Signature Program, you'll work one-to-one with her on EVERY aspect of your business... including all the tech pieces, copywriting, packaging, launching, and more!

You'll receive curated advice and guidance tailored to your specific situation.

You need to know exactly what to do right now to move your business and lifestyle forward and put all the other “noise” aside.

Zero Busywork! - every aspect of this mentorship is meant to help you achieve your business and lifestyle goals.

You Choose The Timeframe That Is Right For You...

One VIP Strategy Day

A Six-Week Intensive
Or, A More Expansive Six-Month Mentorship

Learn More About Erica's Signature Program - The Paid For Your Presence Mentorship

Real-World Mastermind

A Solo Mastermind For Introverts and Achievers

More Action.

More Income.

Less Meaningless Chit-Chat. ;)

Erica's *NEW* mastermind program is built for the REAL world!

Includes DIRECT access to Erica, at a lower investment than her other programs.


Learn More About Erica's Real-World Mastermind

VIP Day Coaching Intensive Experience

This Private or Small Group Intensive is designed for Entrepreneurs and Influencers who want a shortcut to their next level and will not tolerate waiting around for it to happen!

An entire day, away from all distractions and "real life".

We'll meet in a luxury destination or virtually through Zoom to fully focus and strategize on your business and the exact next steps to take to achieve your life and income goals.

Bring your biz bestie(s) and split the investment!

Learn More About Erica's VIP Day Coaching Intensive Experience (Private or Small Group)