You Deserve To Be Paid For Your Presence!

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I'd Like To Teach You How To Attract High-Paying Clients, Corporate Partners, and Content Sponsors So That You Can Be Paid For Your Presence!

You Don’t Need More Information. 

You don’t need more busy work or modules.

You are not just another cookie-cutter internet marketer.

I know inside you are the real deal - a thought leader and an influencer.

You have a BIG message to share.

You need curated advice and guidance tailored to your specific situation.

You need to know exactly what to do right now to move your business and lifestyle forward and put all the other “noise” aside. 

You know you were meant to impact millions with your unique message and earn millions for being of service.

You were not put on this planet just to worry about making money all the time.

It is time for you to stop chasing all those bright shiny objects, stop being busy, and start being Paid For Your Presence™!

This world doesn’t need is one more burnt-out, broke, overwhelmed women entrepreneur who is baffled by technology and living every day with massive amounts of pressure about their lack of time and money.

It Isn't That You Have Too Much To Do, It Is The PRESSURE That Is Killing Your Energy and Income!

If you are feeling burnt out or overwhelmed by all you have to do, I find that it is the PRESSURE (and overthinking) that is the issue, not the actual work.


The women I work with are passionate about their topic.

They could talk about it all day and night.

But when there is PRESSURE and STRESS to make money or to show up on every platform and follow every internet marketing "rule" our there - that is what really kills your productivity, energy, and confidence, right?

Just imagine if you had an overabundance of money coming in each month.

There is nothing you need to get done.

You can do whatever you like with your days.

Sitting on the beach drinking mai tais all day... for a while.

I've taken big chunks of time off from my business in the past.

But honestly... it gets pretty boring really fast.

The visionaries and thought leaders I work with get bored with doing nothing and eventually want to go back to getting their message out in a big way and be a woman of INFLUENCE.

So if you weren't required to do ANYTHING what would you do with your time?

Most thought leaders go back to creating content to share and connect with people.

Which is exactly what you think is so much work now - creating all that content.

It isn't the work, it is the PRESSURE. 

Congrats! Your 10,000 Hours Are Up! You ARE the Expert!

I work with thought leaders, influencers, healers, experts in their topic, authors, speakers.

They come to me for help and coaching because they can’t seem to get their message out in a BIG way!

They are trapped by complex technology, all the “shoulds”, spread themselves too thin on all the platforms, download all the PDFs, join all the groups, etc.

You don’t need more information, you have everything if you are already an expert, thought leader, or  author, type.

You don’t need more information, you need curated advice, simplification MONETIZATION!

What I believed happened over the last 12 years or so was that experts/author/influencer types wanted to get their messages out to the world in a big way.

They saw the power and reach of social media and online marketing.

Then they fell into the internet marketing trap.

But you are not a typical internet marketer my dear, you are a THOUGHT LEADER!

You deserve to be Paid For Your Presence™. 

Let me show you how the simple, yet powerful Paid For Your Presence™ Method works.

I’m So Glad We Found Each Other!

I want to invite you to stop struggling and constantly second-guessing yourself!

Imagine what it would be like to wake up completely calm knowing that there is already $10,000+ coming your way this week.

The money is on its way and you could completely focus and be present with the work you love!

What will you do with all this new free time?

All this time you use to waste worrying about and dealing with your business and money challenges.

How would it feel to know EXACTLY what your next steps were and stop trying to piece together all that “free” stuff online to grow your business?

What would you do if you were in complete control of your schedule and experiencing “real” life again, not chained to your laptop day in and day out?

What if you could work just a few hours each day and then go explore the world or spend more time with your family?

Let me guess, you’ve invested a lot of time and money trying to get this business off the ground and you NEED things turned around FAST!

One thing you don’t need is another online course that is only going to cover one topic and get “dusty” sitting unopened on your hard drive.

Erica Duran International | Erica Duran | Headshot Two Thirds Verticle

I Promise This Lifestyle Is Available To You NOW, You Just Have to Commit and Claim It!

Trust Your Crazy Ideas | Erica Duran | Paid For Your Presence Mentorship | 800 x 1067

I know what you might be thinking…

Are people really going to pay me for work I love?

Can I really make $10K to $20K+ per month working just 3 days per week (or less)?

Can all this stuff technology be simplified?

What systems should I use?

What tools should I use  – the free or paid ones?

WHEN is this going to start turning around?

I’ve read the “4-hour Work Week” book and love the lifestyle, but I don’t have a product idea or I have a brick and motor business.  

How can I have a freedom-based lifestyle and business?

Will clients really pay that much even if they never really “meet” you?

I was pretty successful in my 9 to 5 job, why can’t I seem to get this online thing going?

Can I ever stop bartering and trading and get PAID for my services?

A lot of people seem “interested” in my programs or products, but no one is really signing up.

They say “I love the program/product, but it is too expensive.” or “I’m too busy now, let’s check-in next week.” or “I have to talk to my husband first” and this is exhausting me.

I feel like I am just missing something simple and then everything will come together.  But, I just can’t figure out what’s wrong.

Is All This Struggle What Being An Entrepreneur Is All About?

I Know What You Are Feeling Because I’ve Been Exactly Where You Are. I Struggled For YEARS

I was once where you might be right now.

I was extremely successful in corporate and then again in my brick-and-mortar Professional Organizing business for over 15 years.

But after I sold my business to start an online business so I could have more freedom, I struggled BIG Time!

It was so embarrassing!

Why couldn’t I make this work?

I would see other people (who I honestly felt weren’t any smarter than me) making so much money online.

I saw their posts about closing a $5K packages and I had no idea how they were doing it!

Why was I working so hard?

I wanted freedom and now I am chained to my laptop.

followed what everyone was telling me to do online exactly.

Then, I started whittling down my budget smaller and smaller so I could make ends meet with my diminishing income.

My savings and the money I made from selling my organizing business was gone.

This was no way to LIVE! I wasn’t living in the luxury I was used to from my executive jobs and former business!

I didn’t have the freedom because I was too afraid to leave my computer and take a day off.

I thought everything would fall apart if I wasn’t seen online for a day.

If I had any success at all, I would then stress and make myself crazy thinking I was a “one hit wonder” and “this too will all fall apart”.

And, of course, with that kind of thinking… it did.

The “ups and downs” were killing me… literally.

I started developing health problems from all the stress.

I KNEW I needed to make the necessary changes FAST!

I Struggled For Years | Erica Duran | Paid For Your Presence Mentorship |400 x 596

I Needed Things To Turn Around FAST!

Erica Duran | Online Business Coach and Lifestyle Mentor | Paid For Your Presence Mentroship | 1066 x 712

I was earning $0.

(Well, it was actually more like a negative $50,000 from credit cards, veterinary, and medical bills.)

Then To Selling My First Premium Package For $12,500 In Less Than 30 Days!

I did the work, of course, but with ease, this time and I completely credit INVESTING in coaching for equipping me with the mindset, clarity, confidence, and essential business structures to make these changes so quickly.

So I let go of all the things that I “should” do and want in my life and admitted what I truly desired.

  • A virtual business where I could work globally.
  • Being able to stay at 5-star luxury resorts (usually for free :)
  • A business where I could show other women how to stop struggling and work 3 days (or less) a week doing something they loved!
  • And most of all to stop settling and live a life in freedom and abundance!

But To Achieve This You Have To Let Go Of All The Internet Marketing "Rules", Stop Second-Guessing Yourself, and Be The Woman Your Ideal Clients Are Looking For

Instead of taking another online course or trying to piece together more free stuff online,

I reached for my only good credit card with enough room still on it to make the first payment in a high-level coaching program.

I am not patient.

I LOVE results and when I decide what I want, I am obsessed with getting those results quickly!

Plus, I wasn’t in a financial position to have yet another failed attempt at an online business.

I NEVER believed all that hoopla about “Once you sign up for high-level coaching everything instantly starts to shift." But to my disbelief, that is EXACTLY what happened! 

Today I give this same guidance, inspiration, and foundation to my clients.

I know it isn’t all about the money of course!

But feeling more financially secure and successful sure beats struggling and stressing!

Plus, money gives you options, freedom, and experiences.

Money allows you to help the causes, family, and friends that you feel a deep desire to help.

I want you to have so many OPTIONS and CHOICES in your life.

I know you can shorten your timeline and quickly get the RESULTS you desire.

And I know you can do it in less time than you think so you can get on with enjoying your life again.

Let’s create this together.

This is the time to let go of your old excuses and stories about too many to-dos on your list and lack of money and do things differently.

I've Receive Cash, Merchandise, Resort Stays, and High-Paying Clients and I Want To Help You Do The Same!

I LOVE working with solopreneurs, but I also love working with world-recognized corporate partners and sponsors for several reasons.

  1. They pay. (upfront and a lot!)
  2. They up-level my network and referrals.
  3. Make ONE sale and get paid over and over again.
  4. It is fun to live at luxury resorts for free!

You can keep your one-to-one clients.

But why not sprinkle in some high-level ones?

Bigger companies are made up of people, and those people need your services just like your one-to-one clients.

Why not sell one package to a "big fish" client and serve many?

VIP Day Coaching Intensive Experience With Business Coach and Lifestyle Mentor Erica Duran In San Jose Del Cabo | 648w x 350h

Just Imagine The Possibilities…

Paid For Your Presence Mentorship | Erica Duran | Just Imagine The Possibilities |500x 464

How would it feel to walk into a grocery store or your favorite shop, and know you could purchase whatever you desired?

How would it feel to stop worrying if you were doing the “right” things?

How would it feel to log into your bank account and see plenty for everything and all the experiences you have on your vision board.

Or, how would it feel to log into your credit card account and feel excited about all those reward travel points you’ve racked up rather than scared and anxious about the high balance?

How would it feel to master a sales conversation in a feminine way and not have that awkward, pushy, or “salesy” feeling?

How would it feel to set up successful systems that you could “rinse and repeat” instead of always struggling to create or do something new?

How would it feel to take time away from your business only to return to a full inbox of interest requests from clients, customers, and tons of merchant account notices where clients have made their reoccurring payments to you?

How would it feel to feel to be excited once again about your business and not be struggling?  You could finally solve the mystery, and stop searching for some magic code that must be cracked?

What if you did not feel guilty for scheduling self-care, beauty treatments, new wardrobe shopping, and return to receiving hair/nail appointments on a regular basis?

So If This Is All Possible For You, Why Aren’t You Living Your Ideal Lifestyle Yet?

Thousands of women are starting businesses each day.

However, the bigger issue is that they are forcing themselves into overwhelm, burnout, confusion and are baffled by technology.

They never quite get all their “ducks in a row” or see the outcome they truly desire for all this hard work.


Because they are working all alone in quiet desperation.

They are spending precious hours researching the latest marketing tool, wondering what to offer in their packages, re-writing their sales copy over and over, trying to figure how to do their own websites and master social media, wondering what to price their offerings, where to find all these “avatar” ideal clients and this continues until they are exhausted and broke. 

Let Me Overthink This | Paid For Your Presence | Erica Duran | 1000 x 1000

Stop Wasting Your Precious Life and Money!

Regrets | Paid For Your Presence Mentorship | Erica Duran | 648 x 350

I’m going against the crowd on this and taking a stand to do business differently!

There is a difference between being grateful for what you have right now and settling.

When what you have right now is NOT OK, but you say things like “No, this is good, this is all I need.”

I know it is totally available for you to get your dream lifestyle with a business that supports everything you want to experience and have.

I am no different from you and I don’t have magical powers.

I never thought I was a premium client.

But, a premium client is just someone who is finished struggling, is ready to get results and make everything on her vision board come true.

I also don’t buy into that making money is hard or that you must work 120+ hours a week to have a successful 6-figure+ online business.

Weren’t you supposed to be LEVERAGING the Internet?

Why are you working so many hours?

So What Exactly Does Being Paid For Your Presence Mean?

Yes, "Paid For Your Presence" is a cute name for my brand that makes people stop scrolling when they see me online pay attention.

But It isn’t what you might be thinking. It isn’t about your “ego” or about being a “diva’ really.

It is all about ENERGY and...

Being Completely FOCUSED AND IN FLOW
NO Rushing
NO Procrastination/Resistance
NO Distractions
NO Clutter (Physical, Relationship, Mental, etc.)
NO Overwhelm
NO Busywork
NO Comparison/Competition/FOMO/Second-Guessing, or Impostor Syndrome

You might think that people are buying your courses, programs, services, etc.

But they are NOT!

This is the biggest myth in business (especially online)

✅ They are buying your ENERGY!

✅ They are buying your CONFIDENCE!

✅ They are buying your CERTAINTY!


So if YOU are overwhelmed, overworked, and not confident in your abilities, you will repel both ideal high-paying clients and money!

This is why being taking care of your energy and not doing all the exhausting things gets you Paid For Your Presence™.

Learn The Paid For Your Presence Method | Erica Duran | 300 x 200 (Pinterest Pin)

It Is Time To Learn, Customize, and Implement The Paid For Your Presence Method!

5 Pillars of the Paid For Your Presence Method | Erica Duran | 1080 x 1080

The 5 Pillars of The Paid For Your Presence™ Method Are:

1.  Position Yourself As A Thought Leader, Not Just Another Internet Marketer

2.  Abolish Busywork!  Leverage and Open Up Massive Amounts Of FreeTime

3.  Remove Tech Overwhelm and Excuses

4.  Be Of Service Without Being Insensitive To World Events

5.  Create Large Waves Of Ideal Clients, Corporate Partners, and Content Sponsors Reaching Out To You!


6 Steps of the Paid For Your Presence Method | Erica Duran | 1080 x 1080

The 6 Steps of the Paid For Your Presence Method™ Are:

1.  Building the Foundation and Customizing The Paid For Your Presence™ Method For You and Your Business

2.  Simplifying Everything - Your Content, Your Calendar, and Your Messaging

3.  Online Visibility and Lead Generation

4.  Setting Up Your Conversion Event

5.  Profit Maximizer For Your Conversion Event

6.  Managing Your Energy For Your Conversion Event and Beyond!

Ready To Embark On A Lifestyle Of Ease, Luxury, and Freedom?

We Can Work On All These Pieces Together.

This is a private one-to-one program – so EVERYTHING will be timed and customized to you and your needs to make money FAST and cut out the BUSY WORK!

Your Paid For Your Presence™ Mentorship Includes…

Learn, Customize, and Implement The Paid For Your Presence Method

Hand-holding and customization for creating and implementing your own Paid For Your Presence™ Method.

Get the vital things completed that will really move your business, sales, and life forward without the uncertainty of wondering what you should do next.

We can even develop a 6-day work month for you if desired!

Welcome & Preparation Packet

Get Started The Minute You Enroll!

Gain clarity, confidence, and focus through simple exercises and prompts.

Get the most out of your mentorship by being prepared for your first session and beyond.

Clear out the noise and overwhelm and get ready for your next level.

No Busywork!

2-Hour Mini-Intensive Kick-Off Session

We'll kick off your mentorship with a 2-hour mini-intensive.

Usually, during these sessions, clients can map out an entire year of strategy, messaging, and implementation schedules.

We will identify early in the program what is busy work and what you should be focusing on to achieve your goals in the shortest amount of time.

The investment for a Mini-Intensive is usually $997, however, yours is included in the Paid For Your Presence™ Mentorship!

Collaborate & Review Of All Marketing Pieces

There are subtle tweaks to layouts and wording on your marketing pieces (including your landing pages and website) that can greatly improve your sales conversions.

Your messaging needs to be CLEAR AND BOLD if you want to stand out from your competition.

Your messaging must be uniquely you and not “vanilla” or boring.

Your messaging will evolve with you, but let’s get started so you can stop staring at that blank page.

Unlimited 1:1 Private Zoom Calls

Unlimited spacious private Zoom calls.

Enough time and space to collaborate and brainstorm on strategy, branding, marketing plans, technology set up, website and marketing copy, and more!

Optional recordings so that you can refer back to a-ha moments or our copy/strategy collaboration.

Unlimited Support Through Voxer

(FREE Walkie-Talkie App)

On-demand support through the Voxer App (text, video, voice, image, etc.) is included so that you receive FAST answers to your questions big and small.

Plus, support out of any mindset downward spirals (aka "Talking you off the ledge")

We also have an optional Voxer group!  You'll receive an invitation as soon as you join the mentorship.


Real-World Mastermind Is Included!

A solo mastermind for introverts and overachievers.

More Action.

More Income.

Less Meaningless Chit-Chat. ;) 

Real-World Mastermind with Erica Duran | Features Image 800 x 800


Paid For Your Presence™ Membership Is Included!

EVERY Course & Program I've Created, Hot Seats, Events, Networking, and More!

I've been creating courses and programs for about twelve years now. There are a lot of resources, checklists, workflows, templates, audios, videos, etc. in my vault and you'll have access to it ALL from DAY ONE!

Paid For Your Presence Membership | Erica Duran | Features Images  800 x 800
    1. Which Paid For Your Presence Mentorship Package Is Right For You?

    2. How Fast Would You Like To See Results?

    1. Whether you'd like to do this work together for one VIP Strategy Day, a 6-Week Intensive, or a 6-Month Mentorship - I have a program for you!

One-Day Paid For Your Presence VIP Strategy Day

Welcome and preparation packet

1 x 30-minute private preparation and planning session

1 x 4-hour private intensive session (includes breaks)

1 x 30-minute private post-intensive session for any follow-up questions

Recordings of all sessions (optional)

Any resources or self-study courses I may have for strategies you are interested in implementing

Website & technology support

Marketing materials and copywriting collaboration/review

Unlimited Voxer access (from sign-up through the last post-intensive session)

Unlimited email access (from sign-up through the last post-intensive session)

Optional: For more support, upgrade to 6-Week or 6-month Paid For Your Presence Mentorship at a special price!

1 Payment of $2,000 - Full Pay

2 Payments of $1,200 - Payment Plan

Six-Week Paid For Your Presence Intensive

Welcome and preparation packet

1 x 60-minute private preparation and planning session

5 x 30-minute private sessions

Recordings of all sessions (optional)

Any resources or self-study courses I may have for strategies you are interested in implementing

Website & technology support

Marketing materials and copywriting collaboration/review

Unlimited Voxer access (from sign-up through the last session)

Unlimited email access (from sign-up through the last session)

Optional: For more support, upgrade to 6-month Paid For Your Presence Mentorship or VIP Strategy Day at a special price!

1 Payment of $1,500 - Full Pay

2 Payments of $997 - Payment Plan

Six-Month Paid For Your Presence Mentorship

Welcome and preparation packet

1 x 2-hour private preparation and planning mini-intensive session

17 x 30-minute private sessions

6 Implementation weeks

Recordings of all sessions (optional)

Any resources or self-study courses I may have for strategies you are interested in implementing

Website & technology support

Marketing materials and copywriting collaboration/review

Unlimited Voxer access (from sign-up through the last session)

Unlimited email access (from sign-up through the last session)

Optional: For more support, upgrade to include a full-day VIP Strategy Day (virtual or in-person) at a special price!

1 Payment of $5,000

6 Payments of $897 - Payment Plan

Not Sure Witch Option Is Right For You? No Problem!

Strategy Call Image | Paid For Your Presence Mentorship with Erica Duran | Trans (500 x 250)

You can get all your questions answered and have my personalized support you in making this important decision.

Don't worry - there is never any pressure.

If you choose to work with us or not, this call will bring you new clarity, fresh ideas, and strategy for your business!

Request Your FREE Aloha Strategy Session with Erica Now!

* Most clients make their investment back within the first 90 days and in most countries, your coaching and mentorship investments are a BIG tax write-off!* 

Most Clients Get Results In 90 Days | Coaching Is A Tax Write-off | Paid For Your Presence Mentroship | Erica Duran

We Can Also Cover The Following Business and Lifestyle Components...

Depending On How Quickly You Can Implement and The Length Of Your Package, We Can Work On ONE or ALL Of The Following Pieces For Your Lifestyle and Business...

Mindset & Getting Prepared To Receive BIG!

  • Reclaiming your new luxury mindset
  • End your Old “Money Story” and reprogram your thoughts
  • Create your unique "Freedom-Based Budget™"
  • How to set wealth intensions and daily practices properly
  • Adopt morning routines for abundance
  • Establish boundaries and what you are available for
  • These mindset pieces are often overlooked and this is the part where things start happening FAST!

Live Now, Not Someday!

  • Adding fun back into your business
  • Adding elements of your ideal lifestyle and experiences into your business
  • Turning your fun and travel into a tax write-off or even travel for FREE!
  • How to outsource so you can take tasks that are boring or difficult off your to-do list
  • Easy passive income strategies (You might be leaving money on the table tight now!)
  • Strategies to work less but earn more
  • How to host masterminds, retreats, events, workshops, VIP Days, etc. in resorts all over the world or on cruise ships!

How To Attract High-Paying Clients, Corporate Partners, & Sponsors

  • How to create your online presence - not for the masses or vanity numbers, but for high-paying clients, corporate partners, and content sponsors
  • How to increase your visibility so that clients, partners, and sponsors are reaching out to YOU!
  • How to create specific documents that will help you be seen by the right people with the right buying triggers for your objectives
  • How to negotiate and pitch potential clients, sponsors, and partners so that it is a great relationship and a "win-win"

Paid For Your Presence Launch Theory

  • You have tons of ideas, right?
  • You can keep all of them without niching down as you may have been told.
  • But... your ideas have a shelf life.
  • Let's determine which idea or offering to launch FIRST and then we'll launch in a way that is fun and not expensive or exhausting and also maximizes your sales!
  • Then, "Rinse and Repeat" what works so that you can launch all of your ideas quickly before they expire!

Engineering Your Celebrity

  • Building your following and expert status
  • How to get media attention coming to you
  • How to establish yourself as the expert in your field in just a few weeks
  • How to leverage and maximize every piece of press you get
  • How to host online and offline events to build your list FAST and establish you as an expert at the same time

Packaging Up Your Expertise & Charging What You're Worth

  • Packaging and pricing that makes sense
  • Create packages and offerings to support your ideal DREAM client AND your needs
  • Stop trading “Dollars For Hours” and start charging premium prices by packaging up your offerings
  • Set up your pricing structures (stop the guesswork around this sensitive topic!)
  • An easy system to create programs quickly and start increasing your profits

Branding To Stand Out Online + Attracting Top Dollar

  • Align your brand with your values and essence (This piece makes marketing & sales so easy!)
  • Setting up your branding elements to attract your ideal clients
  • Deciding now, to make all future decisions and obligations easier by showing off your uniqueness through your brand so your competition is IRRELEVANT!

Consultative Selling & Automatic Daily Sales Systems

  • Master your sales conversations (without being pushy)
  • How to quickly establish that you are the expert and running the call
  • The EXACT sales script I’ve used for years!
  • How to overcome objections like: “I can’t afford it”, “I have to check with my husband”, and “I’m way too busy right now/I don't have time"
  • How to close the sale even if they are “Shopping around"
  • How to create your Ideal Client Checklist™ (and stick to it!)

Marketing with Integrity and Ease, Maximize Each Piece Of Content, and Social Media Mastery

  • How to document rather than having to create content all the time
  • How to craft marketing pieces that are fun and engaging... and that convert to sales
  • How to add an invisible sales call to action to every piece of content or marketing campaign
  • How to get ideal clients and joint venture partners to follow you
  • The quickest ways to grow your list
  • What social media platforms are best for you and your brand
  • How to have a massive influence on social media but not have to sit at your computer all day

Copywriting That CONVERTS

  • How to get your ideal clients and customers to write your copy FOR YOU and take out all the guesswork
  • How to tell your story - Facts tell, stories sell!
  • Review and collaboration on all of your marketing pieces, social media, and website copy
  • Outlines and templates to make writing your sales pages, opt-In offers, emails, bios, etc. a breeze!

Productivity & Time Mastery

  • Creating your Freedom Schedule®
  • Implement automation, structures, and systems for consistent income
  • Create your Ideal Week Blueprint®
  • Create your Profit Calendar®
  • Setting boundaries and creating space in your life
  • Adding luxury to each day (on any budget)
  • Delegating and outsourcing
  • Creating and functioning from a place of inspired action, and not overwhelm and burn out

Maximize Your Environment

  • De-Cluttering  and organizing every aspect of your life & business
  • Simplifying and freeing your life of useless things and “shoulds”
  • Maximize your home and office so it can support you
  • Minimize distractions so you can focus and work easier each day
  • Set up routines and rituals to put your success on autopilot

Create Business Systems & Structures To Support You

  • Combat guesswork and having to repeat yourself with your team and your clients
  • Create simple workflows for you and your team for repetitive tasks - or borrow mine :)
  • Protect your time with barrier systems to your calendar access
  • Protect your income with contracts, policies, and welcome packets
  • Create rituals and routines to stay on top of everything in your business and lifestyle

Tools and Resources To Make Your Life and Business Easier (without spending all your profits on tools)

  • My team and I have researched and tested practically every online business tool that has come to market in the last 15 years so you don't have to.
  • Leverage our testing and save your time and money
  • As a hard-core minimalist and productivity expert, I've also tested many lifestyle supporting tools and services to make everything streamlined and easier in your day-to-day living so you can focus and get Paid For Your Presence™!

Technology, Website, & Funnels

  • End your website overwhelm & shame once and for all!
  • Stop “Messing” with your website and let it work FOR YOU 24/7
  • Create an irresistible opt-in offer to build your list
  • Review your website layout and copy so that it Is showcasing exactly what you do - (Not only will you have a pretty website, but a strategic one that converts!)
  • Make sure your website is really CLEAR and leads your ideal client to buy
  • Create lead magnets (free or paid ones) easily and QUICKLY (do not weeks or months to create these assets!)

SEO - Get Found On Google

  • Learn simple tweaks you can make to your website to get you to the top of the Google Search (without paying them a dime!)
  • Take the mystery out of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Receive a report which details EXACTLY what to do For EACH PAGE and POST to optimize it
  • Learn the #1 secret to get ahead of everyone else in your niche on Google by leveraging your blog, YouTube channel, podcast, etc. (only if you choose to work with these media outlets)

Traditional Coaching Programs Are Dead To Me!

You don’t want a coach on a “virtual” pedestal - you want a REAL person/support - someone you can relate to - someone that isn’t too far ahead of you.

You don’t want to wait for your formal “session” with your coach - you need answers NOW to stop mindset spinning, second-guessing yourself, and keeping the momentum up.

You want up-levels and breakthroughs daily, not when you are scheduled to have a session.

You don’t want your calendar filled up with sessions - that isn’t freedom - get the help instantly.

You don’t want to spend months working on modules and worksheets of busy work - why don’t we just work on your business and money-making activities?

You want to STOP buying cheap courses and downloading free resources/PDF’s.

You want unlimited access and the coach's eyes and hands all over your business.

You want help with the scary tech piece - maybe even have it done for you.

You want to keep ALL your ideas and you want to know how to implement them all fast and start creating money from your gifts.

With all these points in mind, I created the Paid For Your Presence™ Mentorship to have FULL-ACCESS UNLIMITED support.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not addressed here, email our Concierge Team at, 🌺 Mahalo.

Can I Speak With Someone Before I Enroll?

Of course!  
Just email your request for a FREE private consultation to or click here to book.
We can help you determine if private mentorship is the right program for you at this time or direct you to one that is perhaps better suited to your needs.

Is There A Payment Plan Option?

Yes!  Of course!  We have several payment plan options and work with you personally on this.  We don’t want you to start the program feeling stressed about the investment.  Besides most clients make the investment back over and over again each month!

How Fast Can I Get Started?

You can get started TODAY!  As soon as you enroll you’ll get an email with the Welcome Packet for clarity, focus, and jump-start into this mentorship program.

When Can I Start Seeing Results?

I just knew you were going to ask that! 😉

Of course, results vary from person to person.  It depends on how far along you are in your mindset work and your business and thousands of other factors.
It depends on how far along you are in your mindset work and your business and thousands of other factors.
My goal in working with a private client or a group member is to get them to a consistent livable income (usually $3K to $5K for most people) from their business as fast as possible so they can be more present in doing the rest of the work without the worry of surviving.
My philosophy is to get my clients to earn quickly so they can outsource the busy work.
To simply answer your question, though…
Typically clients who come to me with a target market/ideal client and topic/business idea already start earning around week 4-6.
Clients who have no idea what they would like to offer usually start earning money around week 10.

How Much Can I Expect To Make?

I specialize in helping passionate and creative service-based entrepreneurs make a consistent $5K to $20K+ per month while working about 3 days per week (or less). As I grow my business the numbers get larger.
What you make is based on your desire and marketing effort.

What If I Have No Idea About What Type of Business To Start?

You are in the right place!  Taking your passions and joys in your life and creating a business around them is one of my favorite things to do with people!  THAT is my passion!  So, during the first few calls that you participate in, be sure to ask for support and guidance on this piece.  There will also be support for you on this in the Welcome and Preparation Packet of this program.  You might find it interesting that even when people have a business already, they often change their model during our work together.

I'm So Busy Already! How Am I Going To Fit This Into My Schedule?

I totally understand!  Life is so busy on top of trying to launch a business in the middle of it!  The good news is, that I’ve been a productivity expert and a Certified Professional Organizer for over 15 years!  I even had a joint venture relationship with Franklin-Covey and back in the day created a paper-based day planner!  Time management is the platform your entire life is built on so first thing in the program we’ll start improving yours so you can get what matters most done.

I Want To Enroll But My Husband/Partner Doesn't Want Me Spending Any More Money Until I Make Money. What Should I Do?

That is a tough spot to be in.  I completely understand.  However, I also understand that the masculine energy is to protect so they are doing this out of love.  I believe if you go calmly to them and ask them for your support in this decision rather than going to them confused they just might surprise you. :)
Also, think of their face when you walk in with your first $1,500 or $5,000 check from selling your first premium package?

Do You Offer Refunds?

In a word… “No”.
I value my time and clients way too much and I am fully committed to this process so there are no refunds.
People tend to quit when things get uncomfortable so we need there to be some “skin in the game” so that you can achieve your goals no matter what and push through your comfort zone.
In fact, there isn’t even a refund if you are asked to leave the program for being disruptive.

I Want To Take Coaching & Mentoring For A Test Drive First. Do You Have A Program For That?

If you are looking to get a small taste of what it is like to work with me, I would recommend my Mini Intensive.  At the completion of your Mini Intensive, you can upgrade to any of my other programs for less than what you've already invested in the Mini Intensive.  Sound good?  Email for more information on my mini-intensive option.

I Don't Use My Credit Cards/Savings/401K/Etc. Except For Emergencies.

I see.
And I am not one of those coaches that say things like “You need to shift or breakthrough your wealth consciousness level by signing up for my program”.
What I do know is that when a woman has a true desire for something the money shows up.
This has happened to me time and time again.
The money was there and available to me, I just couldn’t see it from where I was at.
I also realized that getting my business off the ground was an emergency to me, there just weren’t any sirens and luckily no one got hurt.
If you truly want to join this program, but right now you don’t see how the money could show up for you, let’s chat.  I can help you put a plan together to find the money to invest in yourself and your business.  Schedule a FREE Aloha Strategy Session and we can brainstorm where the money can come from.

Can I Earn Money As An Affiliate?

I’m so glad you asked!
Erica Duran International pays out 10% for all affiliate referrals and old-fashioned “_____ Sent Me” type referrals.
10% is quite a bit of money considering the programs can be up anywhere from $97/month to $20,000+!  That means you could earn up to $2,000+ per deal just for telling people about Erica Duran International or sharing your affiliate link on social media.
There are two ways at this time to be an affiliate:
One, blind copy whenever you are sending a friend to our websites or letting them know about us.
Two, sign up for our official affiliate program where you will get your own custom link to share and other marketing materials.
Many of our clients have earned their entire investment back and more through our affiliate program.
Email if you are interested in earning with our affiliate program or click here to sign up as an affiliate and get started NOW!

But What If I'm New To Business?  Am I Ready For This?

If you are a new entrepreneur, it is VITAL that you get the support, expert guidance, and accountability so that your business can avoid all the mistakes, wasted time, and "feast-or-famine" cash flow cycles that most new entrepreneurs experience.

The following outline of the first three 90-day sprints will look different for everyone, but I wanted to map out an example for you.

If you are new, here is what your first nine months could look like...


Your 1st 90-Day Sprint

Decide, define, and set up all of your systems and structures while you start forming and refining your message and position in the marketplace.

Your first 90 days will be all about emerging into the marketplace and making decisions quickly, changing your mind slowly.

Start taking action instead of thinking about it, over researching, and wondering what it would be like to have your own profitable business.

DECIDE that you will be a successful entrepreneur and that you’ll never settle!

What offer do you have that sells itself?

What marketing strategy takes little effort for you to attract and convert?

Sprint 1:  Emerge, is about setting up just enough systems and structures so that you can start earning $3K to $5K in your business ASAP!


Your 2nd 90-Day Sprint

Double-down on everything that is working.  Ditch what is not working.  Grow your audience and INCOME.

Your 2nd 90-Day sprint is about growth and expansion.

Now that you have the basics set up and you are bringing in an income from your business, it is time to expand on what is already working for you and attract an even bigger audience.

This is where you have an offer that sells itself and you are no longer feel like you are chasing people – ideal clients are coming to YOU!

Now, you need a way to sell people directly into your offer without you having to hustle and work so hard and the time.

The Expand Sprint is also where you can start forming a team and outsourcing some of the work (if you desire to manage a team).

The Expand Sprint is about increasing your audience/list numbers and receiving a steady stream of referrals and leads!


Your 3rd 90-Day Sprint

Position yourself as a thought leader and influencer... not just another internet marketer.  Leverage into higher-ticket offers. 

Your third 90-Day sprint, Influence, is about scaling and leveraging.

You have the basic systems and structures set up.

You have an offer that sells itself.

You know how to enroll people into your offer.

You have a steady stream of referrals and leads.

Now what?

This may surprise you but we’ll probably take a step back, evaluate EVERYTHING you are spending time and money on and streamline/double down on what is working even more.


You are now becoming more of an influencer than just an entrepreneur.

Maybe it is time you leverage higher ticket offers, products, events, licensing, franchising, etc.


You don’t have to figure everything out on your own anymore.

You don’t have to take years as I did – spinning my wheels and wishing something would change.

If you read this far down the page, I know you are up to big things and you are craving change.

You have the power to get exactly what you desire out of this coaching program and out of life.

And if this program resonates with you and your heart is saying ‘Yes!’ then I’d be honored to support you in this next step and in your own transformation.

Just ask yourself, “How are things going to change?  How are things going to get better?”

Join me in reclaiming your FREEDOM!

Never Settle!

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Don't worry - there is never any pressure.

If you choose to work with us or not, this call will bring you new clarity, fresh ideas, and strategy for your business!

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